Pocket Hunting Dimension

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: This Little Thing Looks Really Exquisite

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In the afternoon, the contestants for the seed competition gathered outside the virtual reality classroom. Meanwhile, the other students watched a live broadcast in their classroom. Even the year nine and year ten martial arts classes were watching the broadcast.

Lu Ze looked at the pitch-black virtual reality connection pods and sighed. These were virtual reality gaming pods.

Many novels in the past frequently mentioned these. Lu Ze once wondered if the future would have such things. In this future, they really existed.

One of his childhood dreams was fulfilled. He felt quite touched.

However, this virtual reality was more realistic than gaming pods. It would input all the statistics and data of one’s body into the pod. It was pretty much the same as real life.

This was technology from a top-level civilization. The federation paid a huge price to learn it. It’s specifically used for teaching students and new soldiers.

The rules for the seed competition were quite simple. Enter virtual reality and go through a trial. There was an opponent at each level; beat them and you enter the next level. People were ranked on what level they reached. For those on the same level, rankings were differentiated based on how much damage one did to their opponent.

Lu Ze entered the connection pod and his eyes blurred out. He appeared on the stage.

Next to the stage was a skinny, black-haired youth. He was the opponent for the first level–a level six martial warrior.

The black-haired youth didn’t say anything and just dashed at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze calmly looked at the youth’s changing fist technique while the youth dashed over. Lu Ze stepped aside easily and punched the youth’s head, exploding it instantly.

The youth made some fancy moves but died on the spot.

He had passed the first level.

The second level’s opponent was a leopard-like beast that was covered in black scales and 1.5 meters in height. Black scale leopard, a level six ferocious beast.

The black leopard’s blood-red eyes stared coldly at Lu Ze as it growled and dashed towards Lu Ze like lightning.

Lu Ze was still very calm. He sidestepped and attacked like lightning. He twisted his waist as his left leg turned into a whip and struck the leopard’s waist.

There was the sound of bones cracking and the black leopard flew more than ten meters away. Blood mixed with organs gushed out of its mouth. After it landed, it struggled once but then no longer moved.

Third level.

Lu Ze looked at the enemy and narrowed his eyes slightly.

“My god! This little thing looks really exquisite!”

His opponent was a 2-meter tall humanoid being. Its grey skin was covered in bumps that had short black spikes on the top. It was like a walking spike ball.

Its head had no face and was covered in bumps. There were two antennas on its forehead that continuously vibrated.

If anyone had trypophobia and looked at this, they would get goosebumps all over their body.

Lu Ze looked at the data of his opponent. It was a Kendu.

They once had quite some battles with the human race fighting over planetary resources. However, because the human civilization was more advanced, humans completely annihilated them in a battle at their mother planet, Kendu, after paying a price.

Lu Ze looked at this strange alien and felt complicated.

Their race was annihilated over the fight for resources. The law of the jungle prevailed. There was no reason.

Of course, this was due to the Kendu people not having an advanced civilization to back them up. For those that did have one, they would have a seed of their civilization preserved.

After spotting Lu Ze, the Kendu roared and said something. Just when Lu Ze became dazed, its black spikes suddenly shot out and turned into a shower of black needles.

Lu Ze’s eyes narrowed. His feet tapped the ground as he turned into a blur and left the range of the needles. When he looked at the Kendu again, black spikes grew out of its lumps again.

Lu Ze frowned and dashed at the Kendu. He swatted away the Kendu’s fist and tapped the Kendu on the head, detonating the inside of its brain.

At this moment, all classrooms were broadcasting Lu Ze killing this Kendu.

In Lu Li’s class, an exquisite, cute and tall blue-haired girl patted Lu Li, who was sitting next to her, “Li, Lu Ze is so strong! That spike ball person is about level seven, right? Many people couldn’t even dodge the first wave of attacks but your brother killed him in a second while still being level five. He’s so strong!”

Lu Li had a soft smile on her face, “Brother is very strong!”

She gritted her teeth as she spoke. Clearly, she was thinking about what happened this morning.

But, is he that strong already?

She wouldn’t have been able to do it so easily.

The blue-haired young girl laughed, “Li, you asked me to find the beast encyclopedia on planet Nan Feng. It’s for Lu Ze, right? Your brother is controlling you?”

Lu Li’s smile blurred for a moment before recovering. She smiled and said, “Alice, helping one’s big brother is what a sister should do. What are you saying?”

“Yes, yes yes…” Alice smiled.

Meanwhile, the teacher of the virtual reality, the white-haired principal and all the classroom teachers of year 12 watched this scene.

The principal nodded his head and praised, “He’s a good seed. He can release such speed at level five. The angle at which he parried the Kendu’s punch and at which he used that finger was amazing.”

Li Liang smiled, “It’s because of the principal’s great tutelage.”

“Don’t be a sycophant! You’ve only just discovered such a talent!” The principal glanced at Li Liang and shook his head, “What a pity. With such talent, the guaranteed spot of the Federal University would be certain if his cultivation level reached the spirit martial state. Our school would get on the headlines too.”

With this said, all the teachers narrowed their eyes.

The guaranteed entry to the Federal University was a dream-like thing. What a pity indeed.

Although Li Liang would benefit the most if Lu Ze was really guaranteed entry, if their school became famous, their students would receive better resources. Everyone would have a better life. Thinking about this, everyone couldn’t resist looking at Li Liang with reproach.

“Old Li, what dog shit teaching skills do you have? How could you teach such a talent like that?” Someone complained, “I can definitely teach better than you.”

“No, I didn’t!” Li Liang felt very awkward and argued, “This kid acted very ordinary and never spoke about it. Who knew he had such talent?”

Everyone looked at each other and sighed helplessly.

The principal also felt that it was a pity. He shook his head, “Stop arguing and keep watching. It’s the fourth level, the blade demon race. They’re still a huge enemy of the human race. This blade demon is almost level eight, right? With his racial advantage, not even level eight students would be able to take care of it. I wonder how this kid will deal with it…”

Hearing this, everyone stopped talking and looked at the broadcast. The technician behind the broadcast moved Lu Ze’s screen to the center and didn’t switch to any others.

After all, even the principal expressed interest.

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