My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: A Sweet Dream or a Nightmare

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Xu Weilai rubbed her eyes, but he was still there. She closed them and opened them again, and still, he was lying there quietly.

In the three years that she had been away, she used to dream of Gu Yu every night at the start. But every time she saw him in her dreams, he was cold and untouchable, mocking her, despising her, and making her very sad.

Later on, perhaps it was because she was unwilling to think of him any longer, but he had gradually disappeared from her dreams.

Tonight, she was dreaming of him again.

It was probably because this was a rare occasion, that she was drunk and unable to control her innermost emotions, that he had once again appeared in her dreams.

Fortunately, this time around, he wasn’t glaring coldly at her or ridiculing her, and she was free to look her fill of him.

Xu Weilai subconsciously inched closer. She kept her eyes trained on that handsome face, and her hand slowly reached out. The tip of her finger landed on his brows, and she stroked it gently.

She trailed her finger down his eyebrow, eyes, nose, and lips, down to the contours of his cheeks. Her actions were light as a feather as if he were a fragile piece of porcelain that could shatter at the slightest strength.

It was so rare that she had a sweet dream with Gu Yu in it; she didn’t want to wake up so soon.

Had she missed Gu Yu too much? Why… did this feel so real? She could almost feel the warmth under her fingertip, and the warm breath coming from the man…

She leaned her face over to his, intending to scrutinize if he was indeed real. Just when her face was inches away from his, Gu Yu’s eyes suddenly shot open.

His eyes were the color of black ink. They looked dark and heavy, and as his gaze penetrated her, Xu Weilai’s heart skipped a beat and she froze.

Time seemed to stop as they looked into each other’s eyes.

However, very quickly, the moment melted away like ice in a volcano. A perplexed expression appeared in his eyes and brought along with it an emotion that Xu Weilai couldn’t decipher.

Xu Weilai was stupefied too. She had thought that this dream was going to go down the same road as the others before, and end with Gu Yu giving her the cold shoulder. This direction of this dream didn’t seem right…

Her mind was in a blur, and she didn’t possess the capacity to evaluate the situation any further. There was no movement for a while. She was still leaning in close to Gu Yu, and her hand was still touching his face.

As their breaths slowly mingled together, Gu Yu’s eyes darkened. His breathing gradually deepened too. Without realizing it, he snaked his arm around her slender waist, and she tumbled into his embrace.

Her body was burning, and so was Gu Yu’s. The warmth dimmed her consciousness even further, to the extent that she completely forgot to resist.

Xu Weilai watched in a daze as the man’s face came closer, and in the next second, his lips were on hers.

Her eyes widened. She knew at the back of her head that she was supposed to push him off, but either because she was weak from the alcohol, or because she wanted to indulge in this dream, she slowly closed her eyes instead and reached her arms out to hug him around his neck.

Gu Yu wasn’t gentle. In fact, his actions were urgent and forceful, and he ripped off her clothes.

He sank himself into her and plundered her body with reckless abandon. Pain seared through Xu Weilai, but she was no match for the man’s strength. She could only lie still as he conquered every bit of her body.

But this was a dream! Why did it still hurt so much?

After some time, it finally stopped. She felt the weight atop her body disappear and wanted very much to open her eyes and look. But her head lolled to the side, and she fell into a deep sleep instead.

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