My Dragon System

Chapter 26: Genius Slyvia

Chapter 26:Genius Slyvia

As soon as the sun began to rise, the Squier master Lancy would wake up by banging two pots together. The ringing in my ears was dreadful. Gary, on the other hand, would still sleep like a baby. I kicked him in the stomach so he would finally wake up and stop snoring.

The students were required to put everything away, the fire pit, the tents and the provisions for our journey, back into the carriages. Thirty minutes later and we were on our way again.

A couple of students in the carriage were complaining about the whole situation.

"Does Avrion academy not have a teleporter? I see no need to travel there via carriage."

"Yeah Roland academy has one, and apparently Avrion is meant to be on par with Roland, yet they can't afford a teleporter?"

A girl sitting at the back of the carriage mouth started to twitch. As she was getting annoyed at what the two students were saying.

Until finally she couldn't stand it anymore and stood up.

"Didn't you two learn anything? Avrion academy is stationed at the front lines of the battlefield with the shadow plague. What were to happen if war were to break out and we lost Avrion?"

The two students looked at her with a blank look on their faces failing to see what point she was trying to make.

"It would mean our enemy would have access to the teleporters themselves. Allowing them to move anywhere in the kingdom."

She sat down in her seat and started to mumble to herself.

I recognised the girl well, her name was Slyvia Heart. She had long silver hair that would reach her waist. With a symmetrical face and a body to be proud of. By humans standards, I guess she would be considered a beauty.

That wasn't the reason why I had recognized her though. At Renny academy every term they would post the results for our knowledge test. Every single time without fail, her name would be at the top of that list. I don't think there a single student that couldn't recognize her.

A few hours later and the carriage came to a stop again. Signalling the spot where we would set up camp for tonight. This time thankfully we had stopped at an abandoned castle to use as a base.

We went to the dining hall of the castle and decided to sleep here for the night. Each carriage of people formed their own sperate group, who had a knight as there leader.

As we entered the dining hall the students looked curiously inside. The castle was in ruins with pieces of stone broken everywhere and gaps in various different places.

"What happened here?" Gary said out loud.

The knight who was with us started to explain.

"This is the outcome of one of our wars with the Gala Kingdom, we would still be at war today if it wasn't for the shadow plague."

"What does that mean?"

Gary asked.

Slyvia couldn't help herself and had to explain.

"The surrounding kingdoms had signed a truce, once we found out the nature of the shadow plague. All though tempory, we have agreed to team up against our common foe."

The students were tired and happy for once they weren't camping outside so talk among us fell silent quickly and proceeded to get some rest for the night.

This time the guard duty was put on the top of one of the castle towers, This allowed the guard to have a bigger field of view. Warning us of any incoming enemies.

There was no need to use dragon eyes tonight. I made use of a nearby gap in the wall and proceeded to exit through it. Once out I would go to a nearby forest to hunt Beasts. Just as I was stepping outside of one of the gaps I felt someone tugging on my sleeve.

"Where are you going at this time of night?"

Slyvia was holding on to the sleeve of my arm.

"To Hunt beasts" I saw no need to keep it a secret. It was my choice what I wanted to do. I may be a student of Avrion Academy but that was in name only at the end of the day I'm my own person.

"Are you mad! You may be able to defeat basic tier beast but what would you do if you were to run into an intermediate tier, the knights can not save you." Sylvia's eyes were wide open with shock.

"Don't worry I defeated a few already." With that, I twisted my body making Slyvia's grip lose and my sleeve was free. I quickly ran off into the direction of the closest woods.

Open entering the woods I found that we were still in the territory of some fanged boars. I summoned my pet and out came Noir. He was still the same size as before a regular small wolf cub.

I was glad that we were still in the territory of the fanged boars as I thought they would make a great opponent for Noir since the wolfs focused on speed which was the boar's weak point.

We came across a solo Fanged boar. I commanded Noir to attack the Fanged boar, I had my hand on the hilt of my sword ready to help if anything was to go wrong.

The boar was double the size of Noir but in the end that didn't matter for Noir was too fast for it. Noir bit on the boar's legs a couple of times to slow it down even further and eventually ending its life with a bite to its neck.

The message appeared and I started to smile. This was great news it meant that I didn't have to kill the beast to obtain a crystal. Noir's kill would also count as my own.

This was one of the reasons why I had wanted noir to fight instead of me. I needed to gain more knowledge of how the system worked.

I fed the crystal to noir and he gained a further 8 points bring his total up to thirteen. We continued hunting in the forest together only targeting Fanged boars that were on their own. I wanted to see if the crystal had improved Noir strength like my own.

With each crystal Noir absorbed it became easier for him to fight the Fanged boars. After a while, it seemed like the Fanged boars stopped dropping crystals like the wolfs and the monkeys did back in the Black forest.

Noir points were now at a total of 32. With my experiment a success and no more to gain from killing the wild boars we headed back to camp.

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