Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 8 – Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune

Chapter 008 Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune

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Jun Xie realized that his strange situation had further granted him a mysterious encounter of epic proportions! This ‘Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune’ is immeasurably mysterious, and its effectiveness will undoubtedly be far superior to others. As for the Nine Layered Exquisite Pagoda, he had no doubt that this is an incomparable treasure!

No matter how ignorant Jun Xie may be, even he had heard of the mythical legend of Hongjun Laozu. It is said that this Great God is the Master of the Three Great Sage Gods: Taishang Dao Jun (Honoured Lord of the Dao and its Virtue), Yuanshi Tianzun (Honoured Lord of the Origin) and Tongtian Jiaozhu (Grandmaster of Heaven). These individuals are heaven-shaking myths without equal under Heaven! For this pagoda to be named after Hongjun Laozu, its abilities can never be questionable.

[TL: I must be a super ignorant person, then… Sigh…]

Jun Xie was almost overwhelmed by the desire to immediately practice the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune, but was finally able to restrain himself. Calming himself down, he inspected his own body and could not help but feel surprised.

The surface of his skin was completely covered by a layer of black, greenish muddy liquid. The unbelievably disgusting muddy liquid was releasing a sickeningly foul stench. In addition, it was a very thick layer!

A name with legendary qualities and origin suddenly appeared within Jun Xie’s sea of consciousness: Pulp Rending Meridian Cleanser? Could it be? After just that one time of extreme pain, all the impurities within my body have been ejected out? Jun Xie became uncontrollable ecstatic! If only I knew earlier that there would be this kind of miraculous effect, even another round of pain would be no big deal!

Indeed, as far as Jun Xie was concerned, no amount of pain can be compared with the benefits of increasing his body’s strength. As long as his body strength can be upgraded, what was a little bit of pain? No matter how unbearably painful it might be, it was still worth it!

Jun Xie stood up in excitement. Enduring the stench emanating from his body, he swiftly ran towards a pond within his family residence. Unhesitatingly, he jumped in with a resounding plop.

Suddenly, several voices rang out in unison, asking: “Who is it?”

Jun Xie snorted and replied: “Me! This Young Master wants to take a bath; nobody is allowed to disturb me!”

“Ah, it is the Young Master,” After that, no more sound was heard.

Within the study, Grandpa Jun wrinkled his brows: “What was that?”

Housekeeper Pang quickly went out to check. He immediately returned and replied with a bow. “It is the Young Master, it is reported that he jumped into the Luo Yue pond to take a bath.”

“A bath? He jumped into Luo Yue pond in the middle of the night to take a bath?” Grandpa Jun’s temper began to rise again, his nose became twisted, his breath became short, he shouted with an uneven voice: “This damned creature!” In a huff, he went to sleep.

For the past few days, he had been looking forward to his grandson turning over a new leaf. At this moment, his expectations had been shattered into a million pieces. All that remained was an unspeakable discomfort throbbing within his chest.

Such is reality, the greater the hope, the greater too the disappointment will be. At this moment, Grandpa Jun really wanted to drag in the damned brat and beat his ass with a stick until it peachy flowers ‘blossom’. Then this ungrateful grandson of his will realize why the flowers are so red…

Jun Xie was floating quietly upon the water surface. His body was straightened and he relied on both his hands and feet to gently stabilize himself from time to time, allowing him to float on without sinking. Jun Xie felt himself awash with a feeling of comfort.

After having washed away all the thick layer of dirt on his body, Jun Xie felt as though he had just climbed out of a pit of excrement. His body was completely refreshed. The only problem was that even though his mind and soul had completely melded as one with this body, its strength is still nowhere close to where he was back in his past life. However, after having ejected so many impurities from his body, the current state of his physique, muscles and bones must certainly have improved to a shocking level. Right? Thinking about this, Jun Xie’s mouth curled into a smile.

A distance away, the house guards saw their Young Master floating on the water surface. They bulged their eyes as they stared at Jun Xie who was floating on the water surface while remaining motionless, not sinking in the slightest. What kind of divine art is the Young Master practicing? To think that one can float on the water surface just like that. If one were to utilize their Xuan Qi to achieve this feat, than they would require at least a minimum of Jade level Xuan Qi to do so!

[TL: Now this is just a wild guess, but I am guessing these people do not know how to swim.]

