Peerless Genius System

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Giving an Address

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Xiaofei slowly calmed down and conveniently banned the messages from the Wuju Bladesman of the opposing team.

Ding Kai’s Xin Zhao had always been stationed in the middle lane; hence Katarina from the opposing team first killed Zhu Xiaofei twice. After that, there were no more kills.

Chu Yue and Bai Ling subdued the Sheriff and Leona the Radiant on their bottom lane. The situation had improved, and the opposing team didn’t send any more taunting messages.

And like a rolling snowball, Xiao Luo’s Barbarian King had been strengthened to a horrific extent: He single-handedly killed Gnar from the opposing team without any limits. He also pushed away the outer turret, turning the upper half of the opponent’s jungle into his backyard that he could enter and exit at will. The red Buff was all but his.

In 12 minutes, the Barbarian King’s rank shot up to level ten. His items included a Statikk Shiv, an Infinity Edge, a pair of Berserker’s Greaves, a Doran’s Blade, and a B. F. Sword. The champion from the opposing team who had strengthened the most was Katarina, who was only at level nine.

The Barbarian King suddenly proceeded with a move using the E key, slaying the Bladesman with a critical strike, who was in the jungle doing a mission. Chu Yue’s livestream burst into an uproar. It was insane!

F*ck, one for the Barbarian King!

This is the Bladesman? How in the world is he the Bladesman?

I took a look at Princess Yue’s Rat and decided to buy a Barbarian King!

Everyone was commenting on Xiao Luo’s prowess as if this weren’t Chu Yue’s livestream any more, but his.

Bai Ling shocked speechless. How could this be happening? In her wildest dreams, she never imagined Xiao Luo’s Barbarian King could be so scary.

Chu Yue was seething: She was doing a livestream, but Xiao Luo had snatched all the attention, putting her in an embarrassing situation.

At the same time, she was blown away by Xiao Luo’s skills. The Gnar from the opposing team was of the Master tier, but he was able to beat the crap out of it. This standard was not of the Platinum tier. He could have achieved the Challenger tier just like her.

“He killed the Wuju Bladesman with one slash; what kind of damage is this!” Zhu Xiaofei sucked in a breath of fresh air, looking at Xiao Luo, eyes wide in amazement.

Ding Kai’s eyes were full of worship, “Brother Luo, you and Chu MM are both Challengers, am I right?”

“I’m a Platinum!”

Xiao Luo smiled in embarrassment.

Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai did not ask anymore. There was no way that Xiao Luo could deny this. His strength was on display for all to see. This level was the standard of operation only a Challenger possessed.

When the Bloodthirster came out, Xiao Luo’s Barbarian King ran across the map, taking a swing at the first champion he saw. Except for the offensive tanks–Gnar and Leona the Radiant who needed two slashes– all other champions he met were killed with a single blow. He killed each of those childish players with one blow.

An indescribable joy arose in Zhu Xiaofei’s and Ding Kai’s hearts, especially when they saw how the Wuju Bladesman died in Xiao Luo’s hands six times in a row. The grievance they had previously suffered was washed away in an instant.

“Brother Luo, I wrote a poem for you.” Zhu Xiaofei deeply admired Xiao Luo.

Xiao Luo said with great interest, “You can even write poetry? Let me hear it.”

“State, family, and world affairs: Those are nothing to me but a slash from a sword!” Zhu Xiaofei read.

“Haha… A good poem, a good poem!”

Ding Kai laughed too. At the same time, his Xin Zhao worked with Zhu Xiaofei’s Ryze to execute Katarina.

Xiao Luo smiled without saying a word.

By now, the game had evolved into his unilateral slaughter. The champions on the opposing team panicked at the sight of the Barbarian King. The used up all of their Teleport and Flash spells.

After 20 minutes, Xiao Luo had his Barbarian King decked out with a full suite of various items and harvested 22 heads. The Barbarian King went straight for Baron Nashor, challenging him to a duel.

“Oh my god, Brother Luo. Are you going to kill the dragon? Awesome. I’ll come over to cover you.” Zhu Xiaofei controlled Ryze and walked over excitedly.

At this time, Chu Yue and Bai Ling sent a signal that the two enemy champions at the bottom lane had disappeared.

“Don’t tell me they’re all coming over!” Ding Kai frowned and guessed.

