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Chapter 1249: Shenzhen Convention Incident -Part 9

Chapter 1249: Shenzhen Convention Incident -Part 9

Lein noticed that the terrorist he was fighting was doing something out of the norm. He was no longer in his usual battle stance and it seems like he was more on the defensive. Thus, Lein tried to poke his defences with his usual lightning attacks to see whether there were any deadly counters while maintaining a distance. 

The first wave of lightning bolts that were shot out from Lein's sword did not feel like he had done any damage to the eagle who was hovering in midair. In fact, Lein predicts that the lightning bolts had been absorbed by some barrier and that already alerted him to be wary of his current opponent's new stance.

However, the Qilin Cultivator never lost sight of what he was supposed to do. The destruction of the temple was his main objective and since the Eagle Cultivator was about to do something drastic, it was best that he would take this opportunity to destroy whatever that remained and trouble the current dungeon supplier who was still hiding from them.

Lein probably would not have noticed anything of significance to the temple if not for the impatience of the Banned Emperor's dungeon supplier consistently trying to rebuild the place back up as quickly as possible. But in consideration that high grade cultivator terrorists came to defend the temple, it was definitely a place of importance that made it pertinent for the Demon Exorcists to destroy it.

On the other hand, when the Eagle Cultivator, who was still keeping his eye on Lein saw the Qilin Cultivator massed a terrifying amount of chi, he thought that everything was going as planned. He assumed that he was the perfect bait for the electric user to zap with whatever power it possessed as the Eagle was in a stance where he was absorbing all the attacks into chi for the activation of his forbidden inscription charm. No doubt there were downsides to this as the attacks would still hurt but at the very least, it would activate the charm for his own use with sacrificing his own chi. (Also, Eagle vowed to return the pain back tenfold.)

However, as Lein lifted his sword up to discharge his lightning chi, the enemy realised that the lightning strikes were not aimed towards him at all. Instead, each strike went past him and the Eagle Cultivator heard the building behind him exploding.

"You should probably take a look behind you," Lein said despite the sound of his lightning crackling so loudly that the Eagle could only deduce through lip reading. And as the terrorist slowly turned to his back, he could see how the temple went into flames with each lightning bolt.

"How?" Eagle could believe his eyes that these bolts of lightning had sufficient strength to not only break the temple infrastructure down like a punch breaking the walls into two but causing them to burn furiously. Lein had been doing that since the start of the fight when he had engaged against the Eagle but the Banned Emperor's terrorist did not realise the strength of lightning attacks. In fact, he was able to block it so easily that deflecting the attacks was a piece of cake to the Eagle. It was just irritating that sometimes attacks do hurt and that was when he realised that Lein might have good control of his chi.

It was possible that Lein's attacks could have been this powerful but his objective was never about defeating the Eagle at all. He was merely following Jin's order to destroy everything that was 'not reality' and this would severely hinder the Banned Emperor's dungeon supplier.  That was when the Eagle knew that if he were to follow his current plan, there was no way he could evolve.

Thus, he started to concentrate pouring all his chi into the forbidden inscription, hoping to activate as soon as possible. Lein and the others noticed that too but the destruction of the temple seemed to be their top priority, hoping that a slip in the dungeon supplier's code might potentially destroy the current dimensional instance they were in.

Yet, it seems the fury of the Eagle was more explosive than one could have thought and the Demon Exorcists finally started to pay more attention to it. The only problem was that they were too late to do anything else as the forbidden inscription had finally started to activate and reform the Eagle Cultivator.

"Wait a minute. That aura…" Lian, who was more sensitive to chi displacement, spoke up in fear. The other two Demon Exorcists concentrated their attention and feared for the worst as well.

"A forced demon summoning…" Lein decided not to waste any more time and wished to strike it down as soon as possible.

"No! Don't! It's not just a demon summoning!" Lian wanted to stop her comrade but it was too late as he zoomed towards the Eagle Cultivator hoping to cut it into two before it could come out. "he had become a sacrifice for the demon too!"

A gigantic hand instantly popped out from the Eagle Cultivator's body, creating a hole in his chest just to grab onto Lein. The Qilin Cultivator could feel his bones crack momentarily from the grab.

"What's this wonderful delicacy that I smell?' The voice came booming from the void of the Eagle's chest as it started to absorb the remaining portion of the dead cultivator's body. In the meantime, it did not loosen the grip and the only way to free it was to cut his hand away.

Su Zhen in response summoned a great white snake to bite on the wrist of the demon. Hoping that the anatomy of humans would still apply to demons, she had aimed for the wrist joints. The Demon Hand reacted in shock, allowing Lein to escape from a sudden twitch of his hand but even the Great White Snake was still not sufficient to damage It as another Demon Hand emerged and tore the snake's head into two, causing Su Zhen to suffer intensive feedback of pain.

"Such playthings do not interest me. But the smell of three little delicacies made me feel that it would be worth the trip coming into this realm." The mysterious Demon Voice continued to echo as the Demon Exorcists could see the world's fabric being torn open as if time and space was a piece of paper.

"What the hell… How can the Banned Emperor terrorists bring such a monster into this world…" Lian said as she retreated back with Su Zhen in her arms.

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