Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 9 – Pulp Rending Meridian Cleanser

Chapter 009 Pulp Rending Meridian Cleanser

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At the moment, Jun Xie remained in a dazed state, neither surprise nor joy can be seen on him. He continued practicing the art, regulating his body, seemingly unaware of what had happened.

This Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune is truly immeasurably mysterious, the most superior type of skill since time immemorial. Even if there is still a Heaven, the path of cultivation has always been an act of defiance against Heaven, one that puts a person’s disposition to the test. As for this beginner part of this skill, it was truly difficult to practice to the extreme. Other than perseverance and indomitable will, one must also be blessed with this huge opportunity!

Thus, since long ago, even if someone were to obtain the opportunity to practice this Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune, the chances of them succeeding were exceptionally low! Thinking about it, if the practitioner’s heart was not firm, that person would likely have given up after practicing for a hundred times and not see any results. This level of dullness is not something that any ordinary person could withstand. Furthermore, if a person’s spirit was any weaker, it was unlikely that they would be able to endure it. From the perspective of cultivators, a freak like Jun Xie who could operate the practice routine up to thousands of times is simply one of a kind!

Even if some were to possess this kind of perseverance, without a sufficiently strong spiritual awareness, they would end up suffering from qigong deviation!

As for Jun Xie, he happened to possess all the right characteristics necessary to practice the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune. Jun Xie had always been an extremely unyielding type of person, once he set his mind towards something, he will never change it. To put it in a good way, he is a man of high perseverance. To put it in a bad way… he is a brain dead zombie. Without crashing into a wall, they’ll never turn back. But Jun Xie is the monarch of all brain dead zombies who will crash into the wall until he breaks through the wall and still not look back. Today, he who had started practicing this Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune can be compared with a tortoise that had gone out and bumped into a turtle. As it turns out, they are one family.

Besides having the right character and mindset, Jun Xie’s luck also played no small role. Obtaining the Hongjun Pagoda was the biggest blessing for Jun Xie, if he had not had the luck to obtain it, then he would have no hope of stepping upon this path.

In addition, Jun Xie’s soul was one that had transmigrated over, his spiritual awareness could not be weak. With the help of the Hongjun Pagoda, Jun Moye’s body condition was restored while his spiritual awareness became even stronger. All these factors added up, allowing him to abruptly break through the first heavy hurdle in merely one night’s time!

Not only was this achievement unprecedented, it would likely become unrepeatable!

The Niwan Palace within his mind began pulsating with an even stronger force, eventually it began following a regular pattern. As it got hotter and hotter, Jun Xie’s white skin slowly became completely red…

At this moment, it was already the break of dawn and the sky had cleared! Jun Xie could clearly feel that the qi within his body, which was like delicate thread of silk was becoming livelier as they gradually linked together to form a line.

When the last of the threads came together in unison, completely connecting with one another, Jun Xie suddenly sensed a brilliant light coming to life before him. The light was filled with colourful and varied speckles, as though the entire world’s flowers had bloomed before his eyes. The afterglow of all seven colours revolved around him. At the same time, thunderous roars burst forth from his head, suddenly accompanied by lightning. Thunder and lightning rumbled.

However, Jun Xie’s eyes remained closed. This meant that all these were occurring within his sense of awareness! This was the first hurdle of the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune: Calm Heart!

Even though Jun Xie could clearly “see” this strange atmosphere, he also firmly remembered that when he began practicing, he had closed his eyes! This imagery was something he should not be able to see, and yet he was able to! What could this mean? This meant that everything before him was nothing more but an illusion!

With that in mind, Jun Xie chose to ignore it, continuing with his exercise; his face was a mask of indifference.

“Boom!” Akin to a bomb, an explosion erupted within Jun Xie’s sea of consciousness. Jun Xie’s body suddenly convulsed, feeling as though his body had lost something that was once part of it. His spirit swayed about, and then he abruptly spat out a mouthful of blood far away. He then fainted.

These mouthful of blood fell onto the white sheets on the bed, but strangely a black colour emerged from it, seemingly a solid substance. Unexpectedly, it did not flow down, and seemed just like a piece of dark charcoal.

