Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 10 – Grandpa Jun raises a storm

Chapter 010 Grandpa Jun raises a storm

Grandpa Jun naturally would not have guessed that last night’s incident was in fact a huge heavenly blessing for his grandson, there was no assassins at all! And yet he managed to somehow connect these two unrelated dots together. After hearing that Jun Xie had jumped into the Luo Yue Pond to take a bath, he went to sleep with a heart filled with anger and resentment. Unexpectedly, while he was sleeping soundly, he suddenly woke up with a start, his heart filled with inexplicable fear. Asking around, he received news that there was a problem with Jun Xie, causing his anger to ignite.

“I’m all right, all good, I am really all good here,” Jun Xie subconsciously grabbed a towel to cover his crotch, his face filled with embarrassment. He who had been stripped naked without anything left to cover himself had to suddenly face tens of elderly men who came charging in; his body left vulnerable to all eyes. Even though Jun Xie has a very thick skin and a calm state of mind, he was still somewhat unable to accept this.

“What are you trying to cover up? Do you need to be so ashamed to show that thing to your grandfather? I still remember back when you were still a baby, I would often carry you with one hand, while the other hand would play around with that thing.” Jun Zhan Tian’s words almost caused Jun Xie to choke to death.

At the back, the body guards shoulders relaxed, everyone’s face turning red as they restrained themselves, breathing heavily. Several of them stole side glimpses towards the area that the Young Master had covered. Some of them started glancing at one another, their eyes winking and signalling at one another, almost as if they were comparing something…

“Who was it?” Jun Zhan Tian’s face fell, turning as cold as ice, his killing intent unleashed.

“Huh?” Jun Xie was confused, but quickly came to understand what Grandpa Jun meant. He then made a face full of shame and lowered his head. “I fell before I could see anything.”

“You wastrel!” Grandpa Jun swore; his voice filled with disappointment. After taking another close look at his own grandson to ensure that he was indeed all right, he no longer had any mood to continue looking at his naked body. With this small physique, his grandson simply does not look like a grandson from a military family. Not even a young lady’s skin can be compared with him in terms of whiteness! Hmph! This truly is… He reluctantly nodded. “You go have a good rest, then.” After that, he turned and headed out, followed by the bodyguards. It was only after that could Jun Xie give out a sigh of relief, putting away the towel covering his bottom area, a cold sweat trickled down.

The next day, the old Duke, Jun Zhan Tian let loose his temper within the golden imperial hall. Pointing at several lords, ministers, imperial relatives and even the Chief Chancellor, he unleashed a barrage of curses. Having had his emotions agitated to an abnormal high, he threatened that if anyone were to attempt to assassinate his only grandson again, then every family will have to give out one life as compensation!

Having stayed quietly for the past few years, Jun Zhan Tian’s eruption of anger rendered the entire royal court, both civil and military faction trembling in silence. Even the Emperor himself had to repeatedly comfort him in person.

But there were also those who were insensitive. The Eldest Prince’s old supporter, the Royal Doctor, Song Shi Yi, was a newly promoted noble. He was able to climb to his current position with the help of the Eldest Prince’s influence, but did not have much knowledge about this old Duke. Counting on the backing of the Eldest Prince, he contradicted Jun Zhan Tian’s words and tried to get the Emperor to support him. He was thrashed on the spot by Jun Zhan Tian to the point where his face became a pig’s, also losing two teeth.

The Eldest Prince steeled himself and came forth to persuade Jun Zhan Tian, but was granted a kick to his stomach, causing him to roll backwards on the floor. After that incident, everyone became fearful, not a single one dared to move. In the end, the Emperor had to personally come forth to pacify him, smoothing things over and promising him that he would personally guarantee the safety of Third Young Master Jun. Only then was Jun Zhan Tian willing to leave with a face filled with indignation. Just before he left, he stared at each and every one of the princes supporters, causing their legs to turn unsteady like noodles…

This old Duke had been staying his hand for a good ten years. After ten years, he finally threw a fit, scaring the absolute crap out of every civil and military officials of the Royal Court. Within the golden imperial hall, he even dared to strike the Prince, what else would he not do?

