Murdering Heaven Edge

Chapter 7: Especially Lacking Shame

Chapter 7: Especially Lacking Shame

As soon as Seventh Elder saw him the first time, he felt a murderous killing desire towards Chu Mo.

But he showed the moral high ground. It seemed like he refused Chu Mo’s entry into the Immortal Sky, entirely as a considerence to the Immortal Sky Reputation.

But he sneakily let a disciple who had already broken into the First Closure face Chu Mo.

This scheme was truly ruthless to the extreme.

Furthermore Seventh Elder’s elite disciple, that seven or eight year old boy, unexpectedly has the same deep terrifying temperament at such a young age.

But of course what kind of master, has what kinds of students.

If it wasn’t for his own reputation, this time……Chu Mo would have been killed the Immortal Sky.

Chu Mo truly thought about ruthlessly cutting of his own two hands when he thought of his prior longing and adoration for the Immortal Sky.

It would be nothing compared to the jeers and satirizing voices of the Immortal Sky disciples.

The thing that made him feel the most shame and unacceptance is his prior trust in the Immortal Sky!

Only now, that trust is already dead.

Chu Mo swore he would never again be that innocent after today, and he wouldn’t lightly trust others.

Although the Demon Lord is constantly terrible, and he looks evil, but his words are without fault.

“There truly may not necessarily be all good people inside famous upright sects!”

They corrupt with malicious ideas and underhanded tricks. They are even more vile than some demonic sects!


A thousand mile journey would be a road filled with difficulty for Chu Mo.

But under the care of the Demon Lord, it is but a trifle thing.

Chu Mo was carried the whole way by the Demon Lord. Flying in the sky, he secretly vowed in his heart: I will be this strong one day!

One day, I will rely on my own strength to protect my grandfather!

Those people who look down on me, who want to cheat me, and harm me, you will all be remembered. I will return!

The Demon Lord didn’t deceive Chu Mo. They already caught up to Seventh Elder with a short bit of effort

Hanging from far away behind, they were completely hidden from Seventh Elder’s attention.

From this point, Chu Mo could sense, the Demon Lord is greater than Seventh Elder, but it is unknown how many times greater!

But the thing that made him feel strange is, the Demon Lord’s body. It seemed to be not so well. He often burst into coughing fits.

He ignored when asked, making Chu Mo feel a little depressed.

“Why don’t we simply overtake him? Shouldn’t we go and warn my grandfather? Isn’t sooner better than later?”

“What do you know? You think with your remarks, your grandfather will believe you?” The Demon Lord coldly said.

Chu Mo thought a moment and silently nodded without continuing to argue.

The Demon Lord spoke the truth. If he went back like this, his grandfather would not only not believe him, he would even suspect he had never been to the Immortal Sky.

Like this, the Demon Lord carried Chu Mo, and they followed far away behind Seventh Elder.

They followed all the way until they arrived at the country of Daxia’s capital city–Yellow Flame City!

Chu Mo was up high in the sky, and he could see that lofty majestic ancient city. The moment it appeared in his sight, Chu Mo’s heart became a little excited.

He silently thought: Yellow Flame City, I have returned!

Only, I never thought I would return in this way.

I originally believed I would finish studies and then take the scenic route back.

It is a pity ideals are always beautiful, yet reality is cruel like this.

But Chu Mo didn’t have time for emotions because he just saw the Seventh Elder’s image enter into Yellow Flame City

The Demon Lord Didn’t say anything at this time. He followed Seventh Elder’s image directly into Yellow Flame City.

It was midnight, and the crescent moon was in the sky. The dim light was covered by several clouds.

The entire Yellow Flame City was completely enshrouded in darkness.

Chu Mo originally believed Seventh Elder wouldn’t know where they lived, and he would have to search a moment. But he never expected Seventh Elder would make a beeline directly to the Fan house!

He couldn’t help but indignantly say: “I never thought this ungrateful shameless person would stare in the dark at my grandfather!”

The Demon Lord humphed, coldly saying: “So this is the disgusting place of the shameless disciple. Since he is worried about having his secret exposed, why didn’t he go kill him earlier? It appears he wants to put on a dignified appearance. It’s astonishingly disdainful.”

Chu Mo angrily said: “Is this how you treat the people you save?’

“I’m only judging the matter as it stands. This master doesn’t need to save anyone.”

Chu Mo shut his mouth, not wanting to talk with this kind of person anymore.

The Demon Lord brought Chu Mo to the Fan residence at this time.

He didn’t give Chu Mo any time to lament. He flew Chu Mo up on top of the building where his grandfather rested.

Although he didn’t like the Demon Lord, Chu mo had to admit, this big evil person truly has ability.

Because the Seventh Elder below completely didn’t feel anything abnormal.

A dialog sounded out from the room at this time.

“Who are you? Rushing into my home in the middle of this night, what are you doing?” A hoarse deep voice suddenly sounded.


Chu Mo’s tears were nearly welling.

He was simply too familiar with this voice. It is truly his grandfather, the Daxia Army General Fan Wudi.

“Hey, General Fan, eminent people truly have short memories. Closely look, who am I?’

“You are……”

Fan Wudi’s voice carried hesitation, and soon after he was suddenly pleasantly surprised: “I remember. You are Zhao Hongzhi……haha. So it is you boy, ah, sorry, sorry, this old man was a little panicked. The first time seeing you in a long time, my heart is so happy. I forgot you are now already the Seventh Elder of the Immortal Sky. You are already a big shot!”

Chu Mo listened a little painfully up on the roof. His grandfather wasn’t the slightest bit aware of Zhao Hongzhi’s abnormality, still believing he is a good person.

