My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Meeting Again

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Xu Weilai!

Everyone present knew of the history between Xu Weilai and Gu Yu. Upon hearing her name, they instinctively looked toward him. After all, no one could be certain exactly what his attitude toward her currently was.

Gu Yu acted as if he hadn’t heard a word, and the look in his eyes remained unchanged. He continued lazing on the couch, rolling the stem of the crystal wine glass between his slender fingers.

When everyone witnessed his reaction, or lack thereof, they relaxed and the atmosphere regained its liveliness.

One of the men teased aloud, “That oldie from the Zhang family? Isn’t he the same age as Xu Weilai’s father? She really isn’t picky!”

The tall man replied, “Given the Xu family’s current situation, the fact that they can even find an old man willing to marry her is a surprise. She doesn’t have the luxury of being picky!”

Xu Shuai took a sip of wine and laughed humorlessly, “To a woman like Xu Weilai, all that matters is money! She can’t be bothered about who the man is! Stop talking about her. It’s spoiling the mood!”

“You sound really bitter, Master Xu! Please don’t tell us that your heart was broken by Xu Weilai before…”

Just as that statement was made out loud, Gu Yu suddenly placed his wineglass down on the table. That small sound was enough to silence everyone at the same time.

The expression on his face remained emotionless, and no one could tell what he was feeling. He opened his mouth, and coolly declared, “I’m leaving.”

With those two words, he got up and strode out of the private room.

Xu Shuai watched Gu Yu as he left, and turned back to glare at the tall man. “You really don’t know when to shut up!” he commented coldly.

By the time Gu Yu had walked out of the restaurant, his assistant had already readied the car and was waiting for him by the roadside. He walked over, but instead of entering the car, he leaned on the vehicle and took out his box of cigarettes. He retrieved a stick, lit it, and took a puff.

As the grey smoke curled in the air, his eyes turned as dark as ink.

After the meal, Xu Weilai and her parents walked out of the restaurant. The moment they exited, they caught sight of a tall man standing by the road.

Even in the dark night, he was still as eye-catching as ever.

Xu Weilai’s hand clenched subconsciously. They met again…

Ever since that party, he was the person she least wanted to meet. She didn’t want to let him witness how low she had fallen after he had abandoned her.

She looked away indifferently as if she hadn’t seen a thing.

However, Xu Weilai’s parents had spotted him, and they headed over to Gu Yu without any hesitation. Xu Weilai frowned but had no choice but to follow behind them slowly.

Mr. Xu stepped forward and smiled ingratiatingly. “Hello, Yu. Long time no see.”

Gu Yu leveled his eyes on Mr. Xu’s face and snuffed out his cigarette. He straightened up and pasted a formal and distant smile on his face. “Uncle Xu,” he greeted dryly.

“I saw you at the party previously, but I didn’t get the chance to say hi. I didn’t expect to bump into you here.” As Mr. Xu spoke, a thought suddenly occurred to him, and he turned around to push Xu Weilai over. He said, “Oh right! Weilai is back. She’s been saying that she wants to find an opportunity to drop by and visit you.”

Xu Weilai was dumbstruck at being suddenly pushed in front of Gu Yu. When she heard her father’s words, she felt like killing herself.

She never wanted to see Gu Yu again in this lifetime, much less drop by to visit him! She was never going to subject herself to such humiliation a second time!

Gu Yu turned the focus of his dark eyes from Mr. Xu’s face to Xu Weilai’s. He lowered his eyes and looked down at her. The contempt that flashed across his eyes was visible for her to see.

Xu Weilai balled her fists up fiercely.

He was probably thinking that she was a shameless woman. He had already abandoned her once, and here she was, back to cling onto him.

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