Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 11 – “Shedding’s” Transformation

Chapter 011 “Shedding’s” Transformation

Jun Xie is a man of two worlds; in his past life, he was the world’s top assassin who had seen the world and its countless hardships. With a glance, he easily saw through the thoughts within this little girl’s mind. He let out a helpless sigh, lamenting at the original owner of this body. Even his own servant girl was fearful of him, what an extreme failure. After sighing, he said. “There’s no need for you to be here for now, you can go out now.”

Little Ke bowed, within her heart she thought, as long as I do not get too close to you, you will not be able to do anything. Besides, with your level of injuries and weak body, you won’t be able to even catch me. After that, she left.

Jun Xie went to the window and took a deep breath. He then willed the qi within his body to move as he checked his body’s current state.

The moment he woke up, he had realized that there was a distinct difference between the current him and the him from the past few days; unfortunately, he did not have the time to make a thorough analysis. Now that he had focused on analysing himself, he was greatly surprised. His eyes can see clearly at a much farther range than before, even at the range of three zhangs away, he could count the number of little legs of an ant going about on the floor. Within his eyes, the entire world seemed to have changed; all the trees and grasses are lush green, glowing with abundance of vitality.

[TL: 1 zhang = 10 feet = 3.04 meter]

Jun Xie turned upwards to stare at the rising sun, even after a long time he did not feel any sting upon his eyes. It was to him but a ball of warmth…

Even his ears can now hear differently. He could clearly hear the sound of small insects scurrying about back and forth within the grasses. He could also hear the sounds of the earthworms wriggling about. He suddenly felt that this world was incomparably wonderful.

He recalled that in his past life, this wonderful feeling had only occurred when his cultivation in internal arts had broken through into the Pre-Celestial stage; even then, it did not encompass his entire body. A transcendent realm born from Heaven and Earth, Jun Xie could not help but feel highly elated: Could it be? With just one night’s worth of practice, I have once again attained the Pre-Celestial stage? Isn’t this a bit too fast? He delved into his body to observe the qi flow and was unable to stop himself from falling into despair.

The flow of qi was still weak and faint, although it had become more coherent. With such a kind of qi, it can only be used to cut vegetables and not in a real fight. If he had truly stepped into the Pre-Celestial stage, there was absolutely no way that the qi flow would be so weak.

But thinking about it from another point of view, since he had yet to achieve the Pre-Celestial stage, how could his body perform at such high specs? This must have been due to the wonderful contribution of the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune! Having reached such a conclusion, his originally dispirited self was uplifted.

Folding up his sleeves, Jun Xie suddenly felt stunned; this, can this even be considered the arms of a real man? Delicate snow white with a hint of pink, not even a female lady’s arm can compare with his. Jun Xie rushed towards the bronze mirror and stood before it, his heart crumbling apart. His face retained the same features. However, it had obviously become much more tender and white. This type of face was the one which Jun Xie despised the most in his past life. A super flower boy! This is a super milky white flower boy with an extremely frail looking body!

This is truly akin to meeting a real life ghost! Jun Xie muttered as he laughed: Since I came into this world, my situation was no different to meeting a real life ghost in the first place. Even if something more bizarre happens, how can I be surprised?

However, last night he had a session of Pulp Rending Meridian Cleanser. In addition, he should have successfully opened a slight gap in the ‘doors’ of the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune. As such, how can his body remain so weak?

Considering those factors, he rechecked his body. This time, the results gave Jun Xie a great surprise. If one were to examine his external appearance, then he was truly an extremely weak person. But in reality, his muscles and flesh had been reorganized to become extremely dense and tough. Even if he were to compare it with his previous body, its structure would likely be less powerful. The quality of his entire body, including the skeletal frames and meridians has reached a very high stage. His current body can be described as blessed, truly the best possible body to practice martial arts.

Moreover, anyone who sees him would never bring themselves to believe that the owner of such a frail body could turn out to be a peak ranked assassin. This was truly the most incredible form of natural camouflage!

With such thoughts running in his head, Jun Xie naturally became more passionate towards his training. He wanted to quickly regain his original strength as soon as possible.

