My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Breaking off the Engagement

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After a passionate, steamy night, Xu Weilai felt the man beside her rise from the bed and enter the bathroom. She lay sprawled across the bed, exhausted and unmoving.

The sound of water flowing could be heard coming from the bathroom. Xu Weilai forced her eyes open and glanced at the clothes scattered all around the floor. The fresh memory of the night’s activities surfaced in her mind, and she instinctively clutched the blanket as her cheeks blushed crimson.

She and Gu Yu…

Since they were young, both of them had been betrothed to each other by their respective families. However, Gu Yu hadn’t harbored much interest in this betrothal. He had been indifferent to her, and she could never guess what he was thinking.

It was only after he had met with a car accident, and she had stayed by his side for three months to take care of him, that his attitude toward her had improved tremendously.

They had been together for a while, and now that they had consummated their relationship, he was going to take responsibility and marry her, wasn’t he?

She couldn’t help but quiver in excitement at that very thought, and her eyes twinkled brightly.

As she was lost in her thoughts, the door to the bathroom suddenly opened. The man walked out leisurely. Xu Weilai looked over. He had tied a towel around his hips, revealing his sexy, sculpted chest. His body was still covered in water droplets, and he looked mesmerizing.

Even though they had already been intimate, Xu Weilai still couldn’t help but lower her eyes.

Gu Yu’s handsome face carried an air of frostiness. His eyes looked dark and cold. As he strode past her, he did not spare her a single glance. He loosened his towel and put on his clothes unhurriedly.

Xu Weilai tightened her fist around the blanket. She took in a deep breath and considered her next words carefully before gently saying, “Gu Yu, we…”

Xu Weilai voiced out a few words, but she was too shy to finish the statement. However, Gu Yu didn’t seem like he was about to say anything to fill the void. She stopped for a short moment before steeling herself and continuing, “Since we’ve already done it, don’t you think…”

Gu Yu did the last button on his suit before turning around. He lifted his eyebrows and rested his eyes on her. Xu Weilai instinctively stopped talking.

His expression didn’t betray his emotions, and the look in his eyes was candid. However, Xu Weilai could feel an indescribable and imposing aura emanating from him, and it made her feel very unsettled.

Gu Yu’s eyes slowly raked through Xu Weilai’s exceptionally beautiful face. When he saw that she was beginning to panic, the corners of his lips slowly lifted, and he replied, “Done it? Done what?”

Xu Weilai froze in shock.

What was that supposed to mean? They had just consummated their relationship. Wasn’t he supposed to follow the script and marry her now?

Gu Yu saw the blank look in her eyes, and his lips twitched. As it dawned on him what she was asking, he sarcastically and crudely retorted, “You voluntarily threw yourself into my arms and gave me your virginity. And now you’re telling me that you want me to take responsibility for you?”

The sound of his voice was so pleasant to Xu Weilai’s ears. But the words that he just uttered chilled her to her bone. The blood drained from her face, and her hands trembled.

Although she had indeed initiated the first move and kissed him under the influence of alcohol, he hadn’t rejected her advances. In fact, he had taken it one step further and pinned her beneath his body… Everything had been fine. Why did he suddenly become so cold? Why was he saying such cruel things? Had she done something wrong?

Gu Yu sneered and took two steps up to her. His long and slender fingers tilted her chin up, and his eyes narrowed. He stared into her ashen face before declaring chillingly, “I will give you an answer.”

Xu Weilai waited an entire week for that answer. It came through Gu Yu’s phone call. No… actually, it came through his assistant’s phone call.

The assistant succinctly relayed Gu Yu’s intentions; he wanted to break off the engagement!

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