My Dragon System

Chapter 25: My pet

Chapter 25:My pet

If there were basic tier beast in the area, there was always a good chance of an intermediate beast too. This was due to how the evolution worked between Magical Beasts. Magical Beasts would hunt another beast, once defeated they would eat the magical crystal inside the beast. Once the beast had eaten enough crystals it would then evolve into up to the next tier.

When hunting the group of fanged boars I should have known they would be a chance that a higher tier beast would be around.

I stood as still as humanly possible not moving a hair on my body, waiting for the boar to move. When the boar charged at me I managed to sidestep at the last second with the boar missing me only by an inch.

I was too slow like this. If I tried doing the same thing again I could be seriously hurt. I changed into my beast form putting the sword in my mouth and crouching down on all fours like a tiger. When the beast charged at me again, this time I did the same back heading towards it. The beast used its fangs to try to bite down on me, I jumped to a nearby tree and clung on to it so hard that my fingers where an inch deep into the tree.

My strength had greatly improved after absorbing the crystals. I was not the same person as I was ten years ago.

The boar looked up at me, seeing I was hovering above in the tree. The bore couldn't climb or fly so it did the only thing it could do. It used its full weight and strength to start slamming into the trees.

The boar's strength was impressive as it would tear down the trees one by one. As the trees were falling down, I would quickly move to the other one nearby. Jumping from tree to tree.

I was beginning to get tired of the chase and knew I needed to do something sooner or later otherwise I would run out of stamina and not have the strength to attack.

As the boar continued to chase me through the forest I came across a tree that was twice the size of the others. I jumped to the tree with the boar following behind me. This time the boar's strength wasn't enough to take down the tree in one hit. It's head banged into the tree causing the tree to slightly slant but not fall over.

The boar was slightly dazed from the impact. I knew that this was my chance. I ran down the tree as fast as I could. I needed to strike before the boar came to. Using the momentum from running down the tree I jumped in the air. with the blade gripped tightly in my mouth managed to reach the tip of the boars head. The momentum continued moving me forward until it had sliced through from the head to the end of its tail in one smooth motion. Blood started to shoot out of the big cut on its body, moments later collapsing onto the floor.

I took a few moments to catch my breath. It was a lot tougher then I thought it would be. I made it harder on my self because whatever happened I needed to not get injured. If I were to be injured while hunting and returned to camp it would be hard to explain the cause of my injuries.

I was pretty confident in defeating an intermediate tier beast since I did so when I was a child. This time I was a lot stronger than back then, but what made it more difficult was trying to not get hit.

I took the blade out of my mouth and started thinking. The beast form was great for attacking, it allowed me to move faster, and made me more agile. Although it helped me gain speed the strength behind the strike was weeker then using my hands. Making me rely on momentum for power.

The form also sacrificed defence. If fighting a human I would need to use the sword to block attacks rather then dodge. In the case of a large beast such as this one, there was no point blocking as I would have just been hit back by the brute force. Against a fast creature or human, I would need to learn how to block and counter.

If there was some way I could combine the two techniques it would help me greatly in the future.

I was a bit upset that the system didn't appear with a message, which meant that I hadn't obtained the crystal. So I decided to walk over to the beast and retrieve the crystal. I put the crystal in a pouch around my waist. Even if I couldn't absorb the crystal I would still be able to use it to create armour or a weapon. Worst case I could sell it to make some money.

With that, I decided that it was enough excitement for one day and headed back towards camp. I used my dragon eyes skill to pick the right moment when the guard wasn't on patrol and snuck back into my tent.

Gary was still sleeping snoring away. luckily even if the tent was on fire I don't think it would wake him up.

I struggled to go to sleep as I started thinking about the points gained from the crystals. What would happen when I reached a hundred points?

The best guess that I could make was when reaching a hundred points with the basic tier crystals I would then be able to start absorbing the intermediate tier crystals but there was no way to test my theory.

Or was there?

When thinking about again I remembered there was something else that I had that also absorbed crystals. The black wolf Cub I gained a while back. In all this time I had almost forgotten about it.

I closed my mind and an image of the wolf cub started to appear. In the ten years, it hadn't seemed to grow in size at all. Perhaps it would grow again once I started to feed it more crystals?

I started to smile thinking how much of a genius I was. This was great, I would carry on hunting in the forest in the next few days. Whatever crystals I obtained form now on I would feed to the wolf. Once it reached a hundred points I would be able to conclude my experiment.

Since ill be using the Wolf cub more perhaps I should give it a name.

As usual, as soon as I started to think about it the system responded with a message.

The black fur of the wolf reminded me of a dragon I use to be good friends with. He also had black scales as well. I think he would be happy with this name.

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