My Dragon System

Chapter 23: 10 years later

Chapter 23:10 years later

Renny School was impressive indeed. You could tell that a lot of money and effort went into the school when building it. Although not as big and grand in style as Roland academy it had its own charm. It had the top of the line learning facilities and great accommodation for their students.

The town itself was great as well, full of life and cheer and a high population for its size. This was due to the fact is was extremely safe to live in Renee town due to all the guards. Other towns would have to worry about an attack from a magical beast or the Dark Guild.

Unfortunately, even with all those things, my life has been like hell here for the last ten years. After the knights had left us in Renny town the whole kingdom had gone into amber alert.

This meant to be prepared for war at any time. I assume this was due to the shadow beast that we had met. Fortunately, not a thing has happened in the kingdom these last ten years. No attack from the shadow beast, no attack from the dark guild, not a thing.

Because of the amber alert, the students were to be guarded at all times. We were set a curfew and was not allowed to leave the town at all unless given special permission. I originally had wanted to go into the lands nearby and obtain some crystals but the plan was shut down pretty quickly.

I was given a personal tutor who also acted as my guard at all times, sleeping, eating, he was with me at all times except when going to the toilet. I thought all students at the school had the same thing but when speaking to Gary he confirmed that only a select few students had this.

It was bad enough that I was being criticized around the school for having red hair but even more so now that I was getting special treatment on top of it. In all these ten years the only person I was able to speak to was Gary who thankfully treated me the same.

It was not all bad though. I had learnt several things while attending school that have answered many of the questions I once had.

First, although most knights had no magical ability they were able to train something called Ki. The Ki would allow you to enhance your body, to control your senses to its utmost limit and perform feats that seemed impossible for a human to do.

In fact, some masters of Ki were even able to slow down the ageing process allowing the human race to live for hundreds of years. Although if a child body was to practise Ki it would end up damaging their internal organs. At the age of fifteen, our body would be able to handle the stress of Ki.

We had learnt the theory behind it for when we went to Avrion academy.

The most interesting thing I had learnt about while at the school were beast crystals. The human race knew about beast crystals unlike I first thought. It actually played an important role in human society.

Beast crystals would be used to forge armour and weapons for knights. While the mages would use them for enchantments, alchemy, and staffs. It also had many other uses in current technology.

The crystal themselves came from magical beast and would have to be manually extracted once a beast had been defeated. The crystal also had their own tier grading which matched the beasts grading system. The higher the tier of the beast, the higher tier crystal you would receive allowing you to make stronger and better weapons.

The last thing that I had learned but still have many questions about was my past. They did, in fact, teach about the Red Dragon Sen but only as a legend to link to their Divine being. It is said that I was defeated by this Divine being and in using all its power it had been forced to go to internal rest. Although the divine being no longer existed in human form it still gave commands to the whole land that everyone must follow.

It was as if the whole land was some sought of religious cult to this divine being. This was also why the Dark guild was created in the first place. One of the elders had refused an order from the divine being and was banished for breaking the rules. Ever since he has had a grudge and whished to destroy the kingdom.

If I wanted to find more about my past and what happened I would have to go meet this Divine being in person. The problem was only members of high ranking were able to speak to the divine being. I thought about sneaking into the place to get answers but I was met with problems straight away.

The Divine being was located in Roland academy which was far from where we were. That was if I was even able to get away from my guard in the first place. I had tried to lose him a few times but had no success.

I had learnt more at the school but these were the main points that I had decided to focus on. Now fifteen years old I was finally able to graduate and leave this hell.

The kingdom had issued that we were no longer on amber alert. I'm guessing they decided this after nothing had happened for the last ten years. This meant when I reach Avrion academy I would have a lot more freedom.

I packed my belongs from my dorm room at school, we were all the meet at the front of the school building today, where a few knights would pick us up and escort us to Avrion academy.

In front of the school building stood about fifty students. The number was a lot lower than when I originally first got here. When I arrived here there was around a hundred. A lot of people dropped out because it was too tough not being with there family.

I saw Gary and went up to meet with him. We waited together and chatted a bit about the upcoming trials at Avrion academy and what we were looking forward to most. As the two of us were talking we were interrupted by a familiar face.

"It's been a long time you two"

Wilfred said.

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