My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: I Don’t Want to Marry You!

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It was all her fault. It was her fault for harboring hope. It was her fault for overestimating her worth. It was her fault for being unable to let go. She had presented him, with both hands, the chance to ridicule her again.

Xu Weilai’s face was frighteningly pale. Her fists were clenched in a death grip, and her fingernails pierced into her palms, but she didn’t feel any pain at all.

She concluded that the person she had bumped into at the country club was probably Grandpa Gu, and he had likely brought her back to the Gu residence when he had seen how drunk she was.

As to how she had ended up in Gu Yu’s room, and what exactly had transpired between Gu Yu and her in the blur, she had absolutely no idea. Given that, how on Earth could she have made use of anyone?

But from his point of view, he probably assumed that, in order to marry him, she had searched out Grandpa Gu, and deliberately arranged such a scene so that she could force him into matrimony.

She quirked her lips but didn’t utter a word in her defense.

She knew that, regardless of what she said, Gu Yu wouldn’t believe her. In his heart, she was an unrepentantly ruthless and shameless slut!

Xu Weilai took a deep breath and suppressed her impulse to cry. Then, she slowly opened her mouth and stated in no uncertain terms, “Just treat it like nothing had happened last night. I will make it clear to your grandfather that I do not want to marry you!”

I do not want to marry you!

As her words resounded in Gu Yu’s ears, he narrowed his eyes and glared at her pale face and trembling body. He pressed his lips into a thinner line, and his eyes grew even colder.

His chest rose and fell a few times before he spat his words out menacingly, “You’d better keep your word!”

There was nothing more to be said between Gu Yu and herself. She was afraid that if she remained there any longer, she’d reveal a sign of weakness. Xu Weilai turned around abruptly and rushed towards the door.

The moment she pulled the door open, she found Mr. Gu Sr. and Mrs. Lin standing there and looking at her with expressions of concern. They had clearly heard the whole exchange.

Xu Weilai felt her nose ache and was almost unable to hold back her tears. She lowered her head, unwilling to let Grandpa Gu see her face. She hurriedly said, “Grandpa, I’m sorry. I don’t want to marry Gu Yu. I’ll visit you another time. I’ll take my leave first.”

After that, without waiting for Mr. Gu Sr. to reply, she made her way past them and ran down the stairs, out of the Gu residence.

When Grandpa Gu saw Gu Yu standing, rooted to the spot, without any expression on his face, he was incensed! He stalked over and whacked his grandson on the arm with his walking stick. “You damn rascal! Aren’t you going to give chase?”

Gu Yu acted as if he hadn’t heard a word.

“Also, let me tell you this now! I was the one who orchestrated everything yesterday! It had nothing to with Little Weilai at all! You maligned her and said such unforgivable words to her! I want you to find her and apologize right now!”

Gu Yu remained unmoving, and his eyes didn’t reveal what he was thinking. No one knew if he believed his grandfather’s words or not. He looked at Mr. Gu Sr., and when he spoke, it was devoid of any warmth. “Grandpa, I don’t need you to concern yourself with my marriage. Do not do such a thing again.”

With that, he took a step and strode out.

“Stop where you are!” Mr. Gu Sr.’s eyes widened with anger. “You damn rascal! I did it all for your good! I dare you to say that you have no feelings for Little Weilai whatsoever! I did get you drunk, and I did have you put on the same bed as Little Weilai! But I didn’t force you to have sex with her! Since you didn’t restrain yourself and chose to sleep with her, you have to bear the responsibility!”

Gu Yu did not stop in his tracks. He made his way out of the residence, into the driver’s seat of his car, and sped off!

He had just driven out of the main gate when he saw that small and weak figure slowly walking along the side of the road.

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