My Dragon System

Chapter 29: Avrion Academy

Chapter 29:Avrion Academy

The students couldn't stop talking about what colour sashes they might get. It was driving me crazy I didn't have a clue what they were talking about.

We had managed to enter an area which was mostly just land with fields of tall grass. We camped outside of what looked like a wheat field nearby and started a fire for the night.

Our group gathered around the fire as usual. The talk between the students again was focused on the big three, and what shashes they might possibly earn.

Thankfully I wasn't the only one who didn't know what these sashes were, as another student asked a question.

"What are these sashes you guys keep talking about?"

The knight in our group answered.

"The sashes are ranks that are given out to the knights. As you all know squire is the lowest rank of a knight, but even then squires are further divided down into groups. Take me for example"

The knight took out a sash which was hidden under his armour.

"I am a white sash squire, so are all of the other knights that are escorting you. We are the top of the squire class, while red indicates the bottom." He said looking towards me.

A few other students also turned their heads towards me. They were clearly not happy with the actions I had taken on early today. This also explained why students were saying I would get a red sash.

"How are these ranks decided?"

"When we arrive at Avrion academy you will be issued a test to determine your ability. "

The students were starting to get excited at the thought of what rank they would obtain.

Gary then asked the knight a question.

"What's the difference between a Red Squier and a White Squier, is a knight not a knight."

"Ah yes, they are both knights indeed but the treatment is internally different. A white knight will be shown guidance, get personal training and extra rewards. While red knights are seen to have no potential, they will be given basic training with no mentor. Although free to do what they please most of the time, they are considered abandoned by the academy in the eyes of other students."

With that, the students went into their tents for the night and started to go to sleep. I decided to also take rest for tonight rather than go out hunting. My body was simply fatigued and needed rest.

We continued travelling for the remaining three days, as we got closer and closer to the kingdom, it got harder and harder for me to hunt. There was less magical beast. After the journey came to an end my points were at 75, although I didn't hit the 100 points I wanted, I was happy and knew it wouldn't be long until I did.

We had finally arrived at avrion academy, all the students couldn't stop but stare in amazement. The surrounding stone wall was twice as tall as the on at Renny town and the size of the city was three times as big.

In the middle of the city a building could still be seen over the walls it looked like a palace. The palace had a square banner dropped down the middle of it bearing the Avrion academy crest. White in colour with two wings and a sword dropped down the middle.

We reached the front gate which had iron bars as thick as two men put together. It required four men to turn a wheel which made the gate lift upwards slowly. The gate itself would even allow me as a dragon to fit through. The whole city was impressive.

Even as a dragon I had my doubts whether I could have destroyed something as big as this. Humans had become much more advanced and organized in a hundred years.

As the gate dropped to let us in the students left the carriages behind to be taken care of. A group of knights wearing red sashes came and took the carriages away.

Wilfred left the group as he said he had a meeting to attend to and wished all the students the best of luck in the upcoming assessment. That left the Squier master Lancy to give us a tour around the city.

The sight was amazing, instead of torches and fires to light up streets they were using magical crystals to power them. None of the buildings were run down and had looked like they had just been made yesterday.

It was hard to imagine that the village I had grown up in and this city were part of the same world.

"How far until we reach Avrion academy." a student asked.

"We are already here my friend, the whole city is Avrion academy. Every person you see is a knight, there are no normal citizens here."

When lancy had mentioned that he was right, I had not seen a single child here.

That was crazy if what he said was true they were at least 30,000 people stationed at avrion academy and all of them were knights.

"Of course not all are students, once you graduate it is compulsory to do two years of service as a knight. After, you are free to do what you want. Most people chose to stay and reap the benefits and rewards of being a knight though."

We carried on walking through the city as Lancy would point things out such as the armoury and the library. I made a note of where things were to come back to them when I had the free time.

I had a keen interest in the library perhaps I would be able to find out more about my past, and the shadow plaque.

Lancy had now taken us to a more quiet part of the city, where there weren't many people. The atmosphere shifted to a darker mood.

The students continued to follow Lancy along but the students couldn't help but gossip about what they were seeing ok in front of them. Lancy had taken us to a cemetery.

in front of us thousands and thousands of gravestones laid in the field.

Lancy carried on walking through the cemetery until we had reached five statues that were positioned in the centre.

"I brought you here today to remind you that we are at war. The truth is war is not a pretty thing, people die, loved ones are lost. We continue to fight for the loved ones who are alive. These here are the statues of Avrion academy's founders, they were known as the legendary dragon knights."

"Dragon knights? what does that mean?" I interrupted.

"While studying here you will find out the history of alure kingdom and Avrion academy. There is no rush. Follow along please."

As the students followed Lancy, I stayed behind a while to stare at the statues to see if there was anything I could see.

They seemed to have been wearing armour and weapons crafted using dragon body parts. dragon tail as a sword. Teeth parts would surround the shield.

Although that might have just been made from the statue crafter rather than a direct image of themselves, there was no way for me to confirm if they ever used actual dragon parts. Still, the sight started to make my blood boil that my race would be used for such things.

Looking deeply at the statues I couldn't help but shake at an odd feeling coming from one of the tombs below the statues.

I activated Dragon eyes. I was shocked, I rubbed my eyes to see if I was imagining things. Inside one of the tombs, a red and yellow presence could be seen. Something was alive in there.

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