Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 20 – You are really the God of Gamblers!

Chapter 020 You are really the God of Gamblers!

Li Zhen, Li Feng and the others were excited. Their eyes gleamed, they were well aware that Meng Haizou was quite accomplished in the game of dice rolls. He had never lost on normal occasions. Furthermore, the dice was one that Meng Haizou had prepared himself. If Meng Haizou still could not win, then they have truly bumped into a ghost! Everyone here were very familiar with Jun Moxie’s level of skill in gambling. Despite not knowing how he had won the earlier games, this time the gamble was between only him and Meng Haizou! Jun Moxie’s chances of winning were non-existent!

“Who will go first?” Jun Xie’s legs shook. His legs were still in pain from the earlier kick from Dugu Xiaoyi.

“I will go first!” Meng Haizou grabbed the dice into his hands with one sweep. He held the dice in his hands, weighing them as he calmed himself. He strove to suppress the writhing flow of blood in his chest with his eyes closed; he murmured as though he was begging for something. This one roll of the dice would involve the entire net worth of everyone here! If he were to lose this, then the consequences would be disastrous!

Jun Xie sighed as he gently tapped the table. He then whispered to Dugu Xiaoyi: “Do you think he is trying to summon the spirits of his ancestors to help him? I keep feeling a strange atmosphere, so spooky. It just feels very wrong,” While talking, he pulled up his sleeves, then shouted excitedly: “Look! I already have the goose bumps on my skin!”

Dugu Xiaoyi who had maintained a straight face after realizing that this gamble was peculiar was unable to hold back and burst out laughing. She never realized that this debauchee was actually such an interesting person.

Li Feng and his group glared angrily at Jun Xie from the opposite side. He was obviously trying to disturb Meng Haizou’s concentration with this banter; Jun Xie and Tang Yuan however, refused to yield and stared back at them.

After a good amount of time, Meng Haizou let out a roar. He lifted his palms and revolved them successively. Following a series of movement, the three dice rolled down, spinning on the table.

“Six! Six! Six!…” Li Feng and the rest of them roared as they nervously stared at the spinning dice. The atmosphere around them became intense, as though they had arrived at a grand casino filled with hundreds of people.

The first dice stopped spinning and was indeed a six! Following which, the second dice too stopped spinning at yet another six!

Li Feng and his company became overjoyed. Every one of them reacted as though the winner was already decided even though the third dice was still spinning. Every one of their eyes glinted with fanaticism as they shouted even louder: “Six! Six!…” If the third dice too stopped at six, then Jun Xie would definitely lose. The only exception would be a tie if Jun Xie managed to roll three sixes. Anything else would result in a loss for him!

But would three sixes appear so easily? Some of them glanced at Jun Xie with a triumphant expression.

The last dice finally started slowing down. Judging by the speed and the current spinning pattern, the result would most likely be… another six!

Meng Haizou gave out a long sigh. Today’s roll had exceeded his usual standard; normally even two sixes would be considered good. This time, victory was assured!

Who could have guessed that the dice would suddenly, slowly, spin towards the other two dice. Spinning in between the two dice, it knocked over the dice on its left, causing it to roll over. After that, the third dice spun slowly, akin to a drunkard towards the dice on its right, crashing into it and causing it to roll over as well. It was only after that did the dice stopped spinning…

The room suddenly became deathly silent!

Li Feng, Li Zhen, Meng Haizou and the others stared continuously. The ecstatic expression on their faces froze instantly, but their eyes had completely turned red. The younger Li Lin and Meng Fei curled their lips, being on the verge of crying.

The three dice laid quietly, a one, a two and a three! Under the rules, if Meng Haizou was the banker, this result was known as the Common Loss! This meant that he would lose regardless of what results the others may roll.

It is over! Meng Haizou’s eyes closed as he fainted. The remaining five people remained slumped and motionless, as though they were in a funeral. They stared at the three dice with a dull expression, each feeling the desire to burst into tears.

