One Useless Rebirth

Chapter 26 - Three-in-one(4)

Chapter 26: Three-in-one(4)

There was a somber look lingering on Di Bian’s face. He patted Di Qiuhe’s shoulder, loosed Di Qiuhe and led him to the sofa, and sighed, “I did not expect this either……It is my fault that I brought such a threat to the Empire. If it is a misunderstanding, it’s all right, but if it is not……Qiuhe, I need your help.”

Di Qiuhe looked at Di Bian putting on a look of kind father, he sneered in his heart, but showed admiration on his face, “Go ahead, as long as I can help, I will do my best.”

Di Bian looked at him with a moving face and sighed, “You are still as sensible as you were little, like your mother……Now, the board of directors of Empire is mostly controlled by the Qin family. I can do nothing about the things you are stigmatized even I want to help you. But you can rest assured that when those activities of espionage in the board of directors are pulled out, I will help you to revenge.”

“Thanks, Dad.” Di Qiuhe’s got somewhat discomposed with his eyes turning red, and then asked, “You come out to see me today, what did Aunt Qin say? By the way, Chunhua did not feel well suddenly when I left home last time, is she getting better now? Xiasong studies abroad, does everything go well with him? Did my bad rumors influence them?”

Di Bian looked at him helplessly, “Kid, you are in trouble now, yet you still care about them. Don’t worry. No one knows that I come to see you. Qiuhe, are you really going to leave B city?”

Di Qiuhe nodded and made a forced smile, “That’s the best solution. The information that I am your son has spread out. Any of my bad rumors may affect you, and further affect Huangdu. It is not what I want to see. Uncle Jiang has a movie and he asks me to be the hero. I have good relationship with Xiuwen, so I cannot refuse. It is good for me to shoot a movie and avoid the current trouble as well.”

These words were really what Di Bian cared. Recently, Huangdu was turbulent due to the exposure of Di Qiuhe’s identity. Furthermore, Qin family made more trouble in the company. Di Bian could hardly cope with all these troubles. If Di Qiuhe chose to leave of his own accord at this time, it was no doubt the best solution to stabilize the current situation.

“I feel sorry for you. Now, you do not have the support from the company, you must find it inconvenient when you shoot film outside. I will arrange two assistants for you. Then, it will be easier for you.” Di Bian resorted to “carrot policy”, and then spoke to the main topic, “Now, Chunhua and Xiasong have grown up. Your Aunt Qin is more ambitious under the brainwash of Qin family. She does not think deeply. Huangdu will belong to Chunhua, Xiasong and you in future anyway. Meanwhile, you are not a person with aggressive personality. Except for disappointing the members of our family, what she can get by doing this?”

Di Qiuhe stepped forward anxiously, “Dad, don’t be sad. Aunt Qin is just muddleheaded temporarily. She must be tempted and cheated by the Qin family to pay marketing account to slander me and play a dirty trick in my apartment. After I am gone, she will be fine.”

“If only it were as easy as you say.” Di Bian sighed and turned around to get a few documents in his briefcase and put them in front of Di Qiuhe. He paused and said, “Qiuhe, as you know, Huangdu is no longer the place that I can control by myself alone. I am powerless, and sad……There are some proposals. You can take it and study. When you are outside, if there is an opportunity to help Dad to get back some shares of the company, please try…… Do you understand what I’m saying?”

A thought came to Di Qiuhe, but he showed an incredulous look, and said sadly, “We are family, do we really need to go this far?”

Di Bian put up his hand and wiped his face, with a face full of decadence, “I do not want to do this too, but your Aunt Qin is muddleheaded, and the Qin family is……it is ok if the company does not exist, but how about you? Chunhua and Xiasong still have half of Qin family’s blood. Your Aunt Qin will protect them, how about you? Dad only wants to leave something to you after I die. You, please do not blame me. I let you down these years. It is ok if you do not want to help. I am still in good health. I can help you to keep some……”

“Dad!” Di Qiuhe stopped Di Bian, closed his eyes and put the documents away, “Don’t say that. I will help. You can rest assured that I will try my best to finish what you have assigned.”

“Good boy.” Di Bian looked at Di Qiuhe with relief and finally smiled, he picked up the menu on the table and said, “You have not had dinner yet, right? Come on, the dishes here are great. You would like it.”

Di Qiuhe smiled too, and put the documents into his backpack, with a trace of ridicule in his eyes. It was an ugly thing for a husband and wife to be suspicious of each other like this. If Qin Li knew that his husband who she thought was completely convinced was actually calculating Qin family secretly behind her back, wouldn’t she flare up and be anxious to kill Di Bian?

