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Chapter 12 – The Young Master Tang…

Chapter 012 The Young Master Tang…

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Today, Jun Xie who had nothing to do was talking to Little Ke. During this past month, the great changes which happened to Jun Xie caused Little Ke to be less fearful of him. Even though she was still unwilling to go too near him, at least she was no longer showing such extreme rejection towards him, especially towards his story telling. Every time at this hour, the little girl would carry an incense pot with her two hands as she listened attentively to his story, lest she missed a single sentence; her big eyes blinking as she sat in front of Jun Xie. She followed each story as each of the characters encountered happiness and sadness, laughter and tears. When a handsome prince appears, her eyes widened as she became uncontrollably excited…

Jun Xie once told the story of the little mermaid; it made the little girl so moved she burst into tears akin to a river breaching the dike, sobbing and weeping for one whole day… Ever since that day, Jun Xie swore to himself never to tell tragic stories to women!

Those tears… can drown a person to death!

“Young Master, Young Master Tang has arrived.”

Jun Xie was telling the story of how the monkey Sun was being captured in the Eight Diagrams Furnace, the little Lolita once again held on to the incense pot as she stood before him, her eyes kept blinking non-stop as she listened attentively, when a body guard suddenly rushed in to report.

“Young Master Tang?” Jun Xie raised his head, feeling confounded. He then pulled out the memories regarding this person out from his head. “Invite him in.”

From far across the courtyard, a meatball started ‘rolling’ towards him, as it rolled it shouted: “Third Young Master, Brother Moxie, save me! This is a really terrifying problem!”

Jun Xie stared with wide-open eyes, his mouth left hanging in the air, completely startled by the sight of the rolling meatball. It was simply unimaginable that a meatball could actually talk! It was only after the meatball came close to him did he realize that it was actually a human!

This person must certainly not have a neck, or at least it was not observable even with Third Young Master Jun’s eyesight. His shoulders were wide, his arms short and thick and his head round, spearheading the streamlined shape. Both his thighs were extremely short and thick! As he moved, his body fat surged magnificently, just like the constantly superseding waves of the Yangtze River. In short, he can be described as anything but bamboo like. However, he does not look like a human…

Walking in from the door of the courtyard, which spanned seemingly but a few steps had left him gasping for air, wiping his sweat non-stop and obviously very tired. This person was none other than Young Master of the Tang Family, whose position and fame was on par with the Jun Family: Tang Yuan!

He really does look like him, but he seemed even bigger than before. Jun Xie thought to himself.

“Uh… Young Master Tang, what is wrong with you? What could possibly happen for you to scream save me? Which blind idiot provoked you this time?” Jun Xie asked as he observed Jun Moxie’s best friend standing before him, holding back his desire to laugh.

“Bloody grannies! Who else if not those slops from the Li and Meng Families!” Young Master Tang was outraged; he strove to force his eyes to reveal themselves from among the thick flesh, succeeding in opening a narrow slit. “Brother, for the past few days I had been inside the Thousand Gold Hall for a good ten days, losing a total of a hundred and fifty thousand silver liangs! Third Young Master, you have to help! Otherwise… when I go home, my old man will beat me to death!”

[TL: Liang is a form of currency.]

“A hundred and fifty thousand silver liangs!” Jun Xie was shocked. “How did you lose so much money? Wait, where did you even get so much money?”

Tang Yuan gave a loud sigh. “In the beginning, I was actually winning. I won up to a total of fifty thousand…”

“If they do not let you win, would you continue gambling? What exactly were you playing there to lose so much? You really got some guts!” Jun Xie stared at him.

Tang Yuan dared not refute, and just grumbled: “Last month, didn’t you end up losing a hundred thousand liang yourself? Mine is just a little bit higher than yours, and yet you…”

“What is the point of telling me that? Besides, a mere hundred and fifty thousand silver liangs is not something your Tang family cannot part with. Was there any need to come here yelling save me?” Jun Xie suddenly realized that these people could not be evaluated using common sense. These people are your typical spend thrifty young masters!

“Even if it’s your old man, he would not possibly murder you just for a mere hundred and fifty thousand silver liangs. It’s not like you have never lost so much before…”

“But, but after I lost all my money, I told them that I would go home to get more. It was then that Li Bo incited me, saying that everyone is already tired and that they would go away if I were not there. I became reckless, and…” Tang Yuan looked at Jun Xie with a pitiful expression, his face filled with regret.

“And what?” Jun Xie suddenly had a sense of foreboding.

“One can lose men, but not lose formation… I became impulsive and… pawned my accompaniment jade and precious sword, pawned for a total of three hundred thousand silver liangs. I thought that I would be able to win them all back quickly. I did not expect… I did not expect… I lost it all,” Tang Yuan’s face was distressed as he hesitantly spoke.

