My Dragon System

Chapter 532: Three worlds in one

Chapter 532: Three worlds in one

It was a regular old high school, it was the only thing that could be said about the place. Kids were running through the school halls in their uniforms. Some were playing in the playground while the teachers continued to tell off some of them for being too energetic.

On top of the school roof, a single student was seen looking out behind a fence. He had red spiked hair and looked at all the students and the city out in the distance.

"You always did like high places with nice views. You're quite easy to track down. You know if someone was looking for you it would be easy to find you." A female student said walking towards the red haired one.

"Well, it's a good thing that no one is looking for me anymore. I guess it just means I'm no longer needed." The boy said with a smile. "The days of the great dragon Sen protecting the human race seem to be over."

The red haired boy in the school uniform was none other than Ray. A long time ago, when Ray had completed his 1000 tasks he was spot on with his guess as to what would happen to him. He had reverted back to his dragon self, but at that moment, after saying his goodbyes, he wondered if the world needed him anymore, he had lived a long life, but at the same time he wasn't ready to fully leave everyone behind.

Although as cruel as it might have been at the time, Ray knew what he was doing. He decided to trick his mother into making it so his body looked like it was disappearing using one of his spells, but he would continue to protect the world in his dragon form. From time to time he would also transform himself as a human to protect the others.

Many things happened that Ray got to witness. The closing of the beasts' nests. The humans had destroyed almost every single one on earth leaving none of them. The advancement of technology and the growth of the world. However, there were some sad parts as well.

The death of his friends, family and more, he saw all of them pass on with time but continued to protect the race from any upcoming threats, until today. He had requested Bliss to come fetch him as he had one last thing he wanted to do.

"You know, you could just carry on living your life as a human, you don't have to do this Ray. There are still dangers out there they might face." Bliss said. "The gods' powers have weakened over time, and even those with powers don't realise it since there has been no need for them to be used. Magic is almost non-existent, only a few families pass it on and have decided to keep it a secret."

Ray took a deep sigh, and looked at his hands, his body and the whole school behind him.

"I grew to like my human form that's all, and why do you think I asked you to take me to that place again. The humans are playing with fire, have you heard of this new thing called the Alterds? They are finding old beasts fossils and mixing them with humans to create some type of superhuman. Still, I just think that my time to look over them has ended, perhaps there are others that will take over the job for me when I'm gone, and if need be, I will guide them a little bit."

"Very well." Bliss replied. "I see you have made up your mind."

Walking away together, Ray thought he was going to miss this world, but he had thought that for a long time already.

"Hey, did you know that Jack's ancestor goes to this school. I think his name is Gary or something, he has some wild Green hair." Bliss said.

"There was a reason why I picked this school." Ray chuckled back.

The two of them walked down an alleyway between two large buildings and then, pulling out her special wand that was disguised as an umbrella, she started to draw a magic circle large enough for the two of them to fit inside.

Tapping the umbrella it started to light up, and the two of them were transported to an island landing on the beach. Ray looked around him and all he could see was a large grand piece of sea.

"This is the second time you have been here, you do know if you do it again, you will lose your life."

Ray didn't say anything, and just walked forward knowing his answer already.

Walking with Bliss, she took him to the centre of the island, and soon they found themselves in the centre, halfway to the top of a mountain. In a part that was more flat stood a giant stone tablet. Larger than when Ray was in his dragon form.

"I hope it can hold the rest of my power." Ray said, as he walked up to the tablet and was prepared to do what he needed to be done.

Ray then placed both his hands on the large tablet, and the energy from his body including all the power inside him was being transferred over. A very long time ago, when the earth was in a peaceful period, Ray had stored half of his powers in the tablet as a type of test to see what would happen. At the same time, Bliss had created a set of commands. The power that was being stored inside the tablet was all of the abilities Ray had. And from the tablet his powers would be spread to those that it suited most and when it felt like they needed them.

'This is my final gift to the world. If in the future there is a threat too great for the humans to handle, then perhaps they can put my powers to good use. This much power should never be in the hands of a single being. I hope the humans can learn to unite and fight the threat together.'

Then when all of his abilities were finished being placed in the tablet, his body started to split apart into glowing particles once more. This time, it wasn't his doing, his body really was disappearing.

"Even if the whole world forgets what you did for them Ray, I will always remember."

The End

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