My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Don’t Discuss Interest with Me. Discuss Money!

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There wasn’t much expression on Gu Yu’s face. The look in his eyes remained steady and unaffected. As if he hadn’t heard Mr. Xu’s words at all, he curtly stated, “Uncle Xu, I’m busy. I’ll make a move first.”

With that, he opened the car door and bent his head down to get in. The car soon sped off.

Seeing how Gu Yu had given Xu Weilai the cold shoulder, Mr. and Mrs. Xu were none too pleased. But more than that, they lamented the situation.

Seated in the backseat of the car, Mr. Xu couldn’t contain his sigh. “I had thought that Yu would at least show some care to Weilai out of consideration for their past relationship and for old times’ sake. From the looks of it, that isn’t the case for him at all.”

Old times’ sake?

There had to be sweet memories in the first place in order for that term to be used!

Since Gu Yu had never had any feelings for her to being with, what past relationship was there to consider?

Xu Weilai kept silent and turned her head to look out of the car window.

Mrs. Xu concurred and gave a sigh, as well. She turned to glance at Weilai and said, “It’s fine. Mr. Zhang is good, too. Our dear Weilai has a very happy future ahead of her!”

During the three years that Xu Weilai had been overseas, she hadn’t solely been studying. She had also found a job at a magazine publishing company.

She had taken a leave of absence to return to China. But this morning, she received an email from the company asking if she was interested in conducting an interview with the immensely popular Su Ziqian.

In all honesty, Gu Yu wasn’t the only person she didn’t want to meet. She didn’t want to meet anyone who had anything to do with him, either, especially not his rumored girlfriend.


She groaned for a moment before moving her fingers to type out her reply. “Don’t discuss interest with me. Discuss money!”

In order to create incentives for their employees, the magazine company paid them bonuses in addition to the basic salary. If a reporter was able to expose an explosive piece of news or nab a very valuable interview, a corresponding bonus would be paid out.

The other party soon replied with a number.

The reward was very generous; indeed, worthy of the interview with a popular actress.

“I’ll take it!”

Xu Weilai closed her laptop and searched through the phone directory for Su Ziqian’s personal number. She dialed it.

Because Su Ziqian hadn’t accepted a single magazine interview ever since she gained popularity, Xu Weilai was expecting to have to pull out all her stops to convince her to accept this interview. Unexpectedly, when the call connected, all she had to do was reveal her identity for the interview to be granted. Even the timing was confirmed right there and then.

When the call was disconnected, Xu Weilai didn’t know how to react.

This mission had been accomplished a little too easily! Was her career beginning to take off, now that her love life was down in the doldrums?

The interview was set for the next day, in the afternoon.

Su Ziqian had filming scheduled at the television station that day and could only spare ten minutes. Xu Weilai arrived half an hour in advance, to play it safe, and waited for her interviewee in the exclusive VIP lounge.

As she sat on the couch, she flipped through the local magazines in order to get a better understanding of the local scene.

When it was close to the agreed-upon time, the door to the lounge was suddenly opened. She closed the magazine immediately and adjusted her clothing before standing up and looking over.

She had thought that it was Su Ziqian who entered. She never expected to see a handsome man standing in front of her.

Xu Weilai was stunned, and the pupils in her eyes contracted slightly.

Likewise, Gu Yu had never imagined that he would meet Xu Weilai at such a place. He froze mid-step, but his eyes darkened in the next second.

The lounge was eerily quiet at that moment, and the atmosphere grew tense.

It took a few seconds for Xu Weilai to regain her wits about her. She moved her lips, intending to explain herself, but the sense of oppression was so strong that she couldn’t bring herself to utter a word.

However, since she was invisible to Gu Yu anyway, it was likely that he’d turn and walk off. Whether or not she explained herself wouldn’t make a difference.

Much to her surprise, he stared at her intently, and began to make his way toward her, one long stride at a time!

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