My Special Ability Is Perfect Replication

Chapter 26 - The Feast of Taotie, Five-colored Wyrm Python

Chapter 26 - The Feast of Taotie, Five-colored Wyrm Python


A Quadruple Gravity force suddenly erupted and covered a radius of 10 meters. Under the effect of the Quadruple Gravity, even the air became thicker, and the original light and agile Void Falcons all suffocated slightly, and their speed suddenly slowed down. The gravity... was all-encompassing.

Vooosh! Vooosh!!

A ripping sound tore through the air!

Several flying knives ripped through the air and slammed straight into the bodies of the Vold Falcon. The swarm of Void Falcons all screamed a few times, before all falling onto the mountain top, and after tossing about for a few times, they went still.

"It worked!"

Ling Jiu got out of the ground and saw Ai Yuhe and the middle-aged man, Uncle Lan reappearing, as he walked towards the Void Falcons with a joyful look.

Uncle Lan manipulated his blade, and skillfully dissected the bodies of the Void Falcons, and soon dug out a few white bubbles that looked like fish bladders.

"Miss, it worked!"

The middle-aged man smiled.

"Yes, we finally succeeded!"

"Miss, are you hunting Void Falcons for this?" Ling Jiu looked surprised. "What is that stuff?"

"Don't ask questions you shouldn't ask!"

The middle-aged man glared at Ling Jiu.

Ling Jiu smiled and listened to Ai Yuhe's explanation. "This is the Void Bladder, an important organ of the Void Falcon, and it's the most valuable of it as well! Don't just think that a Void Falcon is just a mere Class 3 Direbeast, but it's extremely fast and can zip through the void. It is very difficult to catch!"

"So, the price of a Void Falcon had been speculated all the way to 150 million each, and it's a market where demand outstrips supply. If it weren't for you, we would not have been able to hunt so many Void Falcons, so it is really all thanks to you!"

"150 million per head? That expensive?!"

Ling Jiu was speechless. So the six Void Falcons they had caught earlier was worth 900 million? No wonder they were so generous, because they were clearly making much, much more.


Ai Yuhe turned her palm and took out a Dimensional Bag. "This is yours, a reward!"

"Oh, how could I?"

While Ling Jiu said that, his hand was not slow as he took the Dimensional Bag into his hand, and laughed. "Are you going to continue to hunt the Void Falcons?"

"No, six Void Bladders are more than enough!"

Ai Yuhe smiled sweetly. "It's time to go back now. Brother, where you want to go? We can give you a ride!"

"Then, send me back to Fengming County! I need to continue practicing!" Ling Jiu said after some thought.


Half an hour later, the three returned to Fengming County.

"Brother, if you ever go to Chang'an Base City, come and look for me?"

Ai Yuhe took a business card and handed it to Ling Jiu, and then left with the middle-aged man.

Looking at their backs, Ling Jiu could not help but mutter. "What a nice girl. Good figure, pretty face, and good temper. Who knows what sort of bastard will hook such a big fish in the future?"

The space inside the Dimensional Bag was extremely large, ten times the size of the Intermediate-level Dimensional Bag. That is to say, this was a high-level Dimensional Bag with 10,000 cubic meters of space.

"A high-level Dimensional Bag is worth more than 100 million, this girl sure is generous! However, it's nothing compared to the six Void Falcons I've just hunted for her!"

"There're Direbeast carcasses inside?"

Ling Jiu noticed there were more than a dozen dead Direbeasts inside the bag, and each of the dead beasts exuded a terrifying aura. After just a glance, Ling Jiu felt his heartbeat beating fast. One could imagine, these were no ordinary Direbeast carcasses.

"They are at least Class 4 Direbeasts!"

Ling Jiu was speechless, a Class 4 Direbeast was worth several million, and a dozen of them was worth tens or even hundreds of millions. This gift was really massive.

"I never thought that I'd get these much this trip!" Ling Jiu sighed at his good luck.

Osmium soil worth 500 million!

A high-level Dimensional Bag worth over 100 million!

A proper windfall!

"Even so, it's still not comparable to the six Vold Falcons. They've earned big time!"

The sun was setting to the west, and night gradually enveloped the earth. Ling Jiu found a bas.e.m.e.nt and then blocked the door using the osmium soil. After confirming everything was alright, he started to have his dinner.

Dinner was just a simple meal of compressed biscuits, ham, milk, etc. Ling Jiu was not particular about his food as long as he could fill his stomach.

After dinner, Ling Jiu began to practice the Secret Gene Arcana Techniques, and this time the Secret Gene Arcana Technique is not the Bahamut Absorption Technique, rather, it was the intermediate-level Gene Arcana secret technique, the Feast of Taotie.

The Feast of Taotie deserved to be an Intermediate-level Gene Arcana secret technique, the efficiency of the Gene Arcana absorption was many times more efficient than the Bahamut Absorption Technique. With Ling Jiu using the Feast of Taotie, all of the Gene Arcana within a radius of 100 meters were drawn over and poured into Ling Jiu's body.

If using the Bahamut Absorption Technique was like using a straw to drink water, then using the Feast of Taotie was absorbing Gene Arcana using a straw ten times the size directly into the stomach.

The efficiency between the two was completely incomparable, with a huge gap of ten times. A large number of Gene Arcana were being absorbed into his body at every moment.

"At this rate, it won't take long for the Gene Arcana in my body to reach the level of a Level-Three Arcanist. Can't wait for it!"

Killing Direbeasts in the morning.

Absorbing Gene Arcana at night.

And without him noticing, a week had passed.

"After a week of slaughter, I've killed almost all of the Class 1 and Class 2 Direbeasts in Fengming County, now there are only the two Class 3 Direbeasts left!"

After a week's worth of experience, Ling Jiu had shed some of his immaturity and was a little fiercer, and a murderous aura leaked from his body as his gaze became even sharper.

"Now I should be considered a top Level 2 Arcanist, plus the 50 square feet worth of osmium soil, I should be able to fight with those two Class 3 Direbeasts!"

As he thought of this, Ling Jiu immediately rushed over to the location where one of the Class 3 Direbeasts was, and soon came to a crystal-clear lake.

This was Fengming Lake, one of the most beautiful scenic spots in Fengming County. Unfortunately, after the Direbeast incursion, this place eventually became the habitat of aquatic Direbeasts, and one of them, called the Five-colored Wyrm Python, was the overlord of the Fengming Lake!

"The territorial sense of Direbeasts is extremely strong. especially and overlord-level Direbeasts like the Five-colored Wyrm Python. It will never allow others to wreak havoc in its territory!"

Ling Jiu's eyes flashed and started to cause havoc at Fengming Lake. With his power as a Level-Two Arcanist, everything within a 10-meter radius was within his control. It was easy for him to stir the mud at the bottom of the lake and make some waves.


The commotion by the shore had finally attracted the attention of the overlord in the lake as a massive snake head came jutting out from the waters, and its cold eyes stared at Ling Jiu.

The Five-colored Wyrm Python... had appeared!

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