President Daddy Super Awesome

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: To be Scared to Death

Cheng Liyue tightly embraced him. Heavens knew how terrified she had been. At her side, Linda sighed. “Bringing up a child alone is indeed not easy. Xiao Ze, look at how frightened your mother had been that she almost called the police. Next time, don’t run around.”

“Mommy, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I will absolutely not run around anymore.” The little boy was also freaked out. He hadn’t expected to have frightened her like this.

Linda patted Cheng Liyue consolingly on the shoulder. “Alright, you can now relax. He’s back.”

After she managed to get over her lingering fear, Cheng Liyue gently pushed the little boy out from her embrace and sternly looked at him.

“Where have you been?”

“Mommy, I… I haven’t been anywhere! I just went to the opposite building to have a look.” He then pointed at the pyramid-like skyscaper.

Hearing this, Cheng Liyue seemed to be frozen in shock. She turned angry. “How could you run off that far? Are you not aware that there are plenty of cars and people on the street. What’s going to happen if you were to be kidnapped?”

Although the little boy had his own reasons, he did not dare to voice them out, afraid that she would be mad again. Sticking out his pinky finger, he promised, “I’ll not do it again, mommy.”

Cheng Liyue let out a shaky breath and gathered him into her arms. He was the most precious thing in her life. Having to scold him caused her heart to ache.

The panic she had experienced earlier continued to linger in her heart.

She prohibited the little boy from running around. Remaining in her office, the obedient little boy quietly did some drawing and doodling. Having inherited his mother’s artistic talent, his drawing looked pretty decent for his age.

Cheng Liyue still had some of her previous designs which had not been put to use. The designs were quite meaningful. So she looked them over and after carefully making some modifications, she managed to produce a perfect piece of work. She handed it over to Linda for her to have a look that very evening.

Linda was very satisfied with it. All that was left now was Shen Junyao’s appraisal of it.

In the evening, Cheng Liyue returned home with her son and proceeded with another round of lecture to the little’s boy distress. But although he was in distress, he just kept mum.

Cheng Liyue was also reluctant to continue on with her stern lecture. She stopped after having a few words with him and then prepared a bowl of noodles for him. After finishing it, the exhausted little boy fell asleep in her embrace.

Cheng Liyue carried him to his room and tucked him into bed. Staring at his beautiful, delicate face, her eyes were filled with contentment.

Stepping out into the living room, she sat on the sofa feeling wide awake. Thinking of her draft design, she wasn’t sure what sort of excuses Shen Junyao would come up with to cause her trouble.

In fact, no matter how perfect her design was, if Shen Junyao was not satisfied, she would come up with all kinds of excuses. Perhaps her motive was to put Cheng Liyue out of work.

Cheng Liyue was somewhat frustrated. She couldn’t afford to lose her job. She still had a son to raise. Although she had stored up some savings for the last two years, it was far from sufficient. She wanted to ensure that her son had the best standard of living.


In the afternoon, Assistant Yan went to the hospital to carry out the task which she had been entrusted to do by Gong Yexiao. She then rushed back to the company to deal with another urgent matter.

When she was ready to collect the report from the hospital, she was told that the doctor in charge was off duty.

So she could only retrieve the report the following morning.

Early morning

Cheng Liyue was routinely roused from sleep by her body’s internal clock. Once awake, she hastened to brush her teeth and wash her face so that she could prepare breakfast for her son. Over the years, she had transformed from a young madam whose ten fingers had never touched spring water into a kitchen goddess who was skilled at cooking[1]. In order to make nutritious meals for her son, she had also taken up some training abroad and had learned a lot from it.

The little boy got up on his own. He dressed himself, washed his face, and brushed his teeth, doing them all without having to bother Cheng Liyue.

“Wow, mommy, it smells good!”

“Then you must eat it all up. Don’t waste any of it.” Cheng Liyue laughed and gave him a peck on the forehead.

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