My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Embarrassed

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After the call was disconnected, Xu Weilai sat on the couch, dumbfounded. Her face slowly turned white.

Her father saw her expression, and asked matter-of-factly, “Weilai, was that Yu on the line? What did he say? Is there going to be a wedding soon?”

Her mother looked at her expectantly from the side, waiting for her reply.

Is there going to be a wedding soon?

That question broke Xu Weilai out of her stupor, and she jerked her head up. She met her parents’ eyes as she trembled involuntarily and bit her lip subconsciously.

After that fateful day, the news of her spending the night together with Gu Yu had been spread by an unknown source. Before she knew it, everyone in their circle had become aware of that fact.

When the news reached Mr. and Mrs. Xu, they were elated. Because of Gu Yu’s indifferent attitude towards their daughter, they had been expecting the betrothal to go up in flames sooner or later. It, therefore, came as a pleasant surprise that Gu Yu had consummated his relationship with Xu Weilai.

With this relationship consummated, Gu Yu would naturally have to marry their daughter!

Xu Weilai observed the joyful smiles on her parents’ faces. She opened her mouth, but no words came out, and she closed it again. She couldn’t bring herself to say it out loud.

She was quiet for a long time, and the look in her eyes was somber. Xu Weilai’s father finally realized that something wasn’t right. The smile disappeared from his face, and he asked in a serious tone, “Weilai, is something wrong? Just what did Yu say?”

Xu Weilai didn’t dare to meet her father’s gaze. She knew how much her parents were hoping for her and Gu Yu to get married, and for her to become the mistress of the Gu family!

She lowered her eyes and stared at her pale fingers for a good 20 seconds before forcing the words out of her throat, “Gu Yu said that he wants to break the engagement…”

Her voice was weak and feeble.

Her father was silent immediately, while her mother was stunned.

It was a long while before Mrs. Xu was finally able to find her voice. She asked in disbelief, “You’re saying that after Yu consummated his relationship with you, not only does he not want to take responsibility, he wants to break the engagement?”

Mr. Xu’s brows knitted together. However, he was, after all, a businessman, and was able to remain calm. He mumbled something to himself before asking, “Weilai, did something happen between you and Gu Yu?”

Over the past week, Xu Weilai had been replaying this question over and over in her head. However, regardless of how much she thought, she couldn’t come up with an answer. She, too, couldn’t understand why Gu Yu had suddenly turned so cold when their relationship had warmed up to the extent that he had slept with her.

Mrs. Xu saw the perplexed look on Xu Weilai’s face and couldn’t hold herself back. She said, “Why don’t you give Yu a call and have a good talk with him?”

“No!” Xu Weilai objected without a second thought. “That previous phone call was made by his assistant! It is obvious that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with me. If I were to call him now, I will just be bringing shame and insult upon myself!”

It would be just like the other night when she had summoned up her courage and asked him to take responsibility. The cold and cruel words he had said in reply to her still pierced her heart to this day.

She knew Gu Yu’s personality like the back of her hand. A man like him was lofty and overbearing. Once he had decided upon something, nobody could change his mind. Since he had decided that he wasn’t going to marry her, if she threw all her dignity away, that would only intensify his disdain for her.

“Are we just going to let him break the engagement like that? What will happen to you? Who will be willing to marry you in the future? You’ll become the shame of the family!”

What had transpired between them that night had become public knowledge. If news of their broken engagement got out, it went without saying how embarrassed Xu Weilai would be. The Xu family would be shamed, and they’d become the butt of everyone’s jokes!

Xu Weilai remained silent as she heard her mother’s words of admonishment.

After some time, her father, who had remained silent until then, turned to look at Xu Weilai and said straightforwardly, “Go overseas for a while. Come back when this matter has died down.”

Although his tone was light, it was an unquestionable command.

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