Murdering Heaven Edge

Chapter 8: Flying Kick

Chapter 8: Flying Kick

Fan Wudi sat there, completely upright. Not a trace of fear was on his face.

“Speak!” Zhao Hongzhi said with a ferocious expression.

Fan Wudi let out a sneering noise at this time. He looked at Zhao Hongzhi with disdain: “What else do I have to say? You are an ungrateful shameless little man!”

“My greatest regret is saving you, a shameless thing, at that time!”

“A thing that basically couldn’t happened, a nearly impossible event, could grow to a plight of you murdering to keep secrets. This type of trash, I’ve only seen once in my life!”

“I truly prostrate myself in admiration!”

“If this old man guesses correctly. Then that pitiful grandson, I’m afraid he has already died at your hands right?”

“This old man is truly blind. Saving you, a thing below the animals at that time, and also protecting your secret for so many years!”

“This old man won’t be able to die on the battlefield. He won’t be able to die under the blade of the enemy. On the contrary, he will die at the hands of this shameless disciple……truly to reap what one has sown!”

“Merely pitiful, my grandson, pure and simple, honest and filial, and an unsurpassed talent met his end in your beastly hands!”

Fan Wudi spoke with his face as hard as steel, but he couldn’t help but let two streams of tears flow down.

Chu Mo’s heart was breaking on top of the roof. He really wanted to yell: Grandfather, grandson is here!

Grandson still lives!

But he cannot!

If he Wanted to thoroughly frighten this little Zhao Hongzhi, and temporarily resolve this danger. Wanting to make Zhao Hongzhi unable to sleep soundly at night, constantly having nightmares. Wanting for a future day, to be able to safely practice cultivation himself……..then he must not at this time reveal his whereabouts.

“What thing that practically couldn’t happen? You know in the Immortal Sky, there are several people eyeing my position right?”

“There is also one thing. You can rest easy. Your trash grandson is temporarily alive, but……Ha Ha!”

“I’m afraid he also doesn’t have long to live!”

Zhao Hongzhi revealed an extremely pleased expression when he said this.

“Your grandson, although he is meridian blocked garbage, but the foundation…….yet it is strong!”

“I originally planned to let my closest disciple take care of him, but I never thought, my eight year old talented young disciple that already stepped into the Yuan Closure, who is battle tested, and actually somewhat extreme……”

“He was lacking a little, and crippled by your grandson. But it’s still good. Your grandson is truly good-hearted. He had several opportunities, but they were all given up by him!”


Fan Wudi’s pupils shot out a cold light. Looking at Zhao Hongzhi he said: “Shameless!”

“Ha, how could this be shameless? I merely said your grandson is extremely stupid!”


“But that little bastard is truly outstanding. I unexpectedly had to forcibly put second level Yuan Qi into my disciple to suppress him!”

“If it wasn’t for his meridians being blocked, he would be worthy of the title genius!”

Fan Wudi already didn’t think it worth explaining Chu Mo’s meridians have never been blocked.

His face revealed arrogance, and he coldly said: “My grandson is a true genius!”

“What of it?”

Zhao Hongzhi coldly said: “Do you don’t blame me for using a little secret method to give my disciple power? It is only expected.”

“My little disciple is hard working, and reacts extremely quickly. He sent your grandson flying with one palm!”

“Furthermore, my precious disciple used the Blood Stopping Palm!”

“Haha, have you heard of Blood Stopping Palm? The receiver must die, hahaha!”

Zhao Hongzhi laughed wildly. That scholarly elegant face appeared extremely twisted at this time.

“Animal!” Fan Wudi angrily glared like a tiger at Zhao Hongzi.

The old man was already angry to the extreme. The blue veins on his forehead were completely exposed.

Chu Mo’s face revealed a confounded expression on the roof, but it immediately settled down. He didn’t even look at the Demon Lord.

There is no need to ask, the Demon Lord certainly knew this matter!

But yet he didn’t say……

Nevertheless those words, losing is losing, if he was sufficiently strong, given that the the Seventh Elder secretly helped, then what?

He would lose as before to that deceitful little thing!

If he had the strength of the Demon Lord, even Seventh Elder could be easily slapped to death!

When it is all said and done……his own strength is still of no use!

No wonder other people.

This is the first time in Chu Mo’s life he abhorred his own extreme weakness.

It is also the first time giving birth to unmatched intense thoughts to become strong.

The Demon Lord looked upon Chu Mo, and he duly said: “What a crappy Blood Stopping Palm. I already cured you earlier!

Chu Mo didn’t make a sound, but inside there was yet a burst of relief.

It is unknown why their words completely didn’t transfer down to the room below.

This obviously is another trick of the Demon Lord.

Inside the room, Zhao Hongzhi’s face was still mean and ferocious. The light of his pupils flickered, seemingly the thing he was going to do had found sufficient justification.

Slashing one’s savior!

This thing, only if one’s conscious hasn’t been obliterated, even if there is just a little bit remaining, then it is certainly a very difficult thing to enact.

Fan Wudi mockingly looked at Zhao Hongzhi: “You ungrateful, cruel, and immoral animal, murdering to keep your secrets. You still need to find a bullshit reason?”

“My heart is assured knowing my grandson is alive!”

“Don’t worry, my grandson is extremely lucky. He will not die!”

“Today you kill me. One day, my grandson will inevitably slaughter the Immortal Sky. He will chop into your skull with his own hands for my revenge!”

“Come, animal, come kill your savior!”

