Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 19 – The Gloves Are Off

Chapter 019 The Gloves Are Off

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Jun Xie stood up, stretching himself while smiling frivolously. “Do you guys have any more money? If you people do not have any more, then it is time for me to go home and sleep! I have only won so little money after gambling for a while, what a disappointment! Don’t you agree, Miss Dugu?” Jun Xie was well aware that he had already broken a portion of the enemies’ plan. As of now, they would likely begin to go all out!

“You cannot leave!” Li Zhen became anxious. At this moment, their minds had become a mass of sticky mud, Meng Haizou’s included. They do not understand how they had lost; their loss was one that had completely befuddled them!

Everyone of their gambling skills should have been higher than Jun Moxie, and yet they who had come together against him had actually lost it all! Not to mention, Jun Moxie had clearly drank the psychedelic drugs they had prepared; the dice used were ones they had tampered with; Meng Haizou’s clothes were sprayed with a unique perfume meant to stimulate the minds of those who had consumed the psychedelic drug, rendering them confused and totally at the mercy of others.

But instead, the four of them had lost to the point of losing their pants. What kind of explanation can be given for this?

Could it be that Jun Moxie’s luck was too good? However, the dice points he obtained in each round was only slightly higher than theirs was. Not even coincidences can possibly reach this level in coincidences! But if they want to say he was cheating, how exactly was he cheating? For a person who had consumed psychedelic drugs and had his gambling skills turned into a complete mess to cheat; that would be akin to meeting a real life ghost!

Their well-crafted plan that had first involved Tang Yuan proceeded smoothly. However, once their real target, Jun Moxie appeared, they found themselves unable to proceed to their next phase of the plan. Having lost everything, how could they even talk about completing their plans?

However, the consequences of failing to complete their task caused them to shiver, a trace of fear leaking out from their eyes.

To these people, the gentle look on Li Youran’s face was more terrifying compared to the fearsome grin of a demon from hell! And that was because Li Youran’s face would show that same gentle and kind face even when issuing orders for murder or genocide!

He was an existence that was even more demonic compared to a demon!

“I still want to bet with you! I still have assets to gamble with!” Meng Haizou took off the accompaniment jade on his waist and threw it on the table with a ‘pa’!

“Haha, did you guys think that I would accept damaged goods?” Jun Xie smiled in disdain. “You want to gamble with me using that kind of worthless item? I might as well just go home and have a good sleep!” Jun Xie shook his head and turned, obviously leaving!

“Hold on!” Meng Haizou screamed; he stared at Li Zhen and the rest: “Bring out everything you can!”

Li Zhen and the rest were also well aware of the miserable consequences of returning with such a result. They immediately took out everything valuable that they had on their bodies, be it precious stones, pearls and jade ornaments.

“This is Sir Tang Yuan’s personal sword and accompaniment jade! I will put it in together for this wager! The original price should have been one and a half million liangs, but I will now put it up for only one million liangs!” Meng Haizou stared tightly at Jun Xie: “Jun Moxie, I believe you also wish to win this back for him, right?”

Dugu Xiaoyi stared blankly for a moment. She too knew of the remarkable origins of Tang Yuan’s personal sword and accompaniment jade. As an intelligent person, she instantly picked up on the fact that this was no mere gamble. However, she did not feel fearful at all, she also did not intend on staying out of this matter. This kind of situation was simply too interesting!

“He is him, I am me! What does his stuff have anything to do with our gamble?” Jun Xie looked at him as though he was appraising an idiot. “If I win, then those items will become my booty, my belongings. If I want to throw it into the sewers, I will throw it into the sewers! If I want to give it to others, then I will give it to others! What does that have to do with Tang Yuan? Win it back for him? You people sure can think up a load! Tang Yuan pawned off those items for money, that is his business, not mine! Later on when Tang Yuan brings money to redeem those items, that too will have nothing to do with me!”

As he spoke, Jun Xie gazed down at the accompaniment jade and sword. His heart was filled with laughter: These are no ordinary items!

Jun Xie’s mouth revealed an evil smile. “Young Master Meng, don’t you think what I said is right?”

