My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: The Two of You Should Get Married

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Why were they sleeping together? That was a question Xu Weilai wanted to be answered more than anyone else!

She didn’t dare meet the eyes of Gu Yu, who was lying beneath her. She quickly scrambled to her feet, but her limbs felt like jelly, and it took her much effort to steady herself. When she spoke, her voice was hoarse, “Grandpa… Gu…”

Her first instinct was to explain herself, but she didn’t know how to.

Gu Yu sat up in bed, his handsome face cold and hard. He turned his dark eyes to her, and fury rose from them. The vibes he emanated were appallingly chilly.

Even though Xu Weilai wasn’t looking at him, she could sense that frightening tension, and her body couldn’t help but tremble.

Mr. Gu Sr. assessed the situation and exchanged a look with Mrs. Lin before opening his mouth to extricate her. “Mrs. Lin, why don’t you take Miss Weilai out so that she can get cleaned up?”

Mrs. Lin hurried to comply and quickly walked over to lead Xu Weilai out. “Come on, Miss Weilai. Let’s go.”

When the two ladies left, Mr. Gu Sr. looked at Gu Yu. He opened his mouth, intending to interrogate his grandson, but when he saw the ice in Gu Yu’s expression, he felt his conscience pricked and could only forge ahead by saying, “You… you horrible rascal! Look at what you’ve done! Put on your clothes and meet me downstairs!”

With that, he strode out of the bedroom effortlessly.

Mrs. Lin took Xu Weilai to the guestroom and turned on the water heater for her. She laid out a fresh set of clothes for her before retreating out of the bedroom.

Xu Weilai took her bath robotically, and when she emerged from the water, she saw in the mirror the lingering marks that resulted from their frenzied intercourse. She felt her heart sink.

Although she couldn’t remember the exact details of what had transpired the night before, there was a fragment in her mind where Gu Yu and her were moving together. She had thought that it was a dream…

It seemed that, in her dream, she had approached him first. Later, when he had kissed her, not only had she not resisted, she had even responded…

At that thought, her already pale face turned even whiter.

She thought back to that fateful night three years ago. Back then, she had initiated it, too. After that, she had been criticized for overestimating her worth and had been called a shameless woman for climbing into a man’s bed to force a marriage.

What about this time?

A few days back, she had confidently told him that marrying Zhang Lei would be better than marrying him and had thanked him for his favor of not marrying her. But she had climbed into his bed yet again…

The more she thought about it, the more unsettled she became. She had never wished more that she could just disappear into thin air.

She delayed coming out for as long as she could until Mrs. Lin came to knock on the door. She had no choice but to emerge from the room, and follow Mrs. Lin down the stairs.

In the living room…

Mr. Gu Sr. and Gu Yu were seated on the couch, waiting. Mr. Gu Sr. was beaming from ear to ear, while Gu Yu sat, cold and emotionless.

Those who knew him well would have known that he was, right then, at his scariest.

Mr. Gu Sr. saw Weilai coming and waved her over. “Little Weilai, come and sit here with me.”

Xu Weilai went over obediently and sat down as he had asked. She avoided Gu Yu’s eyes at all costs and didn’t dare to look at him at all.

Mr. Gu Sr. looked Xu Weilai up and down, and when he noticed a suspicious-looking, red mark on her delicate, white neck, his smile deepened. It was indeed as he had expected!

Suddenly aware of Grandpa Gu’s eyes on her, Xu Weilai shrunk her neck into her shoulder and casually ran her hand through her hair in an effort to cover up that mark.

Gu Yu’s eyes swept across her, and his lips lifted in a cold smile.

“Ahem!” Mr. Gu Sr. cleared his throat and straightened his back. His expression turned somber, and with the authority of a patriarch, he announced, “Since the both of you had relations yesterday, the Gu family will take full responsibility. So, pick a date. The two of you should get married!”

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