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Chapter 25 - Fifty Square Feet of Osmium Soil, Void Falcons

Chapter 25 - Fifty Square Feet of Osmium Soil, Void Falcons

"Who are you people?"

Ling Jiu looked at the unbelievably beautiful woman, or... girl, with a look of confusion on his face, while secretly he was on guard.

The wilderness was very dangerous, and while he needed to be aware of the Direbeasts, he must pay even more attention to humans as humans are far more terrifying and cruel than any Direbeast.

"You have Gravity Arcana?"

The young girl looked at Ling Jiu and asked softly. Although it was a question, her tone was undoubtedly certain.


Ling Jiu did not deny, he believed that the other party must have already noticed the battle between him and the Titan Kabutomushi, and must have already seen him use the Gravity Arcana.

Besides, there was nothing to hide.

"Hello, my name is Ai Yuhe, and I would like to ask you for a favor!" The girl spoke elegantly and generously. "After everything is done, your efforts will be greatly compensated!"

"How can I help you?"

Ling Jiu knew that this middle-aged man might be even stronger than Luo Jia, and for such a person to need his help? Ling Jiu could not help but be suspicious.

"It's like this. We want to catch the Void Falcons, but they are just too fast, and could travel through the void, so we always miss them by just a tad each time!"

Ai Yuhe put it bluntly. "You have Gravity Arcana with you, so you should be able to help us! Don't worry, as long as you are willing to help, I will give you a high-level weapon. After this is done, there will be other rewards!"

"A high-level cold weapon? For real?"

Ling Jiu was taken aback. A high-level cold weapon was good stuff that was worth in the hundreds of millions, how could he just get it with a small help? Surely, she was not hoodwinking him, right?

Seemingly seeing through Ling Jiu's doubts, Ai Yuhe flipped her petite hand, and an additional Dimensional Bag appeared on it, she then poured the contents inside the bag out.


A pile of bright silver "fine sand" poured out and filled the ground in a blink of an eye.

"This is..."

Ling Jiu's pupils shrank.

"Fifty square feet of Osmium soil!"

Ai Yuhe lightly opened her lips.

"Osmium soil? Fifty square feet?"

Ling Jiu was shocked. How could he not know about osmium soil? This was one of the high-level earth-type cold weapons that he had wanted.

The osmium soil was twenty times heavier than ordinary sand, and its power naturally need not be stated. With this much osmium soil, his combat power would naturally increase by leaps and bounds.

The problem was, this thing was too expensive. One square foot of osmium soil was worth 10 million, and 10 square feet, 100 million. How could he afford it?

However, before him was a whole 50 square feet of osmium soil, for a total of 500 million!

"Miss, your gift is too expensive, I cannot take it, please take it back."

While Ling Jiu had greedy eyes, his mind was clear. The Void Falcon was a Class 3 Direbeast, and for him to get such a rich reward by helping to capture a Class 3 Direbeast? Why does it feel unreal?


Ai Yuhe pursed her lips and laughed. "You might not know, but the Void Falcon is very important to me. Their value to me is not comparable to this osmium soil! Besides! We are not just capturing one, if possible, the more the better!


"Boy, what's there to decline for just that bit of osmium soil? Just take it as requested, don't dilly-dally like a damn nancy!"

The middle-aged man spoke as he looked at Ling Jiu coldly. "If you feel unworthy of it, then just work harder later, this little money is nothing to us!"

"All right!"

Ling Jiu smiled bitterly and reluctantly accepted the osmium soil, yet he was overjoyed deep down. "Fifty square feet of osmium soil, this is just too expensive! I just hope they don't work me to death later!"

Ling Jiu actually had no other choice. The other party was far stronger than him, what else could he do but to agree?

It was better for him to know his place!

"Can you follow us to catch the Void Falcon now?" Ai Yuhe asked expectantly.

"Yes, yes! Anytime!"

Ling Jiu patted his c.h.e.s.t several times, and with that, a piercing pain rang out from his c.h.e.s.t. Only then did Ling Jiu remembered he had a c.h.e.s.t wound.

"You are hurt?"

Ai Yuhe frowned slightly and immediately took out a bottle of liquid medicine. "This is a Recovery Potion. Drink it, it should work on you!"

"No need, I'm fine..."

"Boy, just drink it. What's with the nonsense. Once you're healed, hurry up and follow us to capture the Void Falcons. Our time is precious!"


Ling Jiu still drank the Recovery Potion in the end. What surprised him was that, as the fluid entered his body, the wounds on his c.h.e.s.t was healing at the speed visible to the n.a.k.e.d eye. Ten minutes later, his wounds were fully healed, and he was restored to peak condition.

"Is this the legendary Recovery Potion? It's amazing!"

Ling Jiu was secretly speechless. "Who is this Ai Yuhe, and why does everything she pulls out a rare treasure?"

"Boy, let's go!"

Just as Ling Jiu was being puzzled, he suddenly felt someone grabbing his shoulder, and the next moment, his feet left the ground and flew into the air.



An elite!

Even though he had guessed that the middle-aged man was a terrifying elite, it was only at this moment that Ling Jiu realized how strong the latter was!

The man carried both him and Ai Yuhe and flew in the air for so long, yet he felt no fatigue. But instead, he was fast as lightning, and less than half an hour later, he had arrived in the skies above Taibai Mountain.

That's terrifying! One need to know Taibai Mountain was a whole 70 kilometers away from Fengming County!

"He's at least a Level 5 Arcanist! Holy shit! What sort of powerhouse did I run into?"

Just as Ling Jiu was stunned, the middle-aged man's voice rang in his ears. "We've arrived at the top of Taibai Mountain!"

The three of them landed on the top of the mountain. A cold wind blew, and Ling Jiu could not help but shudder.

It was just too cold!

The middle-aged man then told him. "See those dead Direbeasts there? That's the bait we have set in advance. If nothing goes wrong, the Void Falcons will be attracted over!"

Ling Jiu looked over and saw the carcasses of several avian-type Direbeasts.

"What you have to do is hide under the bait and wait for the moment the Void Falcons come down to feed, and use your Gravity Arcana to trap them. You can leave the rest to me!" The middle-aged man continued.


Given he had already taken their stuff, Ling Jiu naturally had no objections. He quickly hid under the bait, and quietly waited for the Void Falcons to come.

"Miss, there should be nothing wrong now!"

The middle-aged man let out a smile. "While this boy can only control up to Quadruple Gravity at most, it is enough to hold the Void Falcons for a second or two!"

"Uncle Lan, it's all set!"

Ai Yue let out an expectant look.

"Miss, let's hide first!" The middle-aged man said. "It's a waiting game from now on!"

Ai Yuhe nodded slightly, and then with a wave of her hand, both she and the middle-aged man gradually disappeared, as if they were never there before.

Time soon passed by, and a quarter of an hour had passed. Just as Ling Jiu was gradually getting impatient, the crisp shriek of birds rang out.


He then saw several blue-black-bodied avian Direbeasts with two-meter wingspans, and dark stripes covering their wings flying over from the distance.

"It's the Void Falcons!"

Ling Jiu, who was hiding in the ground, breathed a sigh of relief. "Bloody hell, took you lot long enough. Any sooner and I'd be a damned popsicle!"

The few Void Falcons did not immediately rush down to feed, but instead circled around the carcasses for a while, before flying down after making sure that there was no danger.

"Boy, now!"


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