Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Food for thought

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How… How could this be?!

Xu Yi stared at the text, his expression aghast.

On his mind were those disgustingly mushy phrases in the poem.

“This…” Xu Yi was speechless.

This was unbelievable!

Ye Wan Wan’s love letter wasn’t addressed to someone else, but written for his master?

Xu Yi’s strange expression attracted Si Ye Han’s attention. The man’s hoarse and deep voice said, “Bring it over.”

With Si Ye Han’s cold eyes aimed in his direction, Xu Yi didn’t hesitate and quickly fetched the phone for him obediently.

The man tightened his grip on the phone, paused slightly and finally scanned over the text message on the cracked screen.

It was a picture message which featured the love letter that had caused his insides to be burnt to ashes just now.

The man squinted his eyes dangerously and in the next moment, he chanced upon the sender’s name—— Wan Wan!

Wan… Wan…

Having seen the name in the sender column clearly, the man’s dark cold expression immediately froze on his face and turned to astonishment.

This message…

Was sent by Ye Wan Wan?

His fingers scrolled down and realized it was not just a love letter. Below the letter was a sweet heart-shaped emoticon.

That letter of evidence announcing her betrayal to him once again, that love letter written to Gu Yue Ze…

Was… For him!

Willing to be the collar on your clothes to feel your fragrance, willing to be the belt on your coat to hug your waist, willing to be the oil on your hair to moisten your black hair…

While the man’s expression was still blank, another text came in—— [ 9th master, 9th master~ Why haven’t you replied? Did you like my poem?~ I want compliments, rewards and kisses~]

The servants who had been trembling in the corner gazed at each other in confusion. They didn’t understand why their master who was raging mad like a lion and destroying everything a moment before had become so quiet in the next second. He was also staring at his phone with fluctuating emotions as if he was trying to decipher something.

Xu Yi, also uncertain about Si Ye Han’s attitude, opened his mouth slowly and carefully, “9th master, you…”

Si Ye Han: “Be quiet.”

Xu Yi shut his mouth instantly.

Si Ye Han continued staring at his phone with a serious face while his slender fingers tapped the screen.

The man furrowed his brows slightly, since the screen was no longer fully functional due to the cracks.

Xu Yi was beyond curious. Unable to hold himself back, he stole a glance.

Then, his eyes nearly went blind…

Ye Wan Wan had sent another message that was sweet enough to make a man blind and his master was typing out his reply: [Good] .

At the end of his reply, he even added an earnest “kissing” emoticon.

Xu Yi stared speechlessly at that kiss, “…”

He was completely unable to imagine his master sending that emoticon…

As he watched on in horror, he heard the man’s lazy voice, “Tell them to come back.”

His tone was not only lazy but full of contentment. He kept re-reading the words of the poem over and over, obviously in a good mood.

“Er… Yes!” Xu Yi quickly responded and called his men on their way to capture Ye Wan Wan to come back.

A crazy storm was simply eradicated like that!?

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