His Majesty, the Emperor observed Jun Zhan Tian as he marched off, and was the only one to give out a deep sigh from the bottom of his heart. The prestige and might that Jun Zhan Tian showed today was truly imposing, but the Emperor knew all too well that the Third Young Master who was the only successor of the Jun family had thoroughly disappointed this old general. Thinking back on when Jun Zhan Tian had personally come to him, requesting a marriage for Jun Moxie and Princess Ling Meng; that was probably Jun Zhan Tian’s final effort to preserve the Jun bloodline.

However, His Majesty had mercilessly rejected the request.

As long as Jun Moxie was still breathing, Jun Zhan Tian would never throw such a huge fit in the golden imperial hall. The reason he went out of control today was due to the fact that he could no longer see any future for the Jun family. The Jun family’s enemies both within and without are incalculable; once Jun Zhan Tian dies, his enemies would never show any mercy towards his grandson.

This was the reason why the old Duke had no qualms about going all out! Whoever dares to harm my Jun family, my grandson, I’ll harm you first! Since my Jun family had already been forced to such straits, what else is there to fear?

The Jun family was once the awe-inspiring patron saint of the Tianxiang Kingdom. Could it be that they will simply decline into oblivion like this? The Emperor sighed, a pang of regret throbbed in his heart. Perhaps back then…

After having experienced the might of the old Duke, the military officials were all enraptured, while those who had made secret plans for the old Duke immediately decided to drop those plans. Even the Eldest Prince who had suffered a huge loss in face did not show any grievances. At the end of the day, he would only blame that old supporter of his. Ignorant and disgraceful, did he not notice that this old Duke had gone half-mad?

Of course, there were still many of them who held onto their grievances within their hearts. You old thing, you think you can continue living forever? The day you die is the day the Jun family become extinct!

However, this was something that they can only think about deep within their hearts. There are no powers amongst them within the Tianxiang Kingdom with the courage to blatantly confront the old Duke!


The Royal Preceptor, Chief Chancellor Li Shang had been staying seated without saying a single word, but once Grandpa Jun left, his eyebrows was secretly raised, his face shaped into a smile. It seemed that Jun Zhan Tian was quite protective of this disappointment of a grandson. In that case, then Jun Moxie was Jun Zhan Tian’s weakness? Such a kind of weakness is simply too easy to grasp. When a person’s weak point is revealed, then no matter how strong that person may be, or how much background that person may have, they are no longer worth fearing…

Staying at a corner without being noticed by anyone, the Palace Army Captain, Meng Ru Fei who was standing opposite Preceptor Li looked at each other, their faces showing a mysterious smile.

Jun Family, Jun Xie’s Room.

The doors were closed; Little Ke’s face was blushed red, as she obviously wanted to escape.

“Are you scared of me?” Jun Xie wiped his body. Since this little girl had already seen his naked body before, seeing a little more makes no difference. Since this girl does not seem to care, why should he?

“Scared,” Little Ke nodded her head immediately. But she then thought about it and quickly said. “No, no, not… scared.”

Jun Xie laughed before standing up, getting out of the bathtub… naked. Little Ke screamed again, covering her eyes.

Jun Xie quickly put on his clothes before going in front of Little Ke, smiling. “You can open your eyes now, it is all right now.”

Little Ke slowly opened a small crack between her fingers, secretly peering from the hole. After realizing that Jun Xie had truly gotten clothed, she was able to set her mind at ease and put her hands down. Her face was still of a reddish hue, truly lovely.

Seeing how cute she was, Jun Xie could not stop himself from reaching out and gently patting her on the head. Little Ke was surprised, she raised her head and found that Jun Xie’s eyes were filled with warmth, akin to that of a big brother seeing his little sister. Not knowing why, her heart calmed down, no longer feeling fearful. She thought: “Right now, the Young Master actually looks pleasing to the eye.”

After having these thoughts, she was suddenly startled: “How can I even think that? He is obviously still the lascivious, debaucherous and detestful baddie! I will not allow him to defile my innocence! If he uses force, then I’ll just die!” She could not help but took a step backwards, her face becoming completely alert.

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