My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: New Girlfriend

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So much time had passed since that matter occurred, but Xu Weilai remained the butt of her social circle’s jokes.

Fortunately, she was already somewhat numb to such words. However, throughout these three years, it would be a bald-faced lie if she said she wasn’t curious about why Gu Yu had broken the engagement after sleeping with her.

During these three years, she often looked back into the past. She couldn’t help but wonder just what the reason was as to why Gu Yu had suddenly turned so heartless toward her after a blissful night of passion.

In the period of time after his car accident, he had warmed up toward her. She had even caught a hint of indulgence in his eyes, occasionally, when he was looking at her. He had also taken her along with him during important functions and out to meet his friends, which was akin to a silent acknowledgment that she was his fiancée.

Was this statement she just heard the answer?

Had he broken his engagement with her because of Su Ziqian?

As she was deep in her thoughts, she suddenly caught a glimpse of her father looking for her with an unsmiling expression. She finished the rest of her champagne in one gulp and got up to avoid him. She headed into the restroom at the end of the corridor.

Xu Weilai turned on the tap and took her time washing her hands. The door to the restroom suddenly opened, and a beautiful figure walked in. The lady scanned her surroundings with a serious look in her eyes.

Su Ziqian glanced at Xu Weilai instinctively. For a moment, their eyes almost met. Almost.

She walked up to her side and opened her handbag to retrieve her lipstick. She looked at her reflection in the mirror as she applied it.

Xu Weilai raised her head and looked forward. She observed Su Ziqian through the mirror. She was even more beautiful in person than she was in print. Her eyes were bright and round with a mesmerizing glint, and her lips were deliciously pink and kissable.

She was tender, beautiful, and delicate.

Was this the kind of woman Gu Yu truly liked?

Xu Weilai wasn’t the only one checking the other woman out. After Su Ziqian had applied her lipstick, she took out her face powder to touch up her makeup.

Finally, she redrew her eyeliner. When she was done, she put away her cosmetics and turned to leave.

However, when she reached the exit, she turned her head to look back. She gave Xu Weilai a glance from head to toe before pushing the door open and stepping out.

Xu Weilai had already lingered in the washroom for ten minutes when her cell phone rang. It was her father. She knew if she didn’t reappear soon, he was going to be angry.

She reapplied her lipstick and stepped out.

When she found out that Mr. Zhang had left first due to an urgent matter, Xu Weilai heaved a sigh of relief. Her father reprimanded her, but when she obediently acknowledged her mistake, he didn’t exactly have much more to say.

Since Mr. Zhang had left, they didn’t have any reason to remain at the function. After all, the Xu family of today was no longer the same Xu family of old. In this circle, it was a common trait to ingratiate oneself with the lofty and trample on the fallen. The presence of Mr. Xu and his daughter went largely ignored by everyone. With no one to mingle with, they chose to leave early.

As Mr. Xu and Xu Weilai made their way to the exit, they spotted Gu Yu sitting alone in a booth. He was probably tired of making small talk, and at that moment, was sitting with his eyes closed. His assistant stood to the side, rejecting any individual who came forward to chat.

Gu Yu sat there casually, with his tie loosened. Even unkempt, he wasn’t an eyesore. His demeanor and actions were as-a-matter-of-fact. Three years had seen him mature and become even more handsome.

Xu Weilai’s father paused in his steps and looked over. He turned his head back to Xu Weilai and said, “Weilai, since you and Yu are both coincidentally here, why don’t you go over to say hi?”

Although the betrothal between the two of them had been called off and they weren’t fated to be husband and wife, it would still be beneficial to the Xu family if Xu Weilai could maintain a friendship with him!

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