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Chapter 531: Saying goodbye

Chapter 531: Saying goodbye

With Martha dragging the others along, they soon had met with Jack and the other survivors that were on the border of the next kingdom. They had the difficult task of telling them all of the devastating news.

"What do we do now?" Monk asked in a panicked state.

"I would have suggested teleporting everyone back, and we could deal with it at Avrion." Lenny suggested. "However there is quite the problem. The beast crystals that we could have used have vanished along with everything from the previous kingdom."

The panic was now not just felt with those of the Redwings but the bordering kingdom of Castlyena. This was the next kingdom that Jack and the other Redwing members had stationed at.

"Then we have no choice, we have to ask for help, we have to ask what Sylvia believes is best. Yes we can go back, but that means everyone in this kingdom and the one after it will perish." Gary said. "And Ray deserves to know, he deserves to know that his mother is being used by them."


Meanwhile, a distance away the young emperor was laughing his head off as he witnessed a city fall in a matter of seconds.

"I don't know why I ever listened to that stupid God Sera." The emperor said. " 'I would regret going against the Redwings' It was because of his advice that I waited so long to attack! I guess it was a good thing that we waited after all, who would have thought that no key was needed to activate the ancient weapon left behind, all we needed was the blood of a direct family member!"

Ray's mother had decided to remain in the Empire, hoping to find a cure for the Cursed but in the middle of her search she had been captured, and when one of her old followers recognised who she was, the experiments began.

The emperor had his suspicions that it couldn't have been the only key to activate the said ancient weapon, after all what would happen if a pendant was destroyed or lost? In the end, he found out that the pendant had been made using the family's bloodline.

"Let's search on to the next kingdom, I want to get rid of the Redwings by the end of this week." The emperor said.

While Ray's mum had been strapped to top of the giant contraption, her arms and legs were spread out wide on a circle contraption and needles hung from certain parts of her body. She looked pale and weak, even some of the emperor's men thought that perhaps she wouldn't last too much longer. When one of the emperor's men had voiced his concerns, he had been killed in an instant and it was by the emperor's own hand.


Inside the throne room, Sylvia had stepped out for a second and then returned inside, she was silent and didn't say anything to Ray.

"There's trouble, isn't there? Something that they can't handle." Ray said.

Sylvia nodded her head and tears were already falling down her face.

"I knew this day would come, but I just didn't think it would come so soon. I know you have to go."

"I don't Sylvia, you were right the first time. I have a family here to raise, we can sort this out another way."

"We can't!" Sylvia said, shaking her head. Sylvia then went on through a face full of tears to explain the report she had just received, about the weapon that had been used and the fact that Ray's mother was seen on the weapon itself.

Ray touched the necklace that he kept around his neck.

"Sylvia, you are the best thing that ever happened to me. You know, I always think back to the time that I changed, when my views changed. There were two times in my life where that happened, the first was when Gary had saved me from almost being killed by a woman in my village.

"It was the first time a human had sacrificed their life for mine. The second time was when you said that I wasn't a monster."

After finishing his speech, Ray's back sprouted his large red wings and the next second his body started to vanish as he teleported to the Redwing army's side.

"Ray!" Gary said as soon as he saw him. "What are you doing here, are you okay, can you even be out here?"

"Yeah, I thought you were sick or something. We messaged Slyvia thinking she would send support but we didn't think you would come." Monk stated.

Ray looked at the close friends he had made during his life as a human. It was a short life compared to his dragon life, but it was a good one. All of these people cared for him even after learning the truth.

"Everyone, you will not have to worry about it. I will deal with it, but I want you all to promise me - in my place you will make sure that the world is a peaceful one. I want you to at least do it, for my family."

Before the others could say anything, Ray flew off into the distance, flying away until he could no longer be seen.

It didn't take long for them to see a series of explosions, destruction and more. Ray was using all of his power as the great dragon Sen and all of his abilities he had gained, the great ancient weapon didn't even have a chance to fire off, and it would never fire again.

If one was to look at the current scene, all they could now see was Ray in a field full of carnage and flames sprouting everywhere. There were destroyed pieces of the great creation spread across the field and he now held his mother in his arms.

"Ray…you saved me." She said.

Holding her, he could see how weak she was and decided to transfer some of his own energy into her, bringing her new life, but there was another reason for this.

"Mother, I haven't been completely honest with you." Ray said.

Through the transferring of energy, Ray's mother also experienced all of his memories, everything he had done to this point, and even scenes of him having killed his own father.

"I'm so sorry mother, I should have told you everything from the start."

"It's okay Ray, I always knew you were special."

At that moment, with his mothers life having been saved and possibly many others, the last quest showed up on the system as completed.

[1000/1000 task has been completed]

Ray started to walk away from his mother as something strange started to happen to his body, it was splitting into small particles and from his feet upwards they were drifting into the wind.

"What is happening to you!" Ray's mother cried out.

"I thought when I had saved a 1000 lives I would get my dragon body back, but that doesn't seem to be the case at all. It seems like my time is done here." Ray said with a shaky voice. "Mother, there is a child waiting for his grandmother at home, I hope the Talen family grow up strong and continue to do amazing things."

The last thing she saw was a smile of relief and acceptance on Ray's face before it completely vanished into the wind.

This was where the great human Ray's story had ended.


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