My Dragon System

Chapter 30: My Roommates

Chapter 30:My Roommates

We had been touring around the city with Lancy for a couple of hours now and even my legs were starting to feel tired.

"Is that everything now?" One of the students said miserably.

"Of course not, I doubt you will ever get to see the whole of Avrion Academy." A smile could be seen on his face, it looked like Lancy was enjoying tutoring us.

"So where are we headed to now then?"

"Your Dormitories."

With that, everyone's mood was uplifted, we would finally be getting to see the school. We continued to follow Lancy, the pace had picked up a bit as everyone was now exited.

Finally, we had reached our long-awaited destination. Everyone was in shock at the sight in front of them. For the place that we would be studying and training at, was the palace that could be seen from outside the walls.

The building looked even bigger up close.

Lancy went to the entrance of the building and turned around to face us. His expression went from playful to serious.

"We will all meet in the dining hall at 2:00 pm sharp. Once everyone has eaten we will head to the training grounds, which is out of the north exit behind the building. Be ready for this is when the assessment starts."

"Where is everyone?" A student asked.

Compared to the rest of the city the school seemed extremely quiet. The only people that stood there were two guards who wore white sashes standing in front of the gate.

Honestly, I was half expecting a welcome ceremony.

"There is a meeting going on today between the elders, most of the knights are out on a mission. The other new students are training for the upcoming assessment."

"Other students?" everyone started to turn to each other with a confused look on their faces.

"You didn't think you guys were the only ones, did you? Avrion has many towns as bases for new students, Renny town is just one of them. If we only recruited fifty knights a year we would have been defeated long ago."

Lancy could see all the students muttering to themselves. He decided to move forward to the entrance. He went up to the door and the two guards started to open it.

It took the guards their whole strength just to open the two giant doors.

"You want to become a white sash like these guys, become a guard, an easy job where you're away from all the danger," Lancy said as he walked passed the two.

Inside the building was just as spectacular as outside. The walls were lined with famous paintings of knights beast and all sorts. They also had many grand weapons out on display, some too big to be actually used in battle.

We walked around the bottom floor until we stopped just outside a three-meter tall red door. Outside stood two guards dressed in all black armour. It didn't look cheap and the knights looked terrifying.

"Red is the sign of danger, nothing has ever come good from that colour in these lands. So stay clear of this red door behind me." Lancy glanced towards me as he was making the speech.

I wanted to fight him there and then but didn't want to make a scene. Although my strength had improved a lot and I was confident I could defeat someone like Lancy who was a Squier master. The two knights guarding the door I couldn't begin to guess how powerful they were.

"What's down there," A student asked.

"Avrion Prison, we keep the most dangerous criminals down there, so you don't want to even try to take a peek in there.

Slyvia was surprised by this and asked a question.

"isn't it silly, to keep such dangerous criminals in the school campus."

Lancy scoffed at her remark as if she asked a stupid question.

"Avrion academy is the most guarded place in the land, with the strongest Knights. What better place than here to keep them in check. If you don't believe me try braking into the dungeon one day and see if you can."

Slyvia bit her tongue and held looked like she was holding back her emotions to say something.

We continued walking around until we arrived at a door that said. "Student accommodation New"

"Your name will be on your room door. There is no chance for a change no matter how much you don't like your roommate's. this is the army get used to it. Your school uniforms are laid out on your bed. Good luck to you all and I'll see you at the training field."

We opened the door and went inside. The dorms had been separated into six different areas. Each of the areas was dependent on what town you had come from. So all the students from Renny town were put together.

I went down the hallway looking for my name with Gary, we spotted our names in front of the door just like Lancy had said but we were surprised at what else was on the door.

The door had eight different names could be seen. This most likely meant that we had to share a room with eight people. The other surprise was we recognized two of the names.

We opened the door and went to look inside. The room had a total of four bunk beds allowing eight people to sleep. There wasn't much else for decoration apart from that. In two of the beds, two of the students were already unpacking their things.

One of them was Ian, the red-headed muscular brute who fought with the sharp worms well. The other was a short boy dressed in all black. his hair was covering his eyes and he didn't seem to be making any facial expression at all. In fact, it seemed like everyone was invisible to him.

Gary had gone off the say hi to his new roommates while I went to unpack my things on one of the beds. As I was unpacking my things I heard a scream.

"Noooo way, this can't be possible, how can they allow this!?" Sylvia shouted. She was so shocked that she had dropped her bags on the floor.

"I'm sharing a room with a boy's" she carried on in a panic as her face became redder.

The whole room was now staring in Slyvia's direction.

Gary unable to read the mood went towards her with a cheery smile.

"Hi my names Gary, I look forw..." Gary's sentence was stopped short by Slyvia's bag hitting him in the face.

"Shut up, I'm not staying here"

Slyvia had quickly run off to go find someone.

A few moments later she returned, looking even more depressed than before. I guess what Lancy said was true, there was no chance for a change.

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