Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 28 – Are You Not Trash?!

Chapter 028 Are You Not Trash?!

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When the both of them reached the side of the training grounds, Jun Wuyi gave a cough and shouted: “All military units assemble! Line up before me!”

He actually gave out a military order!

It has already been ten years since Jun Wuyi issued a military order. However, these words that came from Jun Wuyi’s mouth brought forth a decisive force fused with killing aura behind it! They were suddenly filled with hope that this great general had once again regained his heroic vigour. This was a great general capable of bestowing and snatching the life of others!

All who heard the military order had the same feeling within them. If they did not go over to the designated place as soon as possible, then the consequence would be for heads to roll! There was no time to spare!

In just a moment’s time, three hundred house guards stood orderly before the two of them.

Observing their rough faces filled with sweat, Jun Wuyi nodded with satisfaction. Raising his hand, he pointed to Jun Xie and said: “From this moment onwards, Third Young Master will be solely responsible for your training! No matter what his orders may be, you must unconditionally obey! Understood?”

After he said those words, an uproar broke out. No one answered even after a long time.

A furious expression filled Jun Wuyi’s face, but he did not say anything, he only looked at Jun Xie. As he had said before, Jun Xie was now the highest ranked officer here. In other words, the moment those words left his mouth was the moment Jun Xie was given this position. No matter what these people do in the end, it will all be Jun Xie’s responsibility!

Jun Wuyi would also not interfere in how Jun Xie exercised his authority as the highest officer! If this nephew of his could not even pass this hurdle, then it would signify that he was only boasting for the past few days! He should also cut off any hope he may have!

Jun Xie laughed bitterly in his heart. Stepping forward, he started: “Earlier on, Third Uncle and I were observing your training process. Third Uncle asked me what I thought about your training. Was it comparable to the elites? Was it manly? Hehe…”

Jun Xie’s voice was in no way loud; however, his words had successfully attracted the attention of the three hundred men. Each and every one of them stared at Jun Xie with gleaming eyes. What kind of evaluation would they have in the eyes of this useless Young Master?

“I replied: you are all a bunch of trash! You only know how to eat and waste food supplies, a bunch of freeloading trash waiting for death’s call! If a war were to suddenly break out now and you people were sent out, then each and every one of you will die almost immediately! Of that, I have no doubt!”

Three hundred warriors suddenly inhaled deeply, eyes simmering with fury stared at Jun Xie, their faces turning blotched red. Humiliation! Utter humiliation!

One of the warriors stepped forward and asked, his face looking as though it was about to spout flames. “Third Young Master, what do you mean by saying that? We may be the house guards of the Jun Family, but all of us are soldiers who have survived a hundred battles! Even if you are the master, you should not insult us like this!”

“Insult you? No no no, the ones who are truly insulting you are none other than yourselves. Is there any need for me to insult you further? Do you even have the qualifications for me to insult?” Jun Xie smiled, he stuck out his index finger and waved it lightly. “Are you feeling resentful? Do you feel the desire to beat me up? Very well, I will give you a chance! As long as you can refute my arguments, then I will allow you to beat me up. Third Uncle will not interfere; this is also my first order ever!”

Another uproar broke out!

Jun Xie continued with a cool voice. “Let me ask you all who claimed to have survived a hundred battles; weren’t there a handful among those who entered the military at the same time as you who ended up being promoted to generals, sergeants… umm, becoming military officers and are no longer normal soldiers. Their positions are much higher than yours are! Surely, you will not deny this, right?”

The warrior stared blankly before nodding hesitantly. How can this be considered an argument? In the field of war, there will certainly be good number of soldiers who end up becoming more skilled or becoming promoted. Many of their fellow soldiers had been promoted due to their contributions in the war, rising up the ranks step by step. This was a normal thing, why would the young master talk about this.

“But why is it that you people did not become generals? It was because you were incapable! Thus, if you were to be compared to those people, you have all suffered elimination once!”

Jun Xie heartlessly continued while looking at them. “Next, I want you to consider those who served at the same time as you did. I believe many of their Xuan Qi cultivation were not as good as yours, perhaps some may be a bit stronger, but mostly were only around the same as yours. Am I correct?”

That is correct! Why did we not become generals? Everyone who was hit by those words found themselves feeling giddy and confused. Unable to recover, they could only involuntarily nod their heads as they listened on. There were also those who whispered to themselves: Those who succeeded in becoming generals were simply those who managed to grasp onto the opportunity to do so. In other words, their luck was simply that good. Besides, this following statement of yours is simply nonsensical. If those people do not have enough strength, why would they be allowed to serve in the army? If their strength far surpassed ours, then would they be assigned to become normal soldiers like us?

“However, many amongst them managed to break through the bottleneck of the Ninth level Xuan Qi during their military tenure and in the midst of battle; becoming a real expert! After the war was over, many families were eagerly trying to employ them. This is also a fact, no?”

This matter was naturally a common occurrence, causing everyone to nod their heads again. However, they were no longer as forceful as before. Some of them even exhibited a glimmer of shame in their eyes. Every level of Xuan Qi is a bottleneck; the higher the level, the difficulty of breaking through becomes that much harder! The Eighth and Seventh level may have only one level of difference, but the gap is almost as big as the difference between Heaven and Earth. There were many people, who managed to attain the Eighth level of Xuan Qi cultivation, but they ended up being forever stuck; they were never able to step into the subsequent Ninth level for their entire lives! There was no need to even mention about stepping onto the higher Silver level!

Nine and below are but ants! This sentence was not made as a joke!

“They advanced, but you all did not! Thus, when compared to these men, you have all been eliminated yet again! Do any of you disagree?” Jun Xie looked at them with disdain.

The training grounds became silent and motionless; everyone had become speechless!

“After the war ended, many soldiers wanted to leave the army, but some were offered jobs from some secretive organizations of the kingdom or some other private military forces. Some were even transferred to different units of the military. This is yet another fact, no?” Jun Xie smiled as he asked.

This kind of occurrence was even more common! Everyone on the field remained silent; the expressions of disgrace and shame on their faces became even more extreme.

“None of you were among these people who were transferred away! This is the third time you all suffered elimination!” Jun Xie continued attacking them: “After that, you came to our Jun Family. Who still remembers the original number of people who came here?”

“Reporting to Young Master, the original number was five hundred men!” Even though the warrior had understood Jun Xie’s intention, he still answered, his face turning red.

“Right! In other words, there are two hundred less men now. Where then did these two hundred men go to?” Jun Xie slowed down for two breaths. “I am certain that they were not forced out, nor were they killed. They were selected, selected to carry a heavier responsibility. But, why were you not selected? It was because you were not as capable as they were! Clearly, you have all suffered another round of elimination!”

Some of the house guards breathed heavily, some had their eyes turned red, but none of them spoke a word.

“Now tell me, after having been eliminated time and again, ask your own hearts, are you not trash?” Jun Xie asked as he turned his head, placing his ears before them.

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