“Hey, I couldn’t dare be called a big shot in front of old General Fan.” Seventh Elder came this time in order to murder Fan Wudi, thus he declined to elaborate. His voice also became sarcastic.

Fan Wudi is battle-hardened. He has spent his whole life fighting. To say this type of person is a military man would be an understatement.

But to believe he is a fool, that is a serious blunder.

Relying on bravery certainly isn’t enough to be a constantly victorious General on the battlefield.

The old man heard the sarcasm in Seventh Elder’s voice this time, yet he said a little uncertainly: “Seventh Elder, you are an Immortal Sky big shot. This old man is only a military man in the secular world. Over the years I have never revealed the events of that time. I don’t know why……have I offended you Seventh Elder? Please clarify.”

Grandpa has a quick temper, not bothering to hide anything.

The event at that time, he personally rescued Zhao Hongzhi. It was before he was a big shot.

But it couldn’t be Fan Wudi owes Zhao Hongzhi!

Although these past years Zhao Hongzhi made his disciples who walked the earth give gifts to Fan Wudi, but the old man paid no mind.

Isn’t gratitude something people ought to do?

Grandpa wouldn’t hold any bad feelings even if Zhao Hongzhi didn’t send gifts.

Because Fan Wudi is a simple person. He is frank, and short tempered, never bothering with trivial matters.

But without rhyme or reason, suddenly showing up in the middle of the night, and speaking strange angry words. What is the purpose?’

“Even now you continue to play the fool?”

Seventh Elder coldly said: “Fan Wudi, originally I believed you to be a well-behaved person. All these years you have protected the secret of that time.”

“I have given you gifts. I often send people to give you Yuan medicine to help your health.’

“But I never thought, for your grandson, you would give him the keepsake I gave you, and have him step into the Immortal Sky to come clasp onto me?”

“Fan Wudi, you truly……you common people, are you qualified to come blackmail me?

The old man stood over there staring stupidly, looking at the Seventh Elder

Somewhat flabbergasted staring at Seventh Elder, he said astonished: “What did you say? My grandson? Mo’er? You already met him? This…….isn’t this impossible?”

According to the old man, Chu Mo still needed another year to enter the Immortal Sky.

Don’t tell me my grandson can fly?

Seventh Elder coldly laughed; “Playing the fool this time? You dare say it wasn’t you who sent your grandson to the Immortal Sky?”

Fan Wudi calmed down, looking at Seventh Elder, slowly sitting down on the armchair. That imposing manner of several years on the battlefield was suddenly emitted, and he coldly stared at Seventh Elder.

“Not bad, my grandson Chu Mo, was sent by me!”

“Although I don’t know why, half a year ahead…….even a year ahead of schedule he arrived at the Immortal Sky.”

“But this, it already doesn’t matter.”

“That child had no choice but to leave here because he irritated the higher level officials in Yellow Flame City.”

“Because of his unsurpassed innate talent, and his outstanding meridians, I thought, it is best to let him enter the Immortal Sky rather than some unfamiliar sect.”

“Thus I thought of you. I made him carry the keepsake you gave me at that time and hurry to the Immortal Sky. I thought in my heart, regardless of the mutual affection between us at that time, once you saw my grandson’s rare talent……”

“Hahahahaha, truly you want to kill me with laughter? Your meridian blocked, ordinary grandson? Talented? Do you think I’m blind or stupid?” Seventh Elder Zhao Hongzhi couldn’t help but laugh wildly

On the roof, Chu Mo looked over at the Demon Lord.

The Demon Lord Showed no expression.

The old man stood looked stupefied. He looked at Zhao Hongzhi laughing wildly, not understanding: “What? Although this old man isn’t an immortal, such a formidable strength, one would have to be blind not to see!”

“Although I adore my grandson, but I wouldn’t go so far as to forcibly call an ordinary person talented!”

“He practically hasn’t gone through any training, only studying military martial arts for several days. He has forcibly self-cultivated into the second Yuan Level, on the verge of stepping into the realm of the Yuan Closure.”

“Don’t tell me this type of child is not worthy of the word talented?”

“Otherwise, I would have no face, and I wouldn’t let him go to the Immortal Sky……”

“Fine, just shut up. Whether or not your grandson is talented is already insignificant.” Seventh Elder Zhao Hongzhi coldly said: “Today I came here not to argue about these things!”

Fan Wudi coldly looked at Zhao Hongzhi: “What did you come to do? Kill me?”

“Looks like you still have some brains!” Zhao Hongzhi revealed a ferocious expression saying: “If you had honestly and simply been a secular general, you and I would be people in two different worlds. I wouldn’t have any murderous intent towards you.”

“But you did something you shouldn’t have!”

“You made your grandson enter the Immortal Sky, and even that type of trash…… whatever, even if he isn’t trash!”

“Because he brought my keepsake to enter, if I accepted him, in the future people would certainly investigate my relationship with you.”

“Then, they would inevitably find you! Even if you are still tight-lipped, but don’t forget, we are immortals!”

“We have several methods that can make you unconsciously speak the truth.”

“I would no longer be able to continue hiding the thing I did at that time.”

“If that thing was revealed, how would I still have the face to stay in the Immortal Sky?”

“Even mortals would come pursue me!”

“I would disgrace the reputation of the Immortal Sky, and they absolutely wouldn’t let me go.”

“They would strip my Elder position, and banish me……and I would be in complete ruin!”

Zhao Hongzhi appeared ferocious staring at Fan Wudi: “And all of this……it is all only because you. You relied on rescuing me at that time, my gratitude, and you wanted to blackmail me…….all created by you!”

“Speak for yourself. Should you die?”

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