Pocket Hunting Dimension

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: God Art?!

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Within the virtual reality world, Lu Ze looked at the enemy before him. They were nearly three meters tall and covered in dark scaly skin armor. Its blood-red pupils flashed with a ferocious light. Its arms slightly bulged, containing a retractable bone blade.

Lu Ze knew a little bit about the blade demon race. It was the most famous alien race in the news.

They’re in a state of war with the human race. It’s said that they’re a branch of a high-level demon race but the high-level demon race never admitted it.

Despite so, the high-level demon race still protects them when needed.

Lu Ze looked up at the tall blade demon’s body and licked his lips. His eyes went cold as he darted from the ground. His figure turned into a blur of shadows as he attacked first.


The two one-meter long black bone blades shot out of the blade demon’s hands. It also turned into a blur of shadows and appeared before Lu Ze, slicing its bone blades at Lu Ze in a dark arc.

Lu Ze’s lips trembled as his blood boiled. His body emitted white light and he twisted his waist, clenched a fist and attacked.


The white, glowing fist clashed with the bone blades and a transparent wave of chi spread out from the point of collision.

“Piss off!”

Lu Ze’s hands shook as the blade demon retreated a few steps. Then, Lu Ze pressed forward and punched consecutively.

Facing Lu Ze’s fists, the blade demon couldn’t stand steady. It could only roar and wave its bone blades, clashing with Lu Ze head-on.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Clashing sounds were mixed with translucent airwaves. In a brief period of time, Lu Ze punched out tens of punches.


A slight crack appeared on the blade demon’s bone blades. The blade demon roared anxiously, wanting to break free from Lu Ze’s consecutive attacks. Its body became a small, unsteady boat in the huge wave of Lu Ze’s fists. It couldn’t stay afloat at all.

Five punches, ten punches, twenty punches…

With a roar filled with pain, the blade demon’s bone blades shattered into pieces as a result of Lu Ze’s fists.

Before the roar even finished, Lu Ze had already arrived and punched the demon’s chest.

The powerful strike flung the demon up from the ground and sent him more than ten meters away.

Lu Ze’s body turned into a blur as he suddenly appeared next to the demon. His right foot turned into a battle axe and fell heavily on the demon’s chest.


The stage underneath the demon cracked. It struggled a few times before everything went silent.

Outside the virtual reality world, everyone in Lu Ze’s class glanced at each other.

“Shit, Lu Ze is this strong?”

“This is absurd. A level five martial warrior broke the bone blades of a level seven blade demon?!”

“Shit, I need to clutch brother Ze’s legs tighter!”

“Ahh, only now do I realize that Lu Ze is this ferocious. My heart is beating so fast… What do I do?”

The blue-haired Alice’s eyes were glowing. Her face was slightly red as she grabbed Lu Li’s hand, “Good Li, introduce me to your brother. I think I can go from being your best friend to being your sister in law!”

Lu Li’s eyes flashed and then she smiled, “How about waiting till brother finishes final exams? It’s final exams now, he can’t lose focus.”

Alice thought about it and couldn’t only nod, “Okay, you said it. After the final exams are over, you must introduce me.”

Lu Li smiled, “Don’t worry.”

Alice nodded happily and laughed, “Hehe, sister in law, I’ll massage your leg…”

Lu Li sighed and rolled her eyes at Alice, “Let’s just keep watching.”

Alice nodded.

In the virtual reality classroom, the principal raised a brow and laughed, “Good kid, he’s this courageous but young people should be this hot-blooded!”

Everyone glanced at each other as their mouths spasmed. Usually, the principal says to stay calm and use it to your advantage, don’t make mindless attacks out of hot-bloodedness. Yet today, he complimented Lu Ze for being hot-blooded.

What expression should they use to support the principal’s words?

The principal didn’t spare them a glance and continued, “He can even easily take on a blade demon who has the power equivalent to a level eight martial warrior? Perfect mastery foundational martial techniques are indeed powerful. He’s touched upon the foundational level of power. Perhaps, this kid might be able to awaken a strength type of god art in the future.”

Everyone heard this and exclaimed together, “God art?!”

God arts were different from martial techniques. They were much stronger than martial techniques. Some races could naturally control elements and have all sorts of abilities. These were god arts.

Members of the human race weren’t born with god arts, but they could awaken god arts through cultivation. After practicing a martial technique to perfection, one could awaken a god art too. Every martial artist who awakened a god art was a powerful person. They always have astounding potential!

They had never expected that the principal would praise Lu Ze this highly.

When Li Liang heard this, he started laughing like an idiot. Being the teacher of a powerful being would have benefits.

“Shit, old Li, your luck!”


“Piss off!”

The principal sighed, “What a pity… his cultivation level is just too low.”

Then, he paused and gritted his teeth, “If this kid gets first, I’ll give him a level three cultivation serum!”

Hearing this, everyone’s eyes went green. A level three cultivation serum was a cultivation serum for the state above the spirit martial state, the abstruse martial state, where spirit chi turns into liquid. They were only of the spirit martial state, meaning this thing was even good for them.

However, everyone realized that in order for Lu Ze to get a good ranking in this graduation trial, the principal was planning to pay the price.

After all, if Lu Ze was really given guaranteed entry into the Federal University, it was enough for even the prodigies of the Telun system to come study here. Plus, it would mean that Lu Ze owed them a favor and so did his prodigy sister–Lu Li.

There were too many benefits. The return was far greater than the investment.

Of course, this would all rely on Lu Ze getting it with his capabilities. He must beat the strongest in the school, Ren Zhan, as level five martial warrior. Ren Zhan is a prodigy who has already reached martial warrior level nine.

If he didn’t have the power, then no one was to be blamed.

“He’s onto the next level!”

Lu Ze’s performance caught the attention of many.

After all, killing a blade demon as a level five martial warrior was too rare in their school.

“Shit! Is that the insect race? That is an elite level insect race baby, right? What luck is this?”

Every one was speechless with Lu Ze’s opponent.

Everyone’s opponent was a race randomly selected from the federation’s data bank based on the level. The insect race was undoubtedly something low level martial warriors wanted to encounter the least. Its body was insanely strong and its methods of attack were eerie. It was extremely hard to deal with.

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