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Chapter 1248: Shenzhen Convention Incident -Part 8

Chapter 1248: Shenzhen Convention Incident -Part 8

"Who the fuck are these people?!" Owl screamed as she took a leap backwards to evade the attacks. With her cultivation, she was able to fly backwards with her chi and to a safe spot. "Buzz, are you sure you are doing your job properly?!" She shouted angrily via telepathy which annoyed the dungeon supplier, putting him in great distress.

"I am doing all I can but it seems like the nullification of chi does not seem to be working! Besides, the reconstruction of the temple is more important. Just distract them as much as possible and away from it! Especially from that lightning horse kid!" Buzz said as he was tapping on his laptop as fast as possible to make sure that the base of the pyramidal temple was ready to receive the relic. After all, this was his dimensional instance and in it, he was the 'god'.

For these cultivators to rebel against his own world was sacrilege but he could not do anything else other than to make sure his world continued to stay intact.

"Eagle is already doing all he can to keep that stupid electro boy busy. I am more concerned for the last cultivator who had yet to show her powers." Falcon, the brother of Owl, had said as he stepped in immediately after Owl had retreated in order to not let the current cultivator they were fighting against to have a breather.

"Given your cultivation, shouldn't you have an easier time dealing with a snake cultivator?" Buzz dissed them for not doing their job but they cannot deny the fact that Su Zhen was giving them more trouble than they would credit her for. Her Great White Snake Demon Cultivation was of tremendous help against these two trapped bird cultivators in this exhibition hall. While it might be spacious with only the pyramidal temple at the centre, the fact that the Owl and Falcon were not in an open space environment proved to be a handicap from Su Zhen's Great White Snake powers, especially when she could feel the entire hall with her snake summons.

"Heh, in an enclosed area, the Great White Snake can tear those wings down if you are not careful enough. You might be predators against the helpless reptiles but now the tables have turned," Lian said as she continued to defeat the other lackeys that were involved in the construction of the temple. It might be regenerating on its own with the dungeon supplier doing its best to reconstruct but without the other Banned Emperor's terrorists to supply chi, the rebuilding efforts had been severely impeded.

Lein had also told Lian not to interfere with their fights and as much as he did not like it, to keep her as the trump card against any other terrorists they might encounter. In the meantime, he was equally annoyed with his enemy as the Eagle Cultivator's movements were sharp and precise. The use of a pair of short spears to attack him at every turn possible was as irritating as Lein countering with his electric attacks. 

On the other hand, Lein not only blocks but purposely shoots out a series of lightning chi blasts which damage the temple if the Eagle had not moved away. Eagle could have not evaded and taken the hits, but he would suffer tremendously from the attacks. After all, his cultivation was definitely not a good combination against the lightning cultivator.


"Sis, it is possible that I saw a weakness in her defence. Her snake summons a second delay when it strikes to protect its user, at that moment, I would dive in to attack her." The Falcon sent a telepathy message to his sibling. The Owl, after recuperating for a few seconds, had decided to give another shot too. 

"On my mark, attack with all you got as well! Advanced Owl Technique. Orge's Owl Catch of the Day!" The Owl shouted as she circled around Su Zhen before diving down for a strong impact. Her hands and legs had been equipped with talons similar to an owl's as she was expecting to dive in and shred all the snakes that were in her way.

"Oh…nice. They caught my drift. I thought it would take something more apaprent to catch them in my trap." Su Zhen smirked as she poured even more chi into her snake summons who had been circling around her for ages as a defensive mechanism.

The snakes that were protecting her ever since she had transformed with the dual inscription charms immediately looked towards the owl and rushed towards them. If Jin could have seen the scene with his own eyes, he might have considered letting Yamata no Orochi have a look at her. Perhaps that snake demon might be able to let her be his apprentice and even use him as her new basis for cultivation if she was compatible enough.

In contrast, the Owl Cultivator was very confident that she was able to shred anything blocking her path as she zoomed without any fear. The only problem was that she noticed too late when the snakes that came towards her struck her harder than her talons could handle and tore her in a split second moment. Even Falcon who had quick reactionary time as part of his abilities was not able to have a detailed look at how his sister could be torn to shreds.

And that momentary realisation was more than enough for a bunch of snakes to emerge from his sides unnoticed and catch him. Its jaws pierce through his chi armour and bite his hands and legs. Just as he was about to panic and struggle out of the way, a great white snake bigger than the rest snapped the Falcon's head away, leaving his only body as a snack for the rest of the snakes to feast upon.

"Epic Technique. Pit of the Great White Snake." Su Zhen said as she felt satisfied to use her first Epic Technique against the cultivators. She thought she never had the chance to use it in combat other than the fights within Jin's dungeon instances. The white snake summons slowly retreated and continued to form a partially transparent barrier around Su Zhen as she now helped Lian with her extermination of the Banned Emperor's terrorists.

The Eagle saw the entire process and got even more worked up. Like Jaguar who saw something incredibly unbelievable, the only choice he could turn to in this situation was his forbidden inscription enchantment behind his neck.

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