Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 18 – Winning Money…

Chapter 018 Winning Money…

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Li Feng and the rest turned towards Meng Haizou. Amongst all of them here, Meng Haizou is the most proficient in gambling. His skills in listening to the dice movements was particularly high, especially when the dice was one he had prepared himself. Everyone here were simmering in excitement, just waiting to strip Jun Xie off everything he had.

Meng Haizou’s set of closed eyes were opened; he confidently said. “Big!” His hands grabbed fifty thousand silver bills and placed them onto the big section. Li Feng and the rest followed suit, their faces expressing excitement as they await what would happen next.

Watching all this, Tang Yuan felt shocked. He knew that Jun Xie had only brought a total of fifty thousand silver bills with him this time. If he lost this round, then he would not even be able to pay everyone. This was bad!

Jun Xie’s internal energy moved, causing the dice to turn over silently. Jun Xie leisurely shouted. “All bets have been decided! I’m opening it now.” He opened the dice cup to reveal one dice with two points, two dice with one point, totalling up to only four points. Small!

Meng Haizou’s face turned pale! How was this possible? He had obviously heard the dice movement indicating at least one of the three dice had the value of six points. The chance of the results being big was at least ninety per cent. However, when the result was revealed, not a single dice had a six point. Could he had made a mistake and misheard a one for a six?

Without any modesty, Jun Xie collected everyone’s silver bills towards his side. He then gave Dugu Xiaoyi ten silver liangs, before adding an extra one thousand liangs. “Miss Dugu, congratulations! As thanks for your good fortune, please take this one thousand liangs as bonus!”

Dugu Xiaoyi received the silver bill with her small hands, her big eyes narrowing into a thin line from her joyful face. She patted Jun Xie’s shoulder with an extremely righteous demeanour. “Well done! Little Jun, I will bet on you again in the next round! I will wager in this one thousand liang as well!” She completely forgot that this person before her was the one she fervently detested, a super debauchee…

Li Feng smiled dryly. “Third Young Master’s luck is truly good, to start the game with such good results.” However, he secretly shot a look of inquiry at Meng Haizou. Meng Haizou’s face sank as he shook his head, apparently uncertain of what had transpired!

Jun Xie had already taken the drugs, while the dice is the one he is most familiar with, the ‘liquid jade’ dice. Could this actually be just a coincidence? Considering the fact that his skill in listening to the dice movement had yet to reach a very high level, it was not impossible for him to have made a mistake. After all, it was only one time. All he needed to do was to win in the following games. He still had plenty of time and money…

However, Jun Xie still managed to win the next few games effortlessly. Winning again and again, his silver bills piled up high as though they were holding a conference, totalling up to three million liangs! Dugu Xiaoyi who was betting on him had also won up to twenty thousand silver bills. The Li and Meng brothers faces were all painted with the colour of the ground.

“You you you… you are being dishonest! You cheater!” Li Zhen jumped up with red hot expression. His bets had been the biggest and now his seven hundred thousand plus silver bills were reduced to merely a few miserable slips. He pointed his fingers at Jun Xie, anger evident on his face.

It was not only him, even Meng Haizou was becoming more sceptical. How could he guess wrongly time and again? Jun Xie eyes on the other hand, had become more and more dazed. Then, why was he winning again and again as though the God of Wealth had suddenly decided to attach Himself to him? One or two coincidences may be possible, but for so many coincidences to happen was simply illogical!

“If you have no money, then leave! If you cannot afford to lose money, then don’t play!” Jun Xie did not even bother looking at him. He contemptuously said as his nose rose to the skies. “When catching thieves, one must also catch the stolen goods; when catching a cheating partner, one must also catch two people. Did you see me cheat? Miss Dugu, you are a high ranked expert. Did you see me do anything?”

Li Zhen stared at him viciously, as though he wanted to swallow him whole. But once Jun Xie pushed Dugu Xiaoyi onto the stage, the fact that they were actually in the wrong caused them to become fearful.

Dugu Xiaoyi had no clue what the rules were at all and was definitely not the so-called high ranked expert that Jun Xie had said she was. However, she had constantly won as she betted on Jun Xie, winning a total of twenty thousand liangs. She was so happy, she could not help herself but reply. “What a bunch of wimps. When you were winning, you were laughing. You even forced them to go get help. But when you lose, you accuse people of cheating. You guys from the Li Family sure got guts to be doing something like this! I was beside Little Jun all this time. All he did was cast the dice normally, how can he do anything dishonest? How can he cheat?”

“Who… forced people to ask for help?” Li Zhen asked, his clout falling.

“Him!” Dugu Xiaoyi pointed at Tang Yuan. “He went to get Jun Moxie here. It would be really strange if he was not calling him for help! Besides, with so much gambling going on here, the famed gambler Tang Yuan is only spectating. That can only mean that he had already lost everything to you people! He would only choose not to gamble if he has absolutely no money to gamble! Did you take this lady for a fool?”

