My Special Ability Is Perfect Replication

Chapter 28 - Killing the Giant Snapping Turtle, Ice-type Arcana

Chapter 28 - Killing the Giant Snapping Turtle, Ice-type Arcana

The Snapping Turtle is a temperamental, ferocious Direbeast, and normal snapping turtle would attack after being provoked, much less an evolved form of the snapping turtle?

Not only did they grow larger, but their violent and cruel temperament was also infinitely amplified. After being provoked by Ling Jiu, the Giant Snapping Turtle crawled out of its resting pool without any hesitation.

It wanted to bite and gnaw on Ling Jiu's head to vent its fury!

"Good timing!"

Ling Jiu was secretly excited as he slowly retreated back to the trap. His speed was not fast, and he always kept a two- to three-step distance away from the Giant Snapping Turtle. This way, he could avoid the danger of getting attacked by the Giant Snapping Turtle, but also ensure that it kept on pursuing him.

A perfect distance!

Finally, he came before the trap.

Ling Jiu stepped on the soil, and walked over it without incident, yet, when the Giant Snapping Turtle came over, the entire soil layer caved it, and with a crash, the turtle fell into the pit.

"Haha, it worked!"

Ling Jiu rushed to the edge of the pit. Looking at the Giant Snapping Turtle trapped at the bottom of the pit, he could not hide the excitement in his eyes.

After that, he quickly manipulated the osmium soil and condensed it into an extremely sharp giant rock cone.


With a growl, the rock cone ripped through the air, and fell from the size, smashing hard against the turtle.


The Giant Snapping Turtle noticed the rock cone above its head and suddenly became restless. It slammed against the wall of the pit in a frenzy as it tried to escape.

The pit shook violently at the impact, and much soil collapsed into the pit, yet the pit could not be completely cave in.

This was normal. The Giant Snapping Turtle's strength was its defense and biting force. Its strength and speed were average, and it would be strange if it could collapse the pit.


The giant rock cone slammed onto its shell with great precision. A loud bang followed, and the giant rock cone shattered into pieces, and aside from a white mark on the Giant Snapping Turtle's shell...

It was completely undamaged!

"Bloody hell, this shit is damn tough!" Ling Jiu could not help but gasp. "But, even if I cannot pierce your shell, I don't believe I can't smash it apart!"

The osmium soil flew into the air again, and this time condensed into a giant stone bullet.



After few consecutive shots, the turtle shell still managed to successfully defend against the osmium rock bullets, showcasing how hard the shell was.

However, the strikes were not without effect, the counter-shock produced by each impact still caused irreparable damage to the Giant Snapping Turtle.

Blood seeped out from the Giant Snapping Turtle's mouth, and even from its ears, nostrils, and eyes, it was obvious... that it was wounded!

And the injury was not light!

"Its shell may be sturdy, but its organs may not be so!" Ling Jiu increased the force of impact.





Ling Jiu heaved a long sigh of relief, before slumping onto the ground as he gasped for breath.

Using his Arcana as he did earlier not only consumed his Gene Arcana, but also his physical and mental strength. Now, he did not want to move at all.

After resting for half an hour, and his stamina almost fully restored, Ling Jiu collected the corpse of the Giant Snapping Turtle and went to the icy pool.

"It's impossible for a natural pool to be this cold. There must be something at the bottom!"

At this moment, another refreshing fragrance came from the pool water. Ling Jiu's spirits were immediately lifted, and his fatigue seemed to be somewhat alleviated.

"There must be something in the pool!"

Ling Jiu waved his hand, and a hole was ripped at the edge of the pool. As the pool water rushed out, the water level dropped rapidly.

Earth-element Arcanists were experts in digging through mountains and rocks. For Ling Jiu, breaching the pool to let the water out was but a simple matter.

Half an hour later, the pool bottomed out, and a grass gleaming in cold light, as if it was made out of ice crystals, came into view.

A refreshing fragrance emanated from the grass, and Ling Jiu felt unspeakably refreshed as if all of the exhaustion on his body were swept away.

"It's a rare treasure! It must be one of the treasures recorded in the company mall!"

Ling Jiu did not know what this treasure was, but the microcomputer he brought along had the ability to identify plants, Direbeasts, and treasures. With just a simple shot, the microcomputer would be able to identify the object within three seconds.

Sure enough, the microcomputer quickly identified this ice sculpture-like treasure and then displayed the relevant information.

"Icehollow Weed, a Trioecious plant of the Amaranthaceae species, with a height of 10 to 30cm. The entire plant is made out of ice, and its stem lay prone and rises up. The stem is partially branched, with purple-green or red hues with smooth, alternate leaves. The leaves are ovate or diamond-ovate-shaped..."

"Medicinal value: Intermediate-level treasure, could be made into medicine or consumed directly... with an 80% chance of allowing someone to awaken Ice-element Arcana!"

"Allow someone to awaken the Ice-element Arcana?"

Ling Jiu could not help but take a deep breath, and quickly read through it.

For an ordinary person without any Arcana talent, the value of the Icehollow Weed was beyond doubt. With just a single Icehollow Weed, they can awaken Ice-element Arcana, and become an Arcanist overnight."

For an Arcanist, it was even more valuable, as who wouldn't want an additional Arcana?

Because having an additional Arcana not only meant a great increase in combat power, but also having one more trump card. Moreover, one's future potential would be greatly increased as well.

Therefore, a treasure like the Icehollow Weed that could allow someone to have another Arcana would absolutely have great value, and the price given by the microcomputer did not undersell the true value of the Icehollow Weed, 5 billion per unit!

"Five billion!!"

Ling Jiu's eyes reddened. "I've struck gold! That's 5 billion!!"

Ling Jiu hurriedly checked the precautions for picking the Icehollow Weed and found that as long as it was placed in a box similar to that of storing jade, or inside the Dimensional Bag is sufficient to protect the medicinal power of the Icehollow Weed to the largest extent...

To be safe, Ling Jiu not only dug out the Icehollow Weed, but also a large patch of soil beneath it, and stored them alongside the Icehollow Weed inside the Dimensional Bag.


Ling Jiu patted his hand. "I'm now carrying stuff worth billions on me, and I've killed all of the Direbeasts in Fengming County. It's probably about a week now since I've left, time to go back!"

That night, Ling Jiu had dinner and a good rest. The next morning, he set off on the journey back to Lantian Base City.

Two days later, he safely returned to Lantian Base City.

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