After dunking himself for a while, Jun Xie quickly rose out of the pond. While his body was indeed refreshed, what follows was a feeling of weakness, an extremely exhaustive feeling of weakness! Considering how the original Third Young Master Jun never took good care of his body, and considering the painful process of Pulp Rending Meridian Cleanser that he just had to undergo, not fainting on the spot was quite the superhuman feat for Jun Xie.

Supporting himself through sheer will, Jun Xie reached his room. After having changed into a set of white robes, the tender Lolita, Little Ke brought in a bowl of bird’s nest soup, her mouth set with a playful smile.

No matter what world it is, strength remains the number one priority! People may be able to live without having influence, but they must never be lacking in personal strength! Even in his past life, Jun Xie had never been so impatient and desirous of enhancing his strength!

Being thrown alone into this world, the only thing that could give Jun Xie peace of mind is strength. A strength so powerful, he can hold the life and death of multitudes within the palm of his hand.

As of now, Jun Xie confidently believed that he had mastered another treasure, the mysterious pagoda. It remained the biggest trump card for Jun Xie in this new world. Jun Xie believed that the secrets within this unfathomably mysterious pagoda would not be limited to just a mere Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune. There would surely be other secrets hidden within it! As for what they may be, that will be up to Jun Xie to slowly unravel them in due time.

In addition, for the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune to be proclaimed as the “First Eternal Art” strengthened Jun Xie’s inner conviction. This mysterious art cannot possibly be an average run of the mill technique.

Slowly recalling the practice methods of the first part of the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune, “Great Overflowing Illumination”, Jun Xie sat down cross legged on the ground. Mind and body as one, entering a tranquil state of respiration, he slowly began…

“The aura moves Nature, the great illumination overflows, to surpass the Nine Heavens, to thread upon the Celestial Fountain, grasp the Universe; the heart becomes a treasure mountain, the divine spirit’s Nine refinements, never to fall into the Yellow Springs…”

After having commenced practice following the method in his mind, he unexpectedly felt nothing at all. Not the slightest bit of qi can be felt, but this did not discourage Jun Xie at all. He started practicing again, monitoring his body at all times without letting it relax at any moment.

After who knows how long, Jun Xie had already practiced following the methods inscribed upon the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune to regulate his body no less than two hundred times, and yet there was still no reaction! His meridians have remained inactive from the beginning to the end. Furthermore, the prolonged amount of time sitting cross-legged had caused Jun Xie’s legs to become numb. Even though his body had undergone the Pulp Rending Meridian Cleanser process, the capabilities of the body had yet to be developed. At this point, even his mind had started feeling dizzy and the signs of fainting could be perceived.

Jun Xie took a deep breath one more time, trying hard to keep his mind clear, a resolute spirit emanating from his heart: “I don’t believe I cannot succeed in forcing out the qi! When it comes to being evil, I am number one! Who can be more evil than I, the Evil Monarch? This senior will succeed!”

This senior will never fall before other evils! But other evils must fall before the evil me! I am the Evil Monarch! I am the Sovereign of all evils!

Once again, he entered the state of respiration. After a long period of time, Jun Xie felt that his entire body would no longer obey him, his every muscle feeling strained and stiff. He had regulated his body according to the instructions of the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune no less than three hundred times, and yet nothing can be felt!

Jun Xie closed his eyes, forcibly pushing back all the feelings of exhaustion within his body, in his mind there was only one line of thought, a stubborn conviction: One more time… one more time… one more time… more… more…

Finally, after an indeterminable period of time, Jun Xie suddenly felt a slight change in his Niwan Palace within his head. After that, with a flush of heat, a little change could be felt in his meridians. But that feeling was weak and trifling, unnoticeable unless one were to constantly monitor every part of the body. While the qi flow was as thin as gossamer thread, almost to the point of it being non-existent, its essence was truly abnormal. This flow of qi was truly bewildering. For those who practice internal arts, even if they manage to practice to the point of feeling the flow of qi, it should not have condensed to become a solid existence flowing within the body. However, the current Jun Xie who had practiced to the point of stupidity was currently unable to realize this.

[TL: Niwan Palace is a cultivation spot located on the head. It is one of the three dantian spots.]

At the very moment that the abnormal flow of qi similar to gossamer thread appeared, the miniature seven coloured radiant pagoda suddenly rose up from Jun Xie’s sea of consciousness. It slowly rotated in the air, exuding a huge amount of white mist with every cycle. The white mist slowly floated around; countless white threads formed by the mist, unseen by the naked eye, suddenly formed upon Jun Xie’s body surface. Those threads then slowly penetrated Jun Xie’s skin, all the way down to his meridians…

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