As soon as the words left his mouth, the Sheriff’s big move of “ace in the hole” took the lead in the attack and locked onto Xiao Luo. Then Gnar transformed, flashing down from the wall above the dragon’s lair, banging into the Barbarian King. Leona the Radiant used her big move via the R key and proceeded with a hard crowd control ability on the Barbarian King with firm control. The Wuju Baldesman circled from the back and used an R key move, rushing over angrily and aggressively. Katerina used the Warding Totem with the W key and came down too, activating the Death Lotus.

All five of them used their ultimate attacking ability via the R key to fire at Xiao Luo at the same time!

Xiao Luo used Flash, avoiding Leona’s move. Then he executed an E key followed by a left-click attack, taking Katarina’s head. By this time, the Wuju Bladesman had just finished releasing the Q key when the Bloodthirster fell; the Bladesman gave a blood-curdling yell and died.

Zhu Xiaofei only reacted now, using the Rune Prison ability, binding Leona the Radiant, who was preparing to use hard crowd control on Xiao Luo a second time.

During this brief interval, Xiao Luo took off Gnar’s head with two slashes. It just so happened that the Sheriff was running toward him to deliver some damage. The abilities via the E key had just cooled down, and he burst forth, hacking the Sheriff to death with a swing of his sword. Only Leona the Radiant was left, but she was no threat. With two swings of the sword, she was dead.

Calm, decisive, and overbearing!

Penta Kill (Five Kills) !!!

When a synthetic female voice rang out excitedly, the entire world went silent. People who saw this scene held their breaths for a few seconds.

In the next second, Chu Yue’s livestream and the group chat of the English Language majors were overflowing with intense emotions like never before. Comments like “So awesome” occupied nearly the entire screen.

What a prodigy, this is the real five-second man.

So blindingly bright. Too much.

Such was the tempo of five people killing; not only did they not die, they even took a penta kill. F*ck me!

For a while, Chu Yue’s livestream exploded various proverbs, expletives, and obscenities–Only these words could convey their shock.

Xiao Luo took a penta kill and continued fighting the dragon as if nothing had happened. Although he used a big move via the R key against the big dragon, in the end, he beat the dragon in a one-on-one duel.

The opposing team’s fighting spirit collapsed instantly…..

Do you admit defeat?

Zhu Xiaofei quickly lifted the ban and sent a message to the other five players.

The Bladesman took the lead in responding, F*ck your mother, you bastard. I’ve slept with your family’s women.

You piece of sh*t. I single-handedly killed you twice. Aren’t you embarrassed to say this? Mid-lane Katarina mocked.

You won without lifting a finger, so shut your mouth. The Sheriff also sent a message.

Zhu Xiaofei was no longer annoyed. He knew that the more fiercely the opposing team cursed, the angrier they were. He was thrilled to see that, and immediately sent a line of words, Hahaha… expressing his current mood.

F*cking c*nt. Give us your address if you dare. I’ll have my guys chop you to death in minutes! The Bladesman roared.

Did they actually want to kill people over a game?

Xiao Luo couldn’t help but laugh. He typed energetically: As I said before, it’s just a game. No need to take it so far, right?

You lousy, stupid d*ck, acting all noble and virtuous high. If you have the guts, give us your address. If you don’t, acknowledge you’re a wimp and shut up. The Bladesman was extremely arrogant.

“Brother Luo, these people are childish losers. Don’t argue with them,” Ding Kai comforted.

Xiao Luo smiled and nodded. He wasn’t angry at all. On the contrary, he thought those players were hilarious. But they were taking things too far.

“Why should you be afraid of someone like that? I’ll see if they’ll come here.”

Zhu Xiaofei detested the players of the opposing team. He typed a sentence with disdain, Huaye, Seventh Dormitory, Block 712; I’ll be waiting for you here, come if you have the guts!

Then he clicked send.

“Why are you doing this, Lao Zhu?” Ding Kai shook his head helplessly.

“We have to show some backbone and will as human beings. Look how arrogant that bastard is. He’ll think we’re afraid of him if we don’t give him our address,” said Zhu Xiaofei unhappily.

With a helpless expression, Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows, “Let’s hurry up and end this game already.”

It was a good game that deteriorated, so what was the point of dragging it on?

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