During the following month, something unthinkable occurred within the Jun Residence: The number one debauchee in the kingdom, Young Master Jun Moxie actually stayed at home for well over one month. He did not go out to play the gangster, he did not go visit the Flowery Night Lodge, he did not go for cockfighting and hound racing, and he did not even commit arson or murder. At home, he was either always staying in his own residence or in the library building; he did not even take liberties with the maids!!!

He even became polite towards the servants!

All the things stated above, had caused everyone in the Jun household to feel bizarre. Could it be that the sun had risen from the west? Or perhaps the sun had risen from the south, or north? At any rate, they were confident the sun did not rise from the east!

Oh Dear Heavens above! Oh Great Earth! You have finally opened your eyes! The Third Young Master is finally showing signs of turning over a new leaf!

Observing all this, even Grandpa Jun felt relieved. It seemed as though this kid is finally showing signs of turning over a new leaf!

After one month, Jun Xie finally managed to breach the first gate of the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune. He had also managed to consolidate his level of cultivation by quite a bit. He had also come to understand more regarding this Xuan Xuan Continent. Even though his knowledge cannot be compared with those of historians, when compared to the original Jun Moxie, Jun Xie was practically at the level of a professor. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the difference between the two was like Heaven and Earth.

There was only one thing that Jun Xie was dissatisfied with, and that was the seven coloured Nine Layered Hongjun Pagoda resting within his sea of consciousness. After one whole month’s worth of hard work, he was still stuck at the first layer. He had tried countless times to breach the second layer. Whenever he felt any progress within himself, he would go forth to try it. But every time would end with him suffering huge level of pain. The pain was like having ten million long needles striking at his sea of consciousness!

This caused an unbearable itch to rise for Jun Xie. The first layer was able to provide him with such a heavenly defying Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune. Judging by that fact, the stuff within the second and third layer would undoubtedly be even better! But… access denied!!!

Since he cannot get in, what should he do?

He tried again and again, only to be met with failure. Even someone of Jun Xie’s character and tenacity, could finally not continue on. In the end, Jun Xie had to resign himself to the fact that the second layer could not be opened through normal means. He believed that, similar to the first layer, the opportunity must arrive for him to be able to walk in accidentally. As long as the opportunity had yet to arrive, his attempts to breach it head on would be futile. Since it had nothing to do with the number of attempts, he should just continue practicing.

Of course, Jun Xie had also increased his understanding towards the Xuan Qi passed on by this family. He realized that this Xuan Qi and the internal strength that he had practiced back in his past life was quite similar. Its properties were tuned to become similar to the properties of Battle Qi. It can be classified as a Qi Art that existed in between the two arts. However, every time the Xuan Qi practitioner breaks through a level, a qualitative change will occur and trigger a transformation in the colour of qi. This aspect reminded Jun Xie of the Five Poisons Art which he encountered before in his past life. But Xuan Qi on the other hand, do not contain any poison.

With the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune, it was only natural for Jun Xie to look down upon the so-called Xuan Qi. However, in order to deceive the public, he decided to train in Xuan Qi as a symbolic gesture. He barely managed to get himself up to the Fourth level Xuan Qi, after which he decided was enough and chose to stop.

In Xuan Xuan Continent, Xuan Qi begins from the First level to the Ninth level, followed by Silver Xuan, Gold Xuan, Jade Xuan, Earth Xuan, Sky Xuan, Supreme Divine Xuan. The First level until the Third level is marked by the colour red: light red, pink red, thick red. The Fourth level until the Sixth level is marked by the colour purple: light purple, stable purple, thick purple. The Seventh level until the Ninth level is marked by the colour black: purplish black, gray black, brilliant black. Silver level is marked by the colour silver. Gold level is marked by the colour gold. Jade level is marked by the colour green. Earth rank is marked by the colour yellow. Sky rank is marked by the colour blue. Supreme Divine rank is colourless.

Advancing through each stage of Xuan Qi was extremely difficult, as it will also be accompanied by a great deal of pain. It was quite similar to that of internal strength practice of scouring the marrow. The current Jun Xie can only emit a light purple Fourth level Xuan Qi. Considering his status, this was a very poor result!

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