“You dare say lose men but not formation?! I can still remember that your father spent a huge fortune to buy that famed Snow Bluster Sword for you! That terrifyingly divine weapon can cut iron like cutting mud! And that accompaniment jade of yours was made from Warm Jade! Back then, these two treasures used up at least one million liangs to get, right? And yet you pawned both of them for only three hundred thousand? Even in bargain sales, there won’t be such a sale!” Jun Xie was left speechless. This man is too damned capable… too damned capable of a wastrel!

“I’m not someone who do not have rules, you know? It’s just that, back then my mind suddenly became numb! I don’t even know how to explain it, my mind just became a messy paste of confusion…” Tang Yuan grumbled again.

“But even if you did lose these two, you still have the pledge note. You can just go redeem it later on. Considering how much your father loves you, at most he will just rebuke you with some words, why would he kill you. Besides, what else do your family have if not money? Around one million worth of silvers, is this really a serious problem for someone like you?” Jun Xie just grunted ‘heng’ twice.

“Nonsense, these two items are absolute treasures! How can I not want to win them back on the spot?” Tang Yuan replied indignantly. “It is not like you do not know the rules of my grandpa. Last time you saw for yourself what I had to endure… that kind of beating can tear off one layer of skin!”

“So, you continued gambling? What did you pawn this time? I know you have a lot of good stuff, but I am sure you don’t have any one worth up to around one million liangs!” Jun Xie was a man with exceptional amounts of experience, especially when concerning the psychology of gambling. This fatty would not be so anxious unless he had gambled away something he should absolutely not gamble with.

“Yes, back then I really did not have anything valuable on me. In the end… in the end… I… I… I went ahead and pawned my wife…” Tang Yuan’s face was again distressed, it was a face filled with despair and the desire to kill himself. “I have yet to have a wedding with her.”

“Ah?” Little Ke who was standing beside gasped, her eyes widened as she stared at Tang Yuan. Her eyes were filled with shock, within its depth there was even a hint of disgust. She secretly resented: It was not easy for the Young Master to become good, and yet this bad friend came!

“What? You pawned off you wife? You actually pulled your wife into this mess?” Jun Xie nearly fell off from his chair and fainted on the spot. This was too shocking! Simply unthinkable!

Tang Yuan’s fiancée was not only his wife, she was the daughter of Sun Cheng He, the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Justice! A beauty from a prestigious family, sent into the Thousand Gold Hall! If this news were to spread out, then the amount of ridicule and laughter would be considerable.

The son of the Minister of State Revenue went gambling, losing the daughter of the Vice-Minister of Justice… If this news were to spread, Grandpa Tang would pump out all the fat and oil in this fatty’s body to be used as fuel for Sky Lantern!

“I… I did not drag her there…” Tang Yuan was at the point of crying out. “But I signed a promissory note, using her as mortgage for one million liangs… it was written in black and white, here and there… was my signature…”

“PIG! You pig!” One was a daughter from the Minister of Justice, the other was a son from the Minister of State Revenue. This type of connection would affect the future and reputation of the two prestigious factions! And yet, he only pawned it for a mere one million! Jun Xie ended up laughing. “You actually signed off on it as well… What happened to that one million liang?”

“Lost… lost as well…” Tang Yuan fell with his buttocks on the ground, causing the ground to tremble and started bawling and wailing. “They said that if I don’t bring over one million and five hundred thousand liangs within three hours’ time, then they have no need for the money anymore, they also do not want her, they will make this promissory note public…”

“My God!” Jun Xie was speechless again. “How did it become one million and five hundred thousand liangs? Isn’t it supposed to be only one million liangs?”

“That… that was the price for the three hours…” Tang Yuan snivelled. “Third Young Master, you must save me! I… I have nowhere to go!”

“You want me to save you, how am I supposed to save you? What makes you think I have that much money?” Jun Xie flatly refused. Are you kidding me? This senior haven’t had my fill of killing guys like these, and you want me to fork out money to support this kind of gambler? Forget the fact that I do not have such a huge sum, even if I do have it I still will not borrow!

“You do not need any money!” Tang Yuan’s spirit immediately lifted, his small eyes blinked. “Li Feng and Meng Hai Zhou made a condition, saying that since Third Young Master Jun had not visited in a while, they will return the promissory note to me as long as I can bring you over to gamble with them a few rounds.”

“I actually have that high level of prestige?” Jun Xie shook his head, considering the past actions of this debauchee whose body he had taken over, his fame in the gambling halls was probably only so-so. As for his past life… his evil name in the casinos was probably the pinnacle of transcendence!

Chapter 012 The Young Master Tang who lost his wife

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