Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Mushy to death

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After sending the text message, Ye Wan Wan left the love letter in its place and seized every second to study.

But at this very moment in Jin garden, everything was being turned upside down in chaos.

The man on the sofa became crazy and reckless, his black pupils dark like the winter night. His fingers were dripping blood from smashing the cup and the coffee table was overturned on the floor. There was a strong oppressive atmosphere raging throughout the big room.

All the servants in the house were shaking in fear and hiding in a corner, none of them even dared to breathe.

Xu Yi’s back was drenched in sweat. He straightened his back and stood next to the man. He eyed the broken phone on the floor, face full of despair.

It was a good quality phone and even with the screen cracked, it clearly showed an image of a love letter.

Damn, I knew this would happen!

That woman was devoted to the man by the surname Gu; she didn’t care about being dumped or left at the altar and still stuck to him. How was it possible that she’d suddenly change her mind and decide to live happily with the master?

Isn’t this lying to the master on one hand and immediately chasing Gu Yue Ze on the other?

She even wrote such a mushy love letter!

She is simply shameless!

There was a poem on the love letter–it roughly meant that she was willing to be the collar on his clothes to feel his fragrance, willing to be the belt on his coat to hug his waist, willing to be the oil on his hair to moisten his black hair…

Totally obscene love song!

No wonder master’s so mad!

She was just a woman and a disobedient one at that. Why must he spoil her? Treating her like a pet would be good enough.

Master must be out of his mind; he actually got fooled by that woman’s words.

At this moment, the man’s face turned gloomy. The wild beast had unleashed from its cage, licking its claws, emitting blood-thirsty breath in the air.

Wan Wan…

I have said this before…

This was your last chance…

The last time I trust you…

“Get her back,” from the sofa came the hoarse and low voice of the man.

Xu Yi was frightened by the man’s dark cold expression and he quickly responded, “Yes! I’ll send my people after her this instance!”

In a flash, a row of black cars left Jin garden silently and entered the darkness.

In the living room, all the servants were as silent as cicadas in the winter, their hearts filled with discontent.

Ever since that woman entered Jin garden, they didn’t have a single day of peace. She had fouled the whole atmosphere of Jin garden.

Xu Yi looked out the window at the thick dark night, his heart glum as well. What was waiting for them next may be another storm…

I wonder what that woman will do after she gets dragged back here!

When that time came, the ones that would suffer the most would be the servants…


Just then, the broken phone on the floor rang and the screen brightened at the same time.

Xu Yi picked the phone up to take a look and furrowed his brows together the next second.

Why is it this love letter again?

Moreover, this time it was only the picture of the love letter.

Xu Yi was still confused until he saw the sender and was flabbergasted. This message was not sent by Shen Meng Qi… it was Ye Wan Wan!!!

What… What does this mean?

Could it be that the mushy love letter was not written for Gu Yue Ze, but Ye Wan Wan wrote it… for master!?


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