My Dragon System

Chapter 24: Fanged Boar

Chapter 24:Fanged Boar

I had always liked Wilfred. He reminded me of my father a lot.

He also had this calmness about him that made you think, as long as you trusted him everything would work out. His appearance hadn't changed in these ten years either, I couldn't guess what his real age must be.

Thinking about my father I was deep in thought. I hadn't seen him for ten years I didn't know how he was doing.

As if Wilfred could read my mind he put his hand on my shoulder.

"Your fathers condition hasn't worsened. Your mother is looking after him well, I made sure to check with one of the knights before coming here."

I began to smile

"Thank you"

"How did you recognize us two, we've changed a lot over these ten years?" Gary asked.

"The blonde boy and red hair who fought the Drop bears, how could I forget something like that. I'm not that old yet."

"How old are you?" Gary started to look Wilfred up and down seeing that his appearance hadn't changed in ten years.

"Now that is a secret, my friend."

The three of us started to laugh out loud. Seeing this scene the other students around us started whispering to each other.

"Isn't that master Wilfred?"

"How are they on such good terms with him"

"They must be from a powerful family"

Wilfred hearing the students around us talk, decided to quickly say goodbye and leave us be.

Forward came a man who didn't look too much older than us, but had a big powerfull body and was bearing the Avrion Crest. He held a sheet of paper in his hand.

"To Future Avrion academy students, I am squire master Lancy. You must obey my commands at all times unless someone of higher rank intervenes. It is time for us to journey onwards towards Avrion Academy to journey will take about seven days."

Behind him, five carriages had appeared, each carriage could hold around ten students. The students had boarded the carriages while the knights travelled by horse. There were six knights in total including master Wilfred. The squire master was the second-highest-ranking official there, while the other knights were regular squires who were assigned to guard each carriage.

As soon as everyone was ready. The carriages and horses set off towards Avrion academy. I was excited to finally be leaving this place and was happy to hear the journey would take seven days. This meant I had the chance to gain a few more crystals.

I had already absorbed the crystal from the drop bear, and my current points were sitting at 42. I still remember the feeling of absorbing the crystal. It made my whole body tingle and instantly I felt stronger. It was an addictive feeling like a drug.

We had been travelling for several hours the sun had fallen down. We decided to camp on the side of the path near a forest. We were pretty out in the open but the knights said not to worry too much as there weren't many high tier beast in the area and they would take turns keeping guard.

Each student was given a sleeping bag and shared a tent with a partner. I teamed up with Gary and shared a tent together.

In the middle of the night when everyone was asleep, it was time for me to go hunting. I activated my dragon eyes skill to make sure that the guard was patrolling a different area. With my dragon eyes, it made it easy to avoid being seen.

I entered the woods and started to look around to see if there were any Magical beast I could beat. With my Dragon eyes skill, I detected there was a few basic tier beast in the area.

"Lucky," I thought to myself.

This was a good chance to try nab myself some crystals. I went towards the first target that was closest to me and on its own. I didn't want to risk anything and wanted to see what type of magical beast it was.

Hiding behind a bush I got a closer look at the creature. It was a fanged boar. A powerful creature who could use it's two big front teeth to bite threw your bones. Although not as fast as the wolfs or agile as the drop bears.

I came out of the bush and made my self seen by the boar. The boar looked towards me. it started brushing its foot against the ground getting ready to charge.

As the boar started to charge towards me at the last moment before it could reach me I jumped into the air and landed on it's back. I quickly stabbed the boar behind its head making the beast fall to the floor.

I was unlucky as the notification didn't appear this time. I decided to use my blade to open the inside of the boar to see if I could still get the crystal that way.

To my surprise, the crystal was inside the boar. I held the crystal in my hand and tried to absorb it. A few moments later and nothing. The crystal still sat there in my hand. Perhaps I was only able to absorb crystals obtained by the system?

I continued to venture in the forest making sure not to stray too far away from camp. After defeating two more Fanged Boars a message appeared.

for now, I stored the crystal away to save it for later. I had a thought that I wanted to test out. I began to use my sword to skin open the boar in search of the crystal again. This time no crystal could be found.

It seemed as if the crystal that had been obtained from the system randomly could be absorbed. While if the system didn't obtain the crystal the crystal still remained inside of the magical beast.

As I was distracted thinking about this thought. I heard an incredibly loud snort come from behind me. I turned around to see a fang bore the size of a horse.

It was an intermediate tier fanged Boar.

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