Grandfather spoke and stood up, glaring like a tiger. He let of an unmatched sharp radiance that pierced into Zhao Hongzhi’s eyes.

“This old man wants to personally see your fists!”

“Hit me!”

“What are you still hesitating for?”

“Your conscious has been one of a dog eating bastard for a long time. Has the act of killing your own benefactor tangled it?”

Fan Wudi’s character is unyielding, even if his realm is much weaker than Zhao Hongzhi’s. But yet not even ten Zhao Hongzhis could emit such an imposing matter!

Clearly knowing this is the place he must die, he completely lacked a trace of fear.

From beginning to end, the imposing manner completely steamrolled Zhao Hongzhi.

“Good, old thing, you unexpectedly dare slander an elder of the Immortal Sky?”

“You should die!”

Zhao Hongzhi angrily roared, raised his hand, and chopped towards Fan Wudi.

Zhao Hongzhi used all of his force in this hand. Given that a large stone could be easily split in two halves by his fist!

The skulls of men are hard, but they aren’t as hard as stone.

Soon Fan Wudi would die at the hands of this shameless disciple.


[TL: Chinese sound effect.]

A disdainful soft laughter suddenly transferred from the roof.

This soft laughter, although laughter, yet it was ice cold beyond compare.

Zhao Hongzhi chopping hand was forced to stop three inches from the brow of Fan Wudi.

His eyes revealed endless shock.

A drop of sweat smoothly rolled down Zhao Hongzhi’s forehead and dripped down to the towards the ground, unexpectedly stopping in mid-air.

Time, in this instant, unexpectedly froze.

A black figure abruptly appeared in the room.

Zhao Hong Zhi’s eyes revealed endless terror, because he clearly knew, he encountered an impossible master!

If he could open his mouth to Fan Wudi, he would certainly curse such a swindler!

In the house there hid such a terrifying expert!

Fan Wudi also couldn’t move on the other side. He could see a black figure was abruptly added to the room, and his also revealed confusion.

Because, he also didn’t know this person!

This man in black is naturally the Demon Lord. He arrived before the Zhao Hongzhi without speaking a word. Raising his hand he gave two big slaps to the face!



That crisp sound transmitted far way in the quiet night.

“This master always feels, he is a hundred percent evil!”

“Extremely cruel and merciless!”

“All kinds of evil!”


“Only upon meeting you, this master suddenly discovered, compared with you, this master is unexpectedly a rare philanthropist!”

Chu Mo quietly lifted a tile and peered into the room, almost directly falling down into the room.

He speechlessly thought: You are a philanthropist? It is unknown how many times better you are than Zhao Hongzhi, but you are still an evil person!

The Demon Lord glanced at the roof, then he looked at Zhao Hongzhi who was unable to move or speak. He raise a hand and once again ruthlessly slapped. The slap was just short of turning Zhao Hongzhi’s face to mush.

The anger stored up inside the little Chu Mo finally released a little bit.

“This master has never met such a shameless thing like you!”


Another smack.

“If the word Hypocrite was plastered on your forehead, it would tarnish the good part of the word!”

[TL: This is somewhat of a pun. The word for hypocrite ‘伪君子’ means false noble person. The last part means ‘君子’ means a noble man. He is basically saying the word hypocrite isn’t even good enough for him because it contains some goodness within it.]


“Given that is false……the good and the bad both have noble aspects.”

“And you?”


“You are trash!”

“What kind of creatures are your mother and father? That they could give birth to this thing?”

“Why didn’t they strangle you to death at birth?”


“This type of garbage gives evil people a bad name!”

Smack Smack Smack!

Another series of slaps whipped past.

The two sides of Zhao Hongzhi’s face were already thoroughly turned to mush.

Already seventy to eighty percent of his teeth were knocked out. There probably already isn’t a single tooth left completely intact.

The Demon Lord’s tactics are especially dreadful. This round of beatings under normal circumstances, given that it wouldn’t beat someone to death, they would absolutely pass out.

But Zhao Hongzhi’s intellect was completely sober, and there was a rich expression in his eyes.

From the beginning of shock and terror, following on to begging, and then finally to losing hope.

Chu Mo saw everything clearly on the roof. His heart filled with joy, wishing he could beat the man himself.

Although inside the room, grandpa Fan Wudi completely didn’t understand the uninvited guest, but his eyes revealed an expression dripping with joy.

If he could speak, he would inevitably applaud!

This beating is simply straight forward!

It is satisfying to everyone!

The beating of the Demon Lord had vented off almost all the anger of Chu Mo.

His pupils coldly looked at Zhao Honghi as he said: “You animal, I should slap you to death, but I’m yet afraid I would dirty my hand!”

In Zhao Hongzhi’s heart there were ten thousand beasts rushing about wailing endlessly: You are afraid of dirtying your hand, then why did you give me such a beating?

But he heard from the words of his opponent, he doesn’t want to kill him. His heart immediately gave birth to hope.

If only he could live, there is hope!

But the Demon Lord immediately drenched him in cold water.

“Although I didn’t kill you, but today your disgraceful conduct, and the shameful things you have done in the past, I know them all!”

“This person is protected by me!”

“If there is the slightest accident……”

“Even if he dies on the battlefield, I will certainly go to the Immortal Sky. I will grab you out and make you unable to live or die!

“I will broadcast each and every one of your scandals. I will let everyone under heaven know the Elder of the Immortal Sky is a dog!

“If you don’t believe test me!”

“Now scram!”

Finished speaking, the Demon Lord gave Zhao Hongzhi a kick in the butt, and sent him flying through Fan Wudi’s window.

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