Pocket Hunting Dimension

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: You Know Nothing

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Lu Ze was dazed as well. He stared at the huge insect before him as his mouth spasmed.

Thick black armor, six bulky and sharp legs, and a hideous head that had ten sharp wriggling tentacles on it.

Oh my, this is more exquisite looking than that spike ball.

This universe really had everything you could think of.

As soon as the insect appeared it charged at Lu Ze while its hideous mouth made an ear screeching sound. At the same time, its tentacles started to attack Lu Ze from all directions.

It was so fast that its tentacles turned into a blur. It was as though the entire space they were in was covered by a spider web and Lu Ze was that pitiful and helpless moth.

The extremely dangerous chi radiating out made Lu Ze instantly enter his strongest battle state. It was as though he encountered a powerful enemy in the pocket hunting dimension. His mind became calm and clear.

His eyes were cold while his feet tapped lightly on the ground. His figure became fast and dodged all the tentacles that struck at him.

“Oh shit! He can even dodge those attacks!”

The people watching the battle were coldly sweating. If it was them, they would’ve been sliced into pieces before they could even react.

The principal and all the classroom teachers looked at the screen with serious expressions. Even level eight martial warriors wouldn’t be able to dodge like that.

“I feel that Lu Ze might be able to last five minutes. He might even be able to injure this bug,” the principal said slowly.

“No way, principal. If you say that he can last five minutes, we can believe it, but under such a situation, he can’t even get close. Even if he does, Lu Ze wouldn’t be able to break the insect’s armor in a short time period.”

The principal showed a mysterious smile, “I believe in this child’s power.”

Lu Ze dodged every attack of the tentacles but still couldn’t get close, not even a little. The tentacles were too agile. They could move like a snake and could make L, S and M shapes.

Every time, there were a few tentacles attacking him at once.

Lu Ze frowned. The bug forced him into this situation without even moving. It was evidently quite strong.

In that case, he needed to use all his power.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed. He had previously only used the power of two small perfect states, but it seemed this power wasn’t enough for this bug.

The white light emitting from his body suddenly flashed brighter, then, his speed burst and he instantly broke free from the tentacles and appeared right before the bug.



One punch flew out with an ear-piercing explosive sound, striking the head of the bug.

The bug felt the threat and let out a howl. Its two sharp front legs suddenly raised into the air and hacked at Lu Ze’s punch.


The two ligaments clashed together. The powerful backlash threw both Lu Ze and the bug stumbling back tens of meters.

However, its tentacles still hit Lu Ze.

“This guy is cheating!”

People say that it’s hard for two hands to beat four, but how many hands did this guy have? Including the tentacles!?

Lu Ze suddenly ducked and dodged the attacks. Then, he sprung up from the ground and left a small ditch that cracked apart.

His body pushed the air away as he dashed towards the bug again.

“I’m going to bash your dog head today… wait, insect head!”




Lu Ze circled around the bug. He noticed that the offensive power of the tentacles was insanely powerful but it had a blatant weakness. It couldn’t turn very well.

Now that Lu Ze was faster than its tentacles, it could only get hit.

Thus, Lu Ze started running in front as the bug chased behind with its tentacles. Lu Ze circled to the side of the bug and threw a punch. It let out a sharp roar before wanting to turn and attack.

A few minutes later, the bug had been punched tens of times. Its sturdy armor was full of dents and cracks and disgusting white and green liquids mixed together and poured out. Its tentacles could no longer maintain its original speed. Even its shrieks weren’t sharp anymore.

Heavy injuries!

Lu Ze’s eyes were cold as he charged up to an injury on its side.

His fists struck mercilessly. After a heavy strike, the shell of the bug caved into its own body.

It raised its head and roared as its body stumbled. Before it could even counter-attack, Lu Ze punched its body a second time, ignoring that disgusting liquid.

The bug’s internal organs were instantly torn. Its body fell hard to the ground and the roars ceased. The waving tentacles stopped as well.

Lu Ze looked at the silent bug and raised a lip, “Playing dead?”

Lu Ze appeared on the bug’s head and used all of his power to stamp down.

The tentacles shot at Lu Ze again, but when they were halfway to their destination, they fell down again.

Seeing that he had passed the level, Lu Ze breathed easy. If he wasn’t used to staying alert, he might’ve been ambushed by this bug.

This bug had many hands and played dirty. Shameless!

The scene of Lu Ze killing the bug appeared on the screen. Outside of the simulation, everything was very silent.

Both the students and teachers alike were very silent.

Even an ordinary level nine martial warrior would need to pay some sort of price to kill such a bug, yet Lu Ze had killed it without sustaining any injuries.

Did this mean that Lu Ze’s power had surpassed an ordinary level nine martial warrior’s?

He was only a level five martial warrior!

A smile bloomed on the principal’s face like an old flower. Even Li Liang was laughing like an idiot on the side.

The other teachers looked at Li Liang with jealousy.

Such a prodigy wasn’t in their class! This was unbearable to the max!

“If I remember correctly, Ren Zhan and Lin Huan both don’t have small state perfections, right?” The principal smiled.

“Yes…” Two teachers both had bad expressions. Ren Zhan and Lin Huan were in their classes. Now the situation seemed…

The two glanced at each other, both feeling defeated.

“But why did this kid’s power suddenly explode?” one classroom teacher couldn’t help asking. It was subtle, but there was still suspicion.

After all, even though Lu Ze was a prodigy, one’s pride didn’t allow for an easy surrender.

The principal smiled, “You know nothing! Perfection martial techniques can allow one to come into contact with god arts. With Lu Ze’s talent, he probably has some clues!”

Hearing this, everyone glanced at each other.

However, no one else said anything. After all, this was virtual reality. People couldn’t even cheat with drugs. There was no cheating. They felt that what the principal said was right.

After all, Lu Ze couldn’t be in perfection for every small state, right?

No no no, this was impossible!

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