My Dragon System

Chapter 14: Black Forest

Chapter 14:Black Forest

(The next set of chapter up to 83 are written in the first person. The story is going through a rewrite but nothing story wise will change in the story itself. So feel free to continue as the first Person Ray talen.)

The next morning came. My parents were busy repairing the damage done to the house. Lucky my mother acted fast using her magic abilities to get rid of the fire. It reminded of how powerful and useful magic abilities were.

I couldn't do much to fix up the house in the first place. I didn't know anything about building materials. So my parents let me do my usual thing.

While my parents were busy it was a good time to execute my plan that I came up with. I decided that today I would head into the black forest. It was called the black forest because all the creatures and beast in the forest had black fur.

My goal was to hunt some basic tier creatures to use for my plan. This would also help with my training, so it was killing to birds with one stone.

The chances of me running into another intermediate beast tier were very low. Even if I did run into one this time, I would simply just run away. Just because I had defeated an intermediate beast before didn't mean I could do it again. There were many different types of creatures and some were stronger than others.

Before setting off on my trip into the forest, I grabbed a bucket to bring along with me. I also took my gear and basic previsions which included my sword bag water and food. With that, I left my house telling my parents I was off to train on top of the hill.

As soon as I entered the forest I activated my dragon eyes. My view changed and I started to see many spots of red aura throughout the forest. While yellow aura indicated humans, red indicated beasts.

I unsheathed my sword and put it in my mouth, biting down on the handle with my teeth. Got down on all fours ready to go after my prey. I called this form my beast form.

I moved towards the closest red spot I could see. As I got closer to the red spot I could make out the beast shape, it was a wolf beast. Approaching the wolf quickly, it had no time to notice me. Before it could turn around I had slashed its neck with the blade. A clean-cut had killed the beast instantly.

I carried on hunting beast while making my way towards the area where Bob and Kyle had gone missing. They were mainly just wolf's, but I did also meat a Crazed Monkey.

The monkey was covered in black fur with a single horn sticking out of the top of its head. The monkeys were more difficult to hunt then the wolfs as they were more agile and could climb up trees.

The monkeys simply found it too easy to avoid my sword weather I was using my beast form or not. They also had the ability to quickly climb up tall trees and hideaway.

I managed to hunt one down when I changed my strategy. Unlike the wolf, I decided to sneak up on the monkey while it was eating. I approached the monkey as quiet as possible, and at the last moment dashed at the monkey piercing it in the stomach.

After defeating the monkey a message appeared.

I was suprised, after defeating around twenty creatures the message finally popped up. This time it was a basic tier crystal instead of an intermediate one.

I carried on hunting and again after around ten creatures another message appeared.

With this, I could conclude that the crystal drop was random. I must have been simply lucky to have received one from the intermediate tier beast.

I had finally reached where Bob and Kyle's bodies were last seen. By now the traces of blood had completely disappeared. I activated dragon eyes again. As I thought, even though the traces of blood had disappeared it still showed faint lights of aura on the ground.

I followed the traces of aura until it had finally reached a small cave. My eyes could tell that the gave wasn't very deep it was only around ten feet deep. Inside the cave, there were two stronger light's of yellow aura and a very small red light.

Whatever the beast was, it was far too small to cause me any harm. I entered the cave and spotted the two bodies on the floor. They were unrecognisable, all of their flesh had been completely eaten away. If it wasn't for the fact that they were wearing the same close, I wouldn't have been able to tell it was them.

I took the clothes from the dead bodies and placed them inside my bag. As I was about to leave the cave I heard a animals cry coming from deeper inside. It was coming from the small red dot of aura. My curiosity got the better of me and decided to see what it was.

I went deeper inside the cave until I reached a dead end. When I looked down a wolf puppy the size of a football was whimpering away. It looked hungry like it hadn't eaten for days. Its mother had most likely been killed, as a puppy this small wasn't able to hunt for food themselves.

I knelt down towards the puppy looking at it with sympathy as I knew what it felt like to be on your own.

Suddenly a message window appeared.

I still hadn't got used to this system and was shocked by what I could see. The system was strange and at times it felt like it had a mind of its own.

Seeing how there was a good chance no harm could come from this I selected

I was expecting the system to show the food or water that I had carried with me. Instead, the only options it gave me were the crystals. This was a good chance for me to see if absorbing the crystals were harmful or not. I selected the Basic tier Crystal.

A small black crystal started to appear out of thin air directly in front of the wolf cub. The cub immediately began licking the crystal. The crystal quickly became smaller in size until it was completely gone.

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