Peerless Genius System

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: An Odd Solo Top Hero

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Xiao Luo’s Tryndamere could go against five. There was no suspense to the outcome of this match. Xiao Luo’s team got the highest score, and he was naturally the MVP.

Are you a challenger?

In the public chat room, Chu Yue’s ID “Ziyue” posed a serious question.

Xiao Luo replied with one word: No.

If your performance in the next game is as good as this one, I’ll let you join my team, Chu Yue typed.

Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai looked at Xiao Luo enviously.

“Brother Luo, Campus Queen Chu said she’d let you join her team,” said Zhu Xiaofei.

Xiao Luo asked, “Is that something to be happy about?”

“Of course, it is. If you join the campus queen’s team, you’ll get a lot of chances to hang with her, and you’ll qualify for the national competition, Battle of Glory. If you take first place, there’s five-million-dollar prize money. After divvying it up, everyone can get a million,” said Zhu Xiaofei enviously.

Ding Kai nodded and echoed, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s a nice chunk of change, Brother Luo.”

Hmm, this is starting to sound good. Joining Chu Yue’s team will give me lots of opportunities to hang with her, making my job easier. Becoming eligible to participate in the Battle of Glory is an added plus. I’m no saint. If I can make a million dollars by gaming, why the hell not? I’m in!

Whether it was for Chu Yunxiong’s commission or the one-million-dollar cash prize, Xiao Luo made up his mind to try to join Chu Yue’s team. He was psyched!

Two minutes later, the second qualifying match began.

“Brother Luo, your Tryndamere is picked,” Zhu Xiaofei reminded.

Xiao Luo gave him a little smile. “It’s fine. I know a bit about other heroes.”

Whoa. Look at all those system prompts! Because of that one game just now, he gained 4,999 points. Yess! He suddenly felt filthy rich.

Of course, he was well aware that this was due to Chu Yue’s live broadcast.

“I never expected the opponent to pick all ADs. Guys, pull out all stops in this game. Even if we screw up, as long as we drag it to late game and stack up against our armor, they won’t stand a chance against us.” Ding Kai’s voice pulled Xiao Luo back from his thoughts into the moment.

After Xiao Luo took a look, it was indeed their opponent who had a solo top Tryndamere, a solo mid-Yasuo, a jungling Master Yi, and a Miss Fortune AD. Their only AP was the support Lulu. Hence, their opponent had a pure AD lineup.

“Brother Luo, you’ll be better off soloing top. I trust you, bro, heheh…” Ding Kai said with a cheeky smile. His gaunt face looked just like a monkey.

Xiao Luo nodded and instantly picked the Armordillo.

When the hero icon of a hedgehog-looking turtle was locked in, Chu Yue sent him a row of question marks.

Ding Kai similarly frowned of out puzzlement, “Brother Luo, you…”

“The Armordillo counters ADs. He’s the safest pick for this match!” explained Xiao Luo.

After hearing that, Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai could neither cry nor laugh. How would they not know that the Armordillo counter ADs? They had never seen people use it as a solo top. The Armordillo was usually used as junglers. The hero farms in the jungle during the early game, and with a Powerball combined with a Frenzying Taunt, it could easily take down an enemy with the help of a teammate on the lane.

The chat room in Chu Yue’s live broadcast once again heated up…

The hell? An Armordillo solo top? Is he nuts?

Even if this Armordillo gets fat, it’ll be nothing more than a meat shield. Could they be hoping that it would save the world for them?”

I highly suspect the pro misclicked over there.

For a while, voices of doubt came from all directions.

Chu Yue pursed her lips and said indignantly, “Just how confident is he to pick the Armordillo?”

Bai Ling recovered from her consternation and chuckled with squinted eyes, “Young Mistress Chu, let’s not rush to a conclusion. Perhaps Xiao Luo would pull off a great performance.”

“The hell he’ll perform well this game!”

Chu Yue said furiously. She was a challenger. She only had seen people foolishly playing a solo top Armordillo in low elo games. It would never appear in high elo games. An Armordillo solo top was no doubt the strangest among the strangest. The hero’s pathetic combat range aside, its ability to burst down an enemy was unusually low. When it wasn’t using its Defensive Ball Curl, the Armordillo’s attributes were way lower than a common tank hero.

Against Tryndamere, Malphite would be the best choice.

However, lots of supporting voices came from the English broadcasting room.

Way to go, Hero Luo. Get the enemy’s asses!

You’re the best, Hero Luo. I look forward to your performance.

Massacre them all like in the last game.

An Huanhuan, in particular, shouted directly to express her affection, Hero Luo, I want to have children with you!


Looking at An Huanhuan’s words, Xiao Luo almost spat out the water he had just swigged. He couldn’t imagine a college girl saying that. Were the times so different now? Had girls become that aggressive and bold?

“Welcome to the summoner’s rift!

The solemn female computer-synthesized voice sounded, marking the start of a game.

What the fark. The enemy Yasuo said in the chat. This is the first time I’ve ever seen an Armordillo solo top!

Tickle me, please, big god. Haha… the enemy, Tryndamere, also sent a message. There was a sense of irony along all the lines.

The enemy Miss Fortune reminded with a tinge of sarcasm: Be careful, he deliberately picked an Armordillo, seeing that we are all ADs.

Hmph. What could the Armordillo do? Before my Sweeping Blades, he could only tank a few hits!, the enemy Yasuo responded arrogantly.

Yasuo fired off some trash talk during the last match. Zhu Xiaofei felt triggered seeing those words. He typed and taunted, Stfu, and play the game. Stop your trash-talking!

The enemy collectively sent hehe, expressing disdain for Zhu Xiaofei.

“Motherf*ckers, why do we always bump into people like this,” said Zhu Xiaofei in a rage.

“Calm down, bro. You should’ve already gotten used to it after playing LoL for such a long time,” Ding Kai comforted.

Zhu Xiaofei immediately let out a long exhale like a rubber ball that was leaking air. He was right. The community of this game was more or less as such. He won’t be able to change anything, no matter how cynical he had become.

Minions have spawned!

With the computer-synthesized female voice, minions spawned from both base camps, forming a long line, and dashed toward the other base.

Everyone was carefully last hitting and harassing their opponents in the lane.

Some 45 seconds into the game, the computer-synthesized female voice sounded, First Blood!

The Armordillo at top killed Tryndamere and acquired first blood.

I f*ucked up!

The enemy Tryndamere immediately explained. He was preparing to retreat using Sweeping Blade. With shaking hands, he ended up dashing toward the Armordillo, gloriously feeding the first blood.

Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai glanced at Xiao Luo with surprise as the last vestiges of doubt in their hearts vanished.

“See? Xiao Luo has it,” Bai Ling told Chu Yue.

“So what if he takes first blood. Armordillo can’t stop Tryndamere from growing, “Chu Yue said disapprovingly.

As soon as her words fell, the game prompted that the enemy had been killed. With a close look, the level-two Armordillo killed Tryndamere, who had just spawned and took the second kill.

“Is this Tryndamere a bronze? How could he go against a level-two Armordillo at level one with the creeps hitting him?” said Chu Yue in exasperation.

Bai Ling corrected her, “Young Mistress Chu. Look carefully. The Armordillo dived the tower to kill him and escaped with very little hp. Tryndamere was taunted. As he attacked the Armordillo, he attracted the creep’s aggro. That’s why he died again…”

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