Di Qiuhe’s Weibo was canceled amid the worries of his fans and the skepticism of netizens. Some marketing accounts with quick action had screenshot the last Weibo messages that he sent out. A more subtle action for clarifying his innocent was under way quietly.

I love to gossip and I am proud: I find a strange thing. Di Qiuhe, as the eldest son of the family of Huangdu, was not supported at all during the first year of his career. His resources were much worse than those of his peers, even worse than his partner, Huang Xunzhou. Huangdu did not take any action for his bad rumor this time. It looked like Huangdu was acting like a looker-on. The people who said Di Qiuhe was a bully, do you feel shame?

Secondary account for disclosure: That means, as the saying goes, once you have a stepmother, you have a stepfather at the same time. After the stepmother talks on the bed, the gentle, cultivated and graceful eldest son is reduced to a bully. The four people of Di family live in a villa, while the eldest son lives in an apartment alone. What a poor man.

Insider: There is big news for the contract termination between Di Qiuhe and the Empire. However, I do not want to mention it today. I want to analyze whether the bad rumor of Di Qiuhe is true or not, whether we can believe the saying of Di Qiuhe. [Link to full article]

The analysis articles emerged endlessly. While analyzing, the netizens found something wrong.

First of all, the girl who was taken as Di Qiuhe’s girlfriend did not have any relation with Di Qiuhe at all. Furthermore, that girl was an attention whore who liked to show off. Her program was cancelled by B city television station due to her fault. The reason was that she cheated her ex-boyfriend who was the son of a big advertising company, and had an affair with Du Hao, a host of the television station. Secondly, the moral quality of Di Qiuhe was out of question. All the people who had worked with him in entertainment circle had praised him. There were a lot of people in the entertainment circle spoke for him at the beginning of the bad rumor. However, due to the strong public opinion at that time, the netizens directly ignored the comments which supported Di Qiuhe. Thirdly, a student of Q University checked Di Qiuhe’s academic performance. All his academic scores were above 90 points, quite outstanding performance. In the column of university admission score, his score was close to the full score, which made the people who questioned him for entering the university by pulling strings speechless. Finally, taking drugs? It did not exist. The urine test results were disclosed. The neutral notary office witnessed the whole process. It was impossible to tamper with the result.

Once the major bad rumors were clarified, some pieces of information were disclosed slowly.

For example, Huang Xunzhou was a person with moral quality problem and promiscuous private life. He might be paid for releasing bad rumors of Di Qiuhe for this time. The employee of the television station disclosed that Di Qiuhe had terminated the contract with Huangdu before the bad rumor was released. The reason for contract termination was that Di Qiuhe was not supported by the company for resources. Thus, the bad rumor that Di Qiuhe used his identity as the eldest son to bully other people was nonsense. He was of little importance in the company. Some irrational netizens found Di Qiuhe’s house, they went so far as to put dead mouse in front of his door and pour the paint and curse Di Qiuhe……

They acted over the line.

The netizens were angry, then felt shamed, and then they wanted to apologize. Finally, they regretted after they found that Di Qiuhe had canceled his Weibo due to the bad rumor, and could not understand why they cursed such a hardworking and low profile young man at the beginning, acting like they were blindfolded.

The direction of public opinion was completely turned at this point. The topics of asking Di Qiuhe back ranked the hot topic quickly and lasted for a long time.

After turning off the Weibo, He Bai put away his phone numbly and saw Di Qiuhe who was walking towards him, strutting his long legs.

“You are chasing me to the airport. Puppy, are you reluctant to let me leave? ” Di Qiuhe sat opposite to him, held up his chin by his hand and looked at He Bai with a smile.

He Bai did not want to answer him, he took a document out from his bag and tapped on the table for attention, “Here you are. Remember to call the person after you read it. You refused to answer all the unknown calls recently, and the person has no choice but ask me to come. ”

Di Qiuhe raised his eyebrows, opened the document to see, and surprised, “Endorsement contract? Buffalo Watch wants to hire me as spokesman?”

He Bai nodded, taking a bag of coins in his bag, and pushed in front of him, “Here you are. RMB 164, I return RMB 0.22 more to you. Do not need to thank me for my generosity. You are welcome.”

The sound of coin rubbing was very clear and pleasant. Di Qiuhe put down the document and squinted at He Bai, “Puppy.”

He Bai looked at Di Qiuhe without any expression on his face, and corrected Di Qiuhe, “Please call me He Bai, thank you.”

“Oh, Xiaobai.” Di Qiuhe answered perfunctorily. Then, he calculated the coins in the bag, got close to He Bai and blew in He Bai’s ear, “Are you worried about me? You know I am leaving, so you come here to give me money?”

Warm breath went along the cochlea of He Bai. He Bai gave a shudder and then retched.

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