Hearing Jun Xie’s words, everyone present felt blindsided, inclusive of Tang Yuan and Dugu Xiaoyi! Tang Yuan had earlier expressed a joyous face, but now had become bitterly sad.

Meng Haizou’s face turned pale. He clearly understood the meaning behind Jun Xie’s words. Precisely because he understood, he was now caught in a difficult dilemma on whether to proceed or not! If this sword and accompaniment jade were to be lost to Jun Xie today and tomorrow Tang Yuan comes with the money to redeem them. What should they do then?

Jun Moxie’s words sounded very righteous, but in truth, there were rules to be observed. Collaterals that have been pawned off can only be sold if they cannot be redeemed after a certain period of time. If they were to sell it off now, then their actions were unjustifiable!

Tang Yuan had suffered such a huge loss today, would he just let this slide? Judging by his vengeful personality, he would certainly stir up a calamity for them if they could not produce the items when he arrived to redeem them! Moreover, the opportunity for him to create such a havoc would have originated from his own shortcomings.

However, a thought crossed his mind: The current hurdle right before me is already too difficult, how can I care about the future? Besides, i would not necessarily lose!

“We will naturally have our own ways to deal with Sir Tang Yuan’s matter! There is no need for Third Young Master Jun to worry about it! Moreover, Third Young Master Jun may not be able to win these things!” Meng Haizou pushed all the jade, pearl and sword onto the table. Biting his teeth, he went straight to the point. “Third Young Master Jun, this Ruyi Jade of mine was granted by His Majesty, the Emperor himself, this is my uncle’s most precious sword, this Glowing Pearl was given to Li Feng by the Grand Preceptor Li himself… all these are precious items with no market value! I believe that if one were to value it, then it would fetch upwards of millions of liangs! Considering how much money Third Young Master have, it seemed insufficient. But if Third Young Master is willing to gamble, then I can make an exception and allow you to bet with something else!”

“Then what do you want me to bet with? You are not going to ask me to put my body up, are you? Or could it be that you want me to marry your little sister that could not be married off? But I have never heard about this little sister of yours,” Jun Xie tilted his eyes as he picked his ears.

Dugu Xiaoyi was unable to restrain herself and momentarily burst out in laughter, but immediately assumed a straight face. From under the table, she delivered a vicious kick at Jun Xie, causing him to bite his teeth and smiled.

The muscles on Meng Haizou’s face spasmed, he was furious to the point of almost vomiting blood. Forcing himself to hold back, he replied. “Third Young Master sure likes to joke, this bet is very simple. If I lose, then everything here naturally belongs to Third Young Master. But if I win, Third Young Master must promise to fulfil my one request and help me do something. Is that acceptable?”

“Are you kidding me? How is that acceptable?” In his mind, Jun Xie shouted. A show is coming! It must have been really hard for them to hold back for so long. He could not help but gave out a chuckle before refusing. “If you guys tell me to go commit suicide, then should I really have to go die? If you guys want me to give you all the possessions of my Jun Family, then do I really have to give it all to you? This condition of yours is really… tsk tsk! Do you guys take me for a fool?”

“I can guarantee that those scenarios that Third Young Master described will not happen. This request will not require a single silver from Third Young Master Jun. It will also not bring any harm to Third Young Master! In addition, this request is certainly one that you can accomplish! If Third Young Master feels that the request is impossible, then you may just forget that this ever happened!” Meng Haizou was almost unable to restrain himself from violently beating up this despicable bastard before him and then giving one final kick.

“Just like that? In that case, why not?” Jun Xie agreed. “What will we be betting?”

“We will bet on the dice!” A desperate look was evident on Meng Haizou’s face, just like that of a classic gambler. His face grim, he said: “This bet will be between just you and me! We will bet on the size of our rolls; no banker! The biggest point wins! Jun Moxie, do you dare?”

“Haha, would I be afraid of your losing hand? A dice gamble! You think you can beat me? What a joke!” Jun Xie expressed an insolent look lacking in thought or care, almost to the point where he would ascend to the skies. It was likely that he would have actually soared to the skies if not for the anchor below his legs.

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