My Little Sweet Wife

Chapter 3 - Scheming III

Chapter 3 - Scheming III

Huh? Honey?

Jiang Ruolan froze. Her eyes widened as if seeing a ghost. However, Xian Zihao wisely avoided everyone's gaze as he patted her back lightly, signaling her not to say anything.

Of course, she knew that she needed to stay calm in the face of this situation, but the sound of cracked joints came one by one from her small fist. She took a deep breath and felt Han Xuegang's gaze on her.

Jiang Ruolan turned and looked at him again without expression. She could not refrain from cursing in a low voice, "Bastard!"

Han Xuegang paused for a moment. Faced with many mainstream media behind him, Jiang Ruolan was so angry that she almost vomited blood. She really wanted to rip this bastard's fake mask in front of everyone to let them see his real face!

Want her to cooperate? What did he take her for? She was used by her boyfriend. If she praised him, she would definitely lose her mind!

Jiang Ruolan had been in love with Han Xuegang for four years, and after graduation, they had been separated for two years for work reasons. A month ago, she had quit her job to take up her new position at H City and had planned to get married in half a year. Still, she would never have thought that on the night of her twenty-fourth birthday, her boyfriend would do his best to make her drunk and actually send her to a stranger.

Han Xuegang was currently the vice president of Ling Group at H City, and for a variety of reasons, his biggest enemy right now was Xian Zihao. He once said that if Xian Zihao didn't fall, he would be the biggest problem for him!

Han Xuegang, you were such a coward!

Never will Jiang Ruolan thought that his way of eradicating others would turn her into his chess piece! She loved him for four years, and because of that, he made a bet and personally sent her to his enemy's bed! Nevertheless, Han Xuegang still expects Jiang Ruolan to stand by his side! Help him act out a scene that could not have been more perfect?!

'Han Xuegang, on what basis are you so certain that I will still help you at this moment when you are facing such a bloody truth?'

Jiang Ruolan holds the blanket tightly in her hand while her sharp eyes looked at him. If it weren't for Xian Zihao secretly blocking her movement, she would have slapped his face cruelly!

"President Xian, there's much news about you. A few days ago, Chairman Xian told the media that the rumors were baseless. Now that the evidence has been pointed out in front of you, I wonder if you will still deny it?"

"President Xian has only been here a few days and has long held the position of CEO of Xian Group. Over the past year, all kinds of interesting news about you have appeared, I wonder what you would say about this?"

Jiang Ruolan felt like she couldn't breathe. She lowered her head to avoid the flashing lights aimed at her, but the main character of the incident always had a graceful smile on his face.

If she explained to the media that they did nothing, they probably would never have believed it. She was actually hiding in a blanket, naked and her face was full of panic just now. All her reckless rejection will only attract more questions and comments that will only make her feel much more embarrassed! Also, the most important thing was that even she, herself, didn't know whether something really happened between them yesterday!

Xian Zihao was extraordinary calm.

'Don't tell me that he didn't know the consequences of provoking such a scandal with his current identity.'

Xian Group was not a regular company in H City.

His tidbit was definitely a heavy bomb to the outside world! No matter how open this era was, once someone intentionally magnifies this problem, his position will be greatly affected! It can be said that if today's problems spread, Xian Zihao will be immediately removed from the position of CEO of Xian Group! This was because Master Xian had stringent rules regarding this matter.

"Who is it? Who told you that I would be here?" Xian Zihao's eyes were stonecold. His lips moved in a subtle indentation as he spoke, neither fast nor slow.

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