“Wah… hah…” Tang Yuan jumped up high, causing others to wonder how someone like him could manage such a feat. He ecstatically grabbed Jun Xie’s shoulder: “Third Young Master, your luck today is truly out of control! The God of Wealth has arrived! Wahahah!”

“What do you mean the God of Wealth has arrived? This is obviously the God of Gamblers arriving! It is now my turn!” Jun Xie portrayed a face filled with lingering fear. “You really scared me to death earlier! No wonder Brother Meng used so long to prepare before rolling the dice. It turns out you actually wanted to throw out such a high-levelled dice roll! You are truly worthy of admiration!” Geeing twice, he continued. “This standard of play, is truly a play that allows you to roll any number you want! Everything shall comply before the heart’s desire, how unbelievable! This level of technique is not something that normal people can achieve. You, youyou… you are really the God of Gamblers!”

“What do you mean it’s your turn? Third Young Master, there is no need for you to roll! You have already won! He got a one two three, a Common Loss!” Tang Yuan jumped up again, his fat body surged magnificently yet again. After surging up and down for a while, the layer of fat on his body finally settled down.

“Nonsense! You have not won! This play does not separate between banker and player!” Li Feng shouted, his eyes red and his body trembled. “What if you also end up rolling a one two three?”

“Do you think that is possible?” Tang Yuan scornfully looked at him. To think that he actually asked such a demented question! How did I previously lose to this kind of demented person?

“You have a point,” Jun Xie laughed out loud. “Then, allow me to show you my unparalleled world encompassing gambling technique! Also, someone wake up Young Master Meng. What do I do if he shamelessly claims that he did not see the result? Seeing is believing,” Jun Xie pointed out.

Darned! Why is this bastard so smart today? Li Feng and the others looked at one another. Their last method has disappeared…

Dugu Xiaoyi fearlessly joined in the fun, smiling merrily as she said: “He is still not awake? No problem! A few kicks from me will surely wake him up!”

Meng Haizou who was lying on the floor had in fact awoken earlier, planning to deny seeing anything. As long as Jun Xie had thrown the dice, all would be solved once the dice were collected. Even if everyone admitted that Jun Xie had won, Meng Haizou can shamelessly claim that he did not see the results, as he was still unconscious. Since that was the case, they must replay the round!

Meng Haizou had even prepared what to say: The one you are betting with is me, not them! They say that you have won, but I did not see it with my own eyes! Since I did not see with my own eyes, then the results cannot be counted!

How could he have guessed that Jun Xie could have seen through him? If Dugu Xiaoyi kicked him… Oh, my god!

Before he could get up by himself, Tang Yuan went to deliver a kick at Meng Haizou’s body. “Stop playing dead, get up!”

All his grievances from this day was delivered solely into this kick, causing Meng Haizou to cry out: “Ouch!” Crying out in pain, he got up. When he got up, he saw Jun Xie, Tang Yuan and Dugu Xiaoyi smiling at him.

Meng Haizou stood up with a depressed look on his face, his eyes revealing resentment. If Dugu Xiaoyi had not come here today, he would probably have impulsively imprisoned Jun Xie by force…

A man suddenly entered in a hurry from the door: “Sir Meng, Sir Li…” He stopped talking. This man was none other than the body guard who came here bearing the message. However, judging by the expression on the faces of Li Feng and the others, he immediately realized that the situation has drastically changed. How could anyone have guessed that the situation could end up in such a manner…

“Look carefully,” Jun Xie grabbed the dice with a prideful and complacent demeanour as he looked at Meng Haizou. The faces of Meng Haizou and the others were painted the colour of ash as they watched Jun Xie’s performance. They gritted their teeth to the point where cracking sounds could be heard…

“I am rich!” Jun Xie laughed loudly as he exited the premise. A bodyguard followed him from behind while carrying a huge package. After Jun Xie had left, one of the tea cups on the table went missing… However, none of the dejected debauchees noticed…

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