Everyone was surprised, how could they have expected that the usually hotheaded spitfire actually had such a shrewd mind.

Grand Preceptor’s Residence

“Report, Jun Moxie had already entered the Thousand Gold Hall. However, he also brought the Dugu Family’s Miss Dugu Xiaoyi,” A bodyguard reported.

“Dugu Xiaoyi? Why would she go to the Thousand Gold Hall?” Li Youran frowned slightly.

“It was probably not deliberate. They coincidently met on the road and Miss Dugu had actually cursed Jun Moxie quite a bit. In the end, she forced Jun Moxie to bring her over to the Thousand Gold Hall.” The bodyguard was watching everything in the shadows and clearly saw everything that had occurred.

“Even if it was not deliberate, a variable have appeared. Jun Moxie! This little bastard’s luck is really something!” Li Youran inhaled and smiled. “If that is the case, you must quickly inform Li Feng, Li Zhen and Meng Haizou to abolish the plans made for today. Tell them to make an excuse to get away, even if they have to lose some money in the process. They must also set another appointment with Jun Moxie. Go!”

“Yes!” The bodyguard swiftly rushed out after replying.

“Well done! A prompt decision, truly ingenious,” Li Shang chuckled. “If Jun Moxie is to fall into our trap when Dugu Xiaoyi is around, then she will surely spread it when she returns home. Those old fogeys would be able to think it over. Beating the grass to startle the snake, this is not a desirable outcome. Giving up is the correct choice! Besides, giving him some money is no big deal. That would only pump up his confidence and make the next plan easier.

[TL: Beating the grass to startle the snake is one of the 36 stratagems in the Art of War. A double-edged strategy where you do something to surprise the enemy and watch what they do next and try to take advantage of it.]

Li Youran smiled indifferently. His mind suddenly thought, could Jun Moxie had deliberately brought Dugu Xiaoyi there? Thinking about it, he felt the urge to laugh. That stupid Jun Moxie, how could that idiot have such an agile mind?

It seemed that this bastard’s luck today is really good!

At this moment, Li Youran still did not know that it was already too late!

Losing a little bit was not enough to solve the problem at hand!

Thousand Gold Hall.

Due to their protests, the gambling rules were changed thrice. Jun Xie clamoured arrogantly, causing the six debauchees to fume to the point of having smoke rising off them. His mouth shot out words of poison and yet he kept winning. He had unexpectedly wiped them out to the point where their mouth became crooked and their eyes tilted; their pockets completely emptied!

The triumphant Jun Xie and the joyfully laughing Dugu Xiaoyi were busy dividing their spoils. Seeing the pile of silver bills, those sitting across could only stare in stupefaction. When they saw Jun Moxie counting the silver bills one by one in a highly exaggerated manner, their livers ached from anger.

That belongs to us!

While Jun Xie was not paying attention, Dugu Xiaoyi’s eyes swivelled around, her hands abruptly grabbed a handful of bills. The bills were at least valued at one hundred thousand liangs; it were stuffed into her beautiful bosom at lightning speed. She hummed and said. “Jun Moxie, your victory this time is all due to my presence, boosting your luck. I’ll take some more, you won’t mind, would you?”

You have already stuffed it into your bosom, if I try to take it, won’t I become a perverted rogue? Touching his nose, he smiled bitterly. “Of course I do not mind! Why would I mind? If it was not for Miss Dugu’s good luck, how could I win so much? It is only natural that you take more.”

Dugu Xiaoyi’s eyes lit up, her rabbit tooth reappearing. “In that case… I’ll grab another?”

Jun Xie was shocked. He tilted his eyes, “Aunty, you have already received your winnings, you have also taken my bonus. As a human, we cannot be so shameless!”

“Keke… I am only teasing you. This is just a little bit of money, look at your stingy face!” Dugu Xiaoyi shouted out happily, feeling that her decision to come out today was the right one. Not only did she get to experience a handful of addictive gambling sessions, she also managed to net such a huge profit! Her total winnings, in addition to the one she grabbed earlier was currently at nearly two hundred thousand liangs! This was truly joyful!

A little bit of money? A hundred thousand liangs is considered a little bit of money? The fatty on the side also felt the desire to get a share, but he did not have the nerve to do so and can only helplessly stare at Jun Xie. But Jun Xie did not even bother looking at him. Tang Yuan suddenly felt depressed. No matter what, I am still a man. I cannot possibly follow a lady and forcibly grab the money for myself. Argh! Why am I not a female!

Jun Xie’s heart felt stifled: You are a four hundred jin big fatty. Do you think you are qualified to make this bitter look that daughter-in-laws make? It is just like putting a bitter gourd on top of a pig’s head. Originally, I had wanted to give you some pocket money, but after seeing this face… forget it!

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