Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 21 – Returning Victoriously

Chapter 021 Returning Victoriously

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Dugu Xiaoyi was walking behind Jun Xie, her eyes staring with great interest at the huge package carried by the bodyguard. Originally, she had thought that her earnings today were quite generous. But then, Jun Xie had suddenly won so many precious treasures in that last game. Many amongst these items were the type that could not be valued using money…

This had caused a sense of conflict to arise in her heart, which had already been beset by an uncomfortable feeling… How was it that this useless freeloader could end up winning so many good treasures? And why was it that me who have always been so obedient end up with nothing?

Dugu Xiaoyi’s eyes moved about non-stop: Is there a kind of method that can allow me to get some items from him? But if I were to ask directly, that would be unladylike. Damn you! Jun Moxie! Why aren’t you taking the initiative to offer some of them to me?

Tang Yuan’s smile spread widely all the way up to his ears, looking almost like the Buddha, Maitreya. He walked up to the front energetically and vigorously, like a tiger. “Third Young Master, your actions today had totally won me over! Wahahaha, seeing those bastards losing everything they have made me feel so happy… Umm, brother, isn’t it time to give me the sword and accompaniment jade?”

“Give you?” Jun Xie stopped and looked at Tang Yuan with a surprised look: “What are you talking about? Why should I give it to you?”

Why? Tang Yuan was suddenly startled. He stammered, “Could it be… Could it be you have no intention of… giving it to me?”

“Give it to you?” Jun Xie revealed an even more surprised look on his face. “Do I owe you anything? Why do I have to give it to you? What are you talking about?”

“That… I… I…” Tang Yuan’s expression had become truly pitiful. He finally realized that those items were won by Jun Xie. That meant that those items now belong to Jun Xie; how could he ask from him such a precious treasure? However, if his father were to ask about it when he returns home, then what? The money was not the problem. The problem was that the items were now in Jun Xie’s possession and can no longer be retrieved!

The Young Master Tang finally understood that even though Jun Xie had returned victorious, his problem still remained unresolved! Thinking about the fearsome face that his father will have, the fatty Tang shuddered.

“Giving it to you is absolutely impossible,” Jun Xie shook his head fervently. “I have never participated in a non-beneficial transaction, not today, not ever!” Having said that, he looked at Tang Yuan’s depressed face and added with a different tone. “However, selling to you is a different story. In this regard, how about you buy using the amount of benefits that you got from this matter?” Jun Xie smiled mysteriously, as he held out a finger.

“Waha! You really are my good brother!” Tang Yuan felt as though he had been reborn, he became so excited he forgot himself. Without considering what benefits he who had lost everything can gain from this matter, he jumped at Jun Xie, hugging him…

He did not imagine that Jun Xie could not possibly bear the weight of his body. His act of jumping at Jun Xie caused them to fall flat together on the floor with a thud, with Jun Xie being squashed beneath him. Young Master Tang was indeed a heavyweight character, his body had squashed Jun Xie, leaving only his slabs of fat visible. As for Jun Xie, not even the corners of his clothes could be seen…

Dugu Xiaoyi suddenly burst out laughing: These two clowns! They’re simply too funny!

Everyone rushed towards Tang Yuan and pulled him up. Jun Xie who was at the bottom, looked as though he had been choked to death. Surrounded by fat to the point where not even air can flow in… Jun Xie felt incomparably dispirited: To think that a man would press down on me today, this is what you call hell…

“Fatty Tang, I am now very angry! The price is now increased! That sword and accompaniment jade will not be sold for less than one million silver liangs! The due date for this price is tomorrow. Come tomorrow, the price will be one and a half million liangs!” Jun Xie ruthlessly said as he straightened himself. His nostrils felt as though it was still filled with the smell of fat, causing him to feel nauseous.

“Ah?!” Tang Yuan screamed miserably.

The group walked out of the street and stopped.

To the east lies the Jun Family and Tang Family residences, while to the west is the Dugu Family residence.

Now that the time had come to separate, Dugu Xiaoyi suddenly felt an inexplicable feeling rising within her heart. Observing Jun Xie’s crooked smile, she thought: This bastard Jun Moxie does not have a good reputation, and is also a downright debauchee. But, after having bantered with him for a bit, he seemed very interesting.

Thinking about this, Dugu Xiaoyi shouted: “Jun Moxie, will you be coming for my grandfather’s birthday?”

Jun Xie was startled. “If my family members want me to go, then I will definitely go.”

“Then what if your family members do not want you to go?” Dugu Xiaoyi bit her lips.

“Naturally, I will not go,” Jun Xie felt baffled by her question: Since they do not want me to go, then why would I go? Go and get a flogging?

“Bastard!” After hearing Jun Xie’s reply, Dugu Xiaoyi became inexplicably angry. She suddenly rushed at Jun Xie and started kicking him fiercely. “If you dare be absent, I will beat you up every time I see you! Understand?”

Jun Xie suddenly felt as though he was thrown into a mountain of hardships. How tragic! The dignified number one assassin in the world actually had to endure being bullied by a little girl! When will this body meet up to my expectations? Trying to cover his face, he repeatedly shouted. “I will go! I will definitely go! I will definitely go!!”

“That’s more like it. At least you are sensible! When the time comes, you must prepare a good present! The present must not be worth less than what have you earned today!” Dugu Xiaoyi stared fiercely at him, her big eyes swivelled towards the big package for a moment before walking away. She turned away with a sweet smile as she rubbed her wrist, giving out a pampered ‘heng’. With her hands behind her back and her chin lifted up high, she hobbled down the road like a proud deer.

It turned out that this girl still wanted more items from Jun Moxie’s winnings… However, this attitude from her was already far different from back then. Granted, in Dugu Xiaoyi’s heart, Jun Moxie remained a good for nothing debauchee…

Watching Dugu Xiaoyi walking away, Jun Xie turned his attention back to Tang Yuan. He smiled faintly at Tang Yuan: “Young Master Tang is truly masterful! Keke! You even ended up losing your wife. I cannot help myself but admire you to the extreme.”

Tang Yuan suddenly became furious, his face becoming blotched red!

Observing Tang Yuan’s reaction, Jun Xie’s eyes slowly turned ice-cold. “Tang Yuan, it does not matter if you want to clown about. However, this time around, you nearly got me killed! Do you know how strange today’s matter was?”

“Ah? Nearly got you killed?” Tang Yuan was shocked senseless. Not even in his dreams would he imagine that these words would flow out from Jun Xie’s mouth.

“Do you really think that your luck is so bad? Are you really that kind of idiotic fool? After losing all your money, you lost your sword, after losing your sword you lost your accompaniment jade? And after losing your accompaniment jade, you were actually idiotic enough to pawn off your own fiancée? Tang Yuan, ask yourself, are you really that kind of an idiot? Even if you were that big of an idiot, how severe would the consequences of this matter be? The reputation of two great families will be discredited! Can you afford to bear those consequences? You actually did not consider these at all! Did you not think that something was wrong here?”

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