My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Thriving on Abuse

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The assistant thought that he had misheard. He had told Young Master Xu that Mr. Gu was in a bad mood! At that moment, anyone who got in his way would have his wrath unleashed upon him or her! Everyone was scurrying to get away, and he had said that he had come at the right time?

Was Young Master Xu actually a masochist? Did he thrive on abuse?

When he saw the assistant’s confused face, Xu Shuai patted him on the shoulder and explained himself with hesitation. “That’s because I have something in my hands that will change your boss’ mood in an instant! I guarantee you it’ll dispel his anger!”

The assistant’s eyes lit up immediately. “What is that?”

Xu Shuai didn’t answer him but gave him a mysterious smile, instead. He tugged his clothing straight before pushing the door to Gu Yu’s office open and striding in.

Upon entering the office, Xu Shuai headed straight to Gu Yu’s work desk. He pulled out a swivel chair and sat down in it with much aplomb.

Gu Yu didn’t bother to lift his eyelids. He kept his eyes on his documents, and ordered curtly, “If you have something to say, say it. If not, get out.”

Xu Shuai was long used to Gu Yu’s temper and shrugged his shoulders. However, he still possessed an ounce of fear when it came to facing Gu Yu’s icy glare. He stated his case right away. “Yu, I heard that you’re in a bad mood. I’m here… to cheer you up!”

As he spoke, he retrieved his cell phone from his pocket and tapped open a video on the screen. He placed the gadget on the table and pushed it over to Gu Yu.

“I had a good time having Xu Weilai play right into the palm of my hand yesterday. I had her drink ten bottles of strong liquor all on her own! Look at how pathetic she looks! I almost died laughing. Since women like her love money so much, I used money to get her to dance to my tune like a monkey! Look at her! Isn’t this interesting?”

Gu Yu originally couldn’t be bothered with him. But when he heard the mention of Xu Weilai’s name, his eyes darkened, and he looked down at the screen in front of him.

In the video, Xu Weilai stood frowning with a pale face as she guzzled one bottle of alcohol after another. Even as she began to stumble, and her body swayed, she ignored her urges to throw up and continued to soldier on–all the way until she had finished all ten bottles.

When the video was over, Gu Yu’s eyes turned cold. His hand clenched involuntarily as if an internal rage was brewing within him.

“You said… that this was yesterday?” he asked casually, without any warmth, not revealing his emotions.

Xu Shuai ignorantly nodded his head. “Yeah! This was last night!”

Last night…

Therefore, Xu Weilai had been drunk? Therefore, it had really been as Grandpa had said? That everything had been orchestrated by him alone, and had nothing to do with her? Therefore, she hadn’t made use of Grandpa to climb into his bed?

Had he… maligned her?

Uncontrollably, the conversation between him and Xu Weilai that morning in the bedroom appeared in his mind. She had stood there, her face white as a piece of paper, and her eyes had been filled with hurt and despair.

He had thought that she was putting on an act! That was, after all, who she was!

Xu Shuai was still busy lamenting to himself. “Unfortunately, she ran away after finishing the ten bottles. And I had no idea where she went, so I was unable to record the rest of her demeanor. I’m sure it would have been a blast!”

“Yu, do you think I should upload this video onto Weibo and let everyone witness this ugly side to Xu Weilai? That way, she won’t be able to continue staying here and will have no choice but to scram back overseas. It’ll spare us the annoyance!”

As he was speaking, he suddenly heard a loud crash. Gu Yu had smashed his phone to the ground, shattering it into many pieces!

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