My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Coming Just at the Right Time

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Gu Yu instinctively slowed his car down, and his eyes fell on Xu Weilai. She was a lot skinnier than she had been three years ago. It was almost as if the wind could blow her away at any time.

She didn’t seem to be feeling very well. Her gait was rocky and awkward, and her face was white. Under the sunlight, she looked shockingly pale. But still, she gritted her teeth and continued to put one foot in front of the other.

After walking for a while, she stopped and bent down to remove her stiletto shoes. She rubbed her feet for a moment, then, holding the shoes in her hand, continued on her journey.

The sun’s rays were harsh, and the surface of the ground was scorching hot. When her bare feet came into contact with the ground, it made her face scrunch up in pain.

The area she was in was a villa estate, and villas lined the road continuously. It was impossible to get a taxi here. If she continued walking at this pace, it was going to take her at least half an hour to get out.

The speed of the car gradually decreased. When Gu Yu finally recovered his senses, he had unknowingly stepped on the brakes and slowed the car to a complete stop.

He was dazed for a good second, but he regained his wits quickly and his lips lifted in a sartorial smile. He had expected that this woman, Xu Weilai, could still move his heart.

A feeling of vexation arose from his chest, and his eyes darkened. He looked away and pressed his lips into a thin line. He started his engine again, and the car sped off, mere inches past Xu Weilai.

Xu Weilai froze in her tracks and stood rooted to the spot. She watched as the black sedan slowly disappeared into the distance before looking down and continuing to walk forward.

After walking for a long time, she finally managed to get a taxi. By the time she got in, the soles of her feet had been scaled red. The angry red blisters throbbed painfully.

But this pain was nothing to her.

When she got back to the Xu residence, because her parents were still in the hospital, she didn’t have to explain her absence over the night to anyone. She made her way upstairs, lay on the bed, burrowed under the covers, and closed her eyes.

Gu Yu drove to the office.

At the meeting, although his expression was detached, as usual, everybody around him could feel an indescribable tension emanating from him. At that moment, their greatest wish was to turn invisible. They didn’t even dare to breathe, for fear of becoming his cannon fodder.

Gu Yu’s assistant had worked with him for a very long time and was able to read Gu Yu’s verbal and nonverbal clues at a glance. Naturally, he could tell that his boss was in a very bad mood, but he had no idea who and what had been the cause of it.

Could it be because of what had happened with Miss Su a few days ago?

After the meeting was over, the assistant followed Gu Yu back to his office. He waited until Gu Yu was seated at his work table before briefing him on the day’s schedule. When he was done, he hesitated for a moment before saying eventually, “Mr. Gu, Miss Su has been calling repeatedly. She would like to see you. Would you…”

Gu Yu lifted his eyelids and fixed his dark eyes on his secretary. Upon receiving that single look, the assistant felt the hairs on his back stand and quickly swallowed whatever else he had been about to say.

In the past, whenever Mr. Gu wasn’t in a good mood, the mention of Miss Su would be sufficient to lift his spirits a little. This time around, he didn’t even want to hear her name!

The assistant didn’t dare to be a smart-aleck any longer. He steadied his emotions, and stated formally, “I will take my leave.”

Once outside the office, the assistant wiped his brow. Cold sweat covered his hand.

In the many years that he had been by his boss’ side, this was the first time that he had witnessed such a scary aspect of him. Even when he had quarreled with his grandfather in the past, he hadn’t acted as he did today.

The assistant made his way back to his table and took a sip of milk tea to calm himself down. He was about to get to work when he received a call from the main reception. Young Master Xu had come to visit!

He got up to greet Xu Shuai, and after a second thought, decided to quietly warn him before he entered Gu Yu’s office. “Young Master Xu, Mr. Gu is in a bad mood today. You should be careful…”

“Oh? He’s in a bad mood?” Xu Shuai wiggled his brows and laughingly said, “If that’s the case, I came just at the right time!”

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