Jun Xie’s body fell onto the ground, his body twitching unconsciously. Once again, a dark liquid was slowly forced out from the pores of his skin, slowly rendering Jun Xie’s light coloured robe wet, bit by bit, becoming black in colour…

This was the true result of the Pulp Rending Meridian Cleanser!

Previously, when his body had discharged out a layer of filth, those were only the impurities within the skin and muscles at most. At the present moment, what he was forcing out of his body are the impurities within the skeletal frame and his inner organs. As for the blood that Jun Xie had spat out, those are the impurities within the five organs, the most difficult of all the human body parts to cleanse!

Jun Xie’s present situation, from the perspective of those who cultivate the Way of the Dao, would be none other than the “shedding” process! That is to say, from now on, he had escaped from the shackles of worldly possessions and desire. He had officially entered the path of cultivation!

For those who practice in the Way, reaching the “shedding” stage would be preceded by a rather painful and lengthy experience. There are those who spent months, years or even decades in order to reach this realm. Some even spent their entire lives in vain and failed to reach this stage. And yet, Jun Xie achieved it in the span of one night! This was truly a miracle amongst miracles. If this news were to spread, it is likely that none of the ascetics would believe it!

Obviously, this was not because Jun Xie’s body is special, or was it due to Jun Xie’s high level of spiritual power. The reason lies elsewhere, and that was none other than the white mist. The white mist was the most important factor, as it is the purest form of Spiritual Qi from Heaven and Earth. However, Jun Xie had yet to realize this.

In his past life, Jun Xie was a martial arts expert, but had never come across the realm of cultivation. From his viewpoint, all these so-called cultivation in order to achieve immortality was nothing more than a nonsensical subject! As such, even if he were to realize what had happened to his body, the only thing he would think of was that he had an unbelievably huge stroke of luck.

When Jun Xie woke up, he found himself within a large barrel filled with warm water encompassing his body. There were also two little soft hands working hard, scrubbing his body.

Opening his eyes, he saw the young maid, Little Ke. Her head was wet from perspiration and her face red from the heat. Her small hands were holding onto a piece of soft towel, she panted as she cleaned his body with it. Her tiny lips were pursed up tightly, her face filled with an expression of embarrassment, almost to the point of near crying. Her pair of pretty eyes were deliberately directed upwards, only glancing down for a moment when there was a need to scrub a different area. After that, she would move her eyes away again…

“This little girl’s shy expression is simply too cute!” Thinking about this, Jun Xie’s thoughts suddenly returned back towards himself as he realized that he was actually bare naked. Unable to stop his own feeling of embarrassment, he gave two dry coughs and said. “I’ll do it myself.” After having said that, he reached out for the towel in Little Ke’s hands.

Giving a surprised yelp, Little Ke ran far away while clutching the towel. She trembled as she looked at Jun Xie, her eyes were filled with a sense of panic. “Youngyoungyoung… Master, you… you’re awake?”

Jun Xie gave a helpless sigh and replied. “If I am not awake, then are you talking to a ghost now?”

“Ghost?! AHH!” Little Ke let out another scream, this time Jun Xie suddenly realized that he could clearly see the minute little hairs on her face standing up, her face becoming deathly white as though she had really seen a ghost. Jun Xie found himself sighing again. “Stop screaming, even if there is a ghost, their face is probably not as scary as yours, your performance is truly applaud worthy.”

“Bang!” The doors of the residence burst open with a bang and a stalwart figure walked inside, taking huge strides each time. “Moxie, you’re awake? What happened?” It was none other than Grandpa Jun; behind him were several bodyguards.

Grandpa Jun’s voice was filled with anger, he had just finished giving a thunderous ‘lecture’ to those thirty six bodyguards assigned to protect Jun Xie. What happened yesterday could be considered an unexpected accident, but how could he have guessed that it would happen again today? Grandpa Jun’s temper was wholly incited to the point of detonation. What? Do my Jun family look easy to you guys? Do you think you can bully us so easily? It seems this senior will have to show some of my might about! If everyone decides to target my grandson, then how are we going to spend the rest of our days?

Grandpa Jun had assumed that Jun Xie’s fainting was due to an assassination attempt…

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