My Dragon System

Chapter 15: The Curse

Chapter 15:The Curse

(The next set of chapter up to 83 are written in the first person. The story is going through a rewrite but nothing story wise will change in the story itself. So feel free to continue as the first Person Ray talen.)

After absorbing the crystal the cub had seemed to gain it's strength back. Its appearance was now healthy and the cub had even grown in size.

Two messages had stood out to me, one of them being the five points. Five points of what gained? It didn't really make any sense. The only way I might be able to tell what this figure was, was to absorb the crystal myself.

The Cub's appearance seemed to be better and even got slightly bigger. Did this mean if I was to absorb the crystals the same would happen to me?

The second message was that the cub had been tamed. With this, a new skill had been added to my skill list.

The only thing I could do was activate the skill to see what it could do. Suddenly after activating the skill, the cub in front of me started to glow as a white light surrounded it. The cub had transformed into a ping pong ball sized of white light. Swirling around eventually going into my head.

The Cub had disappeared but strangely I could still see and feel the cub inside my mind.

Looking at my skills, the Desummon pet skill changed to summon pet skill. There was no need to test what this was as I could take a good guess.

With what had happened to the cub after taking the crystal I was very curious to see what would happen to me. After all, it didn't seem to have any side effects to the cub. It looked like it had actually made the cub stronger.

This time I had selected yes. The black crystal started to appear in my hands just like with the cub. Once the black crystal had finished forming it began to be surrounded in white light. The white shining brighter and brighter until it cracked. Straight after the crack, the white light started to fade until the crystal burst into dust.

I could feel a surge of energy inside my body. It felt as if I was being reborn again. All of my senses started tingling, Although I didn't get any taller or bogger as the cub did, I definitely felt like I had gained a newfound strength.

I drew my sword and started swinging as hard and as fast as I could. My speed seemed to have improved. Such a significant improvement to my body and that was just with one crystal.

I decided to try to absorb the intermediate crystal. If the basic crystal had this much effect I couldn't wait to see what the intermediate crystal did. I couldn't help but smile at the thought.

I was a bit down from the error message I had received but still, I had been given hope.

As the sun was starting to set, I picked up my things and started heading out of the forest.

All was as usual when I got back home, my father had finished most of the repairs on the house so we could stay at home. I went to sleep as my mum tucked me in to say goodnight.

A few hours later it was time to start my plan. I went down to the barn house that was attached to the side of the house. Inside I had hidden the bucket that I'd taken with me to the forest earlier. Taking the bucket and the clothes of Bob and Kyle I made my way towards their mother's house.

I had finally made all the preparations I needed. making sure nobody had seen me with dragon eyes. I knocked on the door and found a place I could hide close by.

A plump woman in her late thirties came and answered the door. She looked around trying to find who had knocked at the door so late in the middle of the night. When looking around she had spotted in front of her door, an item of clothing on the floor. It looked like she had recognized who it belonged to straight away.

My plan was working, she started following the footsteps I had made earlier and along the way, she would find a new item of clothing that belonged to one of her sons. I used my own footprints as they were about the same size as her sons.

She continued to follow the items of clothing I had laid out along with the footprints until she arrived at the black forest. She stood still waiting outside for a while.

This was the only part of my plan that I was unsure off, would she go into the forest knowing that her son might be alive? judging by the drastic actions she had taken so far on me for revenge. I betted on their being a good chance she would.

The women gritted her teeth and walked in slowly. Each time she would pick up a new piece of clothing and take it with her. Up till this point, she had been calling out there names but now that she was in the forest she knew to be very careful.

I had been following her from above in the trees since she had entered the forest carefully waiting for the right moment. Then the women stopped.

"It's too dangerous I've gone in too deep, maybe I should turn back?" she said.

As she said those words I dropped the bucket on top of her. Out came a dark black sticky liquid which had drenched the women from head to toe. The bucket had been filled with Beast blood.

When I went into the forest earlier that day, it was not only to train myself but also to get the blood of the basic tier beast. They were attracted to the smell of beast blood from basic tiers as they knew it was a weak creature who had been injured. If I were to use a higher tier beast blood it would have the opposite effect. Unless there was something stronger than it in that area.

The women looked at the bucket on the ground.

"Who did this?" she shouted.

I jumped down from the tree above revealing my self standing directly opposite her.

"You, your eye's.... I knew you were cursed. I was right to try to get rid of you!" she said while shaking nervously.

Using dragon eyes I could see all the beast that had been attracted by the smell. the only reason I revealed my self was I wanted her to see who had caused her death.

The swarm of the beast had arrived, they went straight past as if I wasn't even there. Jumping onto the prey in front of them, not even giving her a fighting chance.

The next day the town was in an uproar at the fact that one of the villagers had gone missing. A new rumour began to spread again, that the curse of the Talen family was real.

The village people had stopped bullying and calling me names, at least not to my face. They were scared that if they did, the curse of the red dragon Sen would come to get them.

I liked this new rumour.

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