My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Reunited

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A handsome man and beautiful woman together was always an eye-catching sight.

Xu Weilai glanced over instinctively, and her eyes settled on the man who stood out among the crowd. His eyes were finely shaped, like almonds, with a slight upturn. In colloquial terms, they were known as phoenix eyes. He had a high nose bridge and thin lips. He looked indifferent as if nothing could ever faze him, and he had a cold, ruthless aura about him.

Beside him was a stunningly beautiful woman. Her hand was tucked in the crook of his elbow as she leaned on him delicately. Her smile reached her eyes, and she looked endearing.

She recognized the woman. It was none other than the insanely popular Su Ziqian, whose face was plastered all over the streets and on the billboards.

As for the man…

Xu Weilai knew that her return meant it would only be a matter of time before she met Gu Yu again. However, she never expected it to be this soon and this sudden. Strangely, an indescribable emotion rippled through her heart.

She couldn’t tell if it was nervousness or anticipation.

Gu Yu and Su Ziqian were surrounded by a crowd as they made their way in, and they were heading in her direction.

Gu Yu seemed to sense her gaze on him, and he looked over. His eyes met with Xu Weilai’s, and, as both of them gazed at each other, Xu Weilai’s heart skipped a beat.

However, the very next moment, Gu Yu acted as if he hadn’t seen a thing. He moved his gaze away and walked right past her.

Xu Weilai lowered her eyes to hide the self-mockery that surfaced within her.

She had naively imagined the scene of her reunion with Gu Yu. She had imagined all sorts of possibilities, but it had never crossed her mind that it would be this horrible. He hadn’t even blinked when he saw her. It was almost as if she were invisible.

“Weilai, Mr. Zhang is talking to you.”

Mr. Xu’s words broke Xu Weilai out of her reverie. She quietly took a deep breath to regain her composure and pasted a smile on her face. She tilted her head over and asked gently, “Yes?”

Mr. Zhang was extremely fond of her submissive demeanor, and he smiled so hard that his eyes were almost closed.

Mr. Xu observed how the situation was unfolding and nodded his head approvingly at his daughter. Following that, he made up an excuse to leave, but not before shooting Xu Weilai a look, as a warning and reminder not to let this opportunity slip.

The moment he left, Xu Weilai unobtrusively retrieved her hand from Mr. Zhang’s grasp and said with a smile, “Mr. Zhang, it’s too noisy here. Why don’t we head outside to the courtyard and find a seat?”

Her suggestion was exactly in line with Mr. Zhang’s desire. He nodded eagerly. “Let’s go right now.”

However, Xu Weilai stopped him. “Mr. Zhang, I need to use the washroom. Could you head over there first and wait for me?”

“Yes, of course! Definitely! Come over quickly! I’ll be waiting for you!”

After getting rid of Mr. Zhang, Xu Weilai rubbed her exhausted brows. She glanced at the crowd in front of her and picked up a champagne flute from a passing waiter. She found herself an inconspicuous corner and sat down.

A few socialites took their seats in the booth beside her and chatted as they drank their champagne.

“The Prince’s plus one today is Su Ziqian. I wonder how on earth Su Ziqian managed to get so lucky! To think she managed to catch the Prince’s eye. I’m so envious and jealous!”

“Exactly! She’s been favored for three years! It’s not something a normal woman can achieve. From what I can see, Su Ziqian doesn’t seem all that special. I seriously wonder how she managed to bewitch the Prince! I heard that, back then, it was because of her that the Prince called off his engagement!”

“Back then, the eldest daughter of the Xu family went as far as to climb into his bed, and she still wasn’t able to get the Prince to marry her. In the end, she was chased out of the country with her tail between her legs, and the Prince became a couple with Su Ziqian immediately after that. Until today, both of them are still joined at the hip. My guess is that Su Ziqian is going to end up being the mistress of the Gu household.”

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