My Special Ability Is Perfect Replication

Chapter 27 - Mountain Pool, Giant Snapping Turtle.

Chapter 27 - Mountain Pool, Giant Snapping Turtle.

Its head alone was the size of a bull, and its five-colored scales, black, red, purple, brown, and green, gleamed with dazzling colors under the sunlight.

It held its head high, as a pair of cold eyes stared at Ling Jiu, with bloodl.u.s.t and fury in its eyes. It was the overlord of this area, and anyone daring to make a ruckus here was a direct challenge to it.

The Five-colored Wyrm Python twitched its tail and drew a long wave over the lake.

The part where its body was outside the water was already five meters long, and its stout waist was as thick as a barrel. Its muscles were bulging under the scales, allowing no one to doubt its terrifying strength.

"A Class 3Direbeast: The Five-colored Wyrm Python!"

Ling Jiu backed away step by step. Water was its domain, and only by luring it onto shore would he deny the Five-colored Wyrm Python its full combat potential.

Unfortunately, Ling Jiu underestimated the Five-colored Wyrm Python's intelligence, and after it swam to the shore, it did not come ashore. Instead,, it stopped.

"It dare not come ashore?"

Ling Jiu lamented, but he then immediately launched an attack. A terrifying gravitational force swept down and instantly slammed into the Five-colored Wyrm Python's body.

At the same time, a large amount of osmium soil flew out from the Dimensional Bag and formed into the giant silver hand that grabbed the Five-colored Wyrm Python.

The waters on the shore were not deep, coupled with the gravitational suppression, the Five-colored Wyrm Python's movement became extremely slow, and was straightaway caught by the giant hand of earth.


Ling Jiu yelled as he tightened his grip. The giant silver hand then clamped onto the python's head, neck, and other parts like a vice.

Immediately afterward, sharp thorns shot out from the palm of the giant hand and stabbed viciously into the head and neck of the Five-colored Wyrm Python.



Scarlet blood flowed from the giant osmium hand as the Five-colored Wyrm Python suddenly struggled violently, its waist and tail sweeping around in desperation.


A willow was swept in half, and the python tail came sweeping toward Ling Jiu. Seeing that, he immediately sank and hid into the ground.

At this time, there was no need for him to face the Five-colored Wyrm Python's attack head-on. Its head and neck had already been stabbed in thousands of places, and it was only a matter of time before it dies, so he only needed to wait.

"Are you really going to thrash about like that even when you're dying?"

Ling Jiu snorted coldly and attacked the python's head and neck at an even more frenzied pace. The osmium soil was extremely heavy, weighing 20 times more than ordinary sand, and as powerful as the Five-colored Wyrm Python was, it could not break free from the vice.

With severe pain biting at it, the Five-colored Wyrm Python thrashed its tail desperately. Sending lake water splashing all over, mud flying and all of the plants by the shore were ripped apart...

Yet, all of its struggles were futile. The Five-colored Wyrm Python's thrashing grew weaker and weaker, and its movement too became less and less, and finally, it went still.

Ling Jiu reappeared on the ground, and with a wave of his hand, kept all of the osmium soil away, revealing the almost-pulped head and neck of the python. It could not be more dead now.

"That took a lot of effort just to end you?"

Ling Jiu felt good, and dragged the Five-colored Wyrm Python out from the lake, and put it into his Dimensional Bag. After all, it was a Class 3 Direbeast, he could not bear to throw it away.

So, he had to take it back whole!

"Now all that's left is that Class 3 Direbeasts in the northeast. I can go back once I'm done killing it!"

Ling Jiu took out his Direbeast Radar, and a striking red dot appeared to his northeast. A red dot represents a Class 3 Direbeasts.


Ling Jiu's target this time, the Giant Snapping Turtle was located in Beishan. Snapping turtles usually lived in water, but not this one.

Not only it stayed in Beishan all year round, but it never came into close contact with water, as if it had completely evolved into a landlubber.

Ling Jiu was extremely wary of this Giant Snapping Turtle's abnormal behavior and got secretly even more vigilant.

Any abnormality meant that something was up, and there must be a reason for the Giant Snapping Turtle to stay in the arid Beishan all year long.

"Almost there!"

Under the guidance of the Direbeast Radar, Ling Jiu climbed all the way up to the half-mountain. Suddenly, cool air blew over and made him felt good.

"So cooling?"

Ling Jiu was surprised, only to find there was a small col between the mountains, and hidden inside the col was a pool. Clear spring water flowed from the mountain peak into the pool.

"There's a pool in the half-mountain?"

"What's going on with this pool, it's so cold!"

Just when Ling Jiu was doubtful, an alluring fragrance suddenly came out from the pool and woke Ling Jiu up.

"The hell?"

Ling Jiu turned to the pool and saw the pool water roiling violently. The next moment, a giant turtle shell covered with spikes appeared from the pool, and following that was a menacing-looking head riddled with abscesses.

"The Giant Snapping Turtle!"

Ling Jiu's heart shrank as he took a few steps back.

Its head was large, and the spike-riddled shell on its back was no smaller than a van, with its sharp thorns and abscesses, this Giant Snapping Turtle was full of visual impact.

What makes a monster?

This was a bloody monster true and true!

"How do you even kill a snapping turtle this big, with that big-ass shell?"

Ling Jiu felt a sudden headache. There were two traits that made the Giant Snapping Turtle terrifying, its formidable defense, and horrifying bite force.

The turtle shell's defensive capabilities allowed it to ignore most physical attacks, and its powerful snapping bite made it easy for it to tear an ordinary Class 1 or Class 2 Direbeast into two.

"It'll be tricky to deal with it, but it's not like there's no way. It's very slow!" Ling Jiu's eyes twinkled, and he had a plan in mind.

After staring at Ling Jiu for a while, and seeing Ling Jiu did not continue to close in on the pool, the Giant Snapping Turtle dove back into the pool and had no intentions of leaving it.

It staying put was just what Ling Jiu wanted. He found a suitable spot not too far from the pool and started to dig a hole.

Soon after, a giant pit 20 meters wide and 10 meters deep was formed. Ling Jiu then covered the pit with a layer of topsoil. As long as the Giant Snapping Turtle falls into this pit, it was basically a foot in on death's door.

Ling Jiu returned to the edge of the pool, and with a wave of his hand, one stone after another was tossed into the pool, kicking up waves.

This was a provocation!

A bare-faced provocation!

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