My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Why Are You Sleeping Together?

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When Xu Weilai woke up again, it was accompanied by a splitting headache. Her whole body was aching unbearably, and when she tried to sit up, she accidentally pulled her leg. With a cry of pain, she fell back onto the bed.

Her hand came in contact with something warm, and she turned her head instinctively. A man’s face came into view immediately.

She looked at the face in disbelief and turned her neck stiffly. Her eyes moved from his naked body to the messy bedding on the bed, and the clothes strewn all over the floor. In that instant, her body began to tremble, and her hands and feet turned cold.

Everything last night had not been a dream… It had been real…

But… she had been in the country club drinking! How did she end up here? And… how did she end up having relations with Gu Yu?

She held her head in her hands and tried hard to recall the previous day’s events. Unfortunately, all she could remember was dashing out of the private room and bumping into someone. As for who that someone was, she had no idea. She couldn’t call to mind anything whatsoever regarding what had happened after that.

Had the person she bumped into been Gu Yu? Was he the one who had brought her here?

That was impossible! If she had bumped into Gu Yu, he would have left her to fend for herself. He would never have taken her with him, much less have sex with her…

What on Earth was going on?

Xu Weilai was utterly confused, and she was unable to clear her mind. All she knew was that she couldn’t remain here. She had to leave, and she had to leave immediately!

Ignoring the pain all over her body, she clenched her jaw and crawled out of bed. Her hands trembling, she reached down to pick her clothes off the floor and hurried to put them on.

But she was so nervous, and her hands were shaking so much, that she was unable to put on her clothes properly even after some time.

There was a sudden knock on the door, and a voice followed. “Young Master, are you awake yet?”

This voice wasn’t exactly foreign to Xu Weilai. She recalled that it was the voice of the Gu family’s housekeeper, Mrs. Lin…

Her hand jerked in shock, and she quickly looked around the room. She could feel her heartbeat in her throat. She had been too nervous before and hadn’t recognized her surroundings then. This was the Gu family manor, and she was right in Gu Yu’s bedroom…

In other words, Mrs. Lin wasn’t the only one present. Grandpa Gu would be around too!

The thought had barely occurred to her when she suddenly heard the voice of Mr. Gu Sr. outside the door. “Is that rascal not awake yet? The sun is already high in the sky! Open the door! I’m going in to wake him up!”

An ominous feeling came over Xu Weilai, and she quickly got dressed. She got up and wanted to run to the closet room to hide.

She had barely taken two steps when her foot got caught in the clothing on the floor, and her body went sprawling forward. And that was how she came to land squarely on top of Gu Yu, who was lying in bed!

Possibly already awakened by the knock on the door, Gu Yu’s eyes flew open when Xu Weilai landed on him.

Xu Weilai stared at him, and he stared back at her. Xu Weilai’s eyes were filled with panic, and the initial incomprehension in Gu Yu’s eyes gave way to cold shards of ice.

At that very moment, the door burst open. Mr. Gu Sr. was leaning on his cane, and with Mrs. Lin steadying him at the side, he walked in.

“Oh, my God! You kids… you… you…” Mr. Gu Sr. looked like he was in shock, and kept repeating the same word over and over without being able to finish his sentence.

Mrs. Lin glanced at Mr. Gu Sr.’s exaggerated acting skills and muttered something under her breath. She had no choice to go along with his act and say, “Young Master, Miss Weilai, why